Table of contents for Visual diagnosis in pediatrics / editor-in-chief, Esther K. Chung ; associate editors, Julie A. Boom, George A. Datto, III, Paul S. Matz.

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1		General Appearance
	1	General Appearance
		Evan J. Weiner
2		Head
	2	Scalp Swellings in Newborns
		Hans Kersten
	3	Newborn Physical Findings: Facial Lesions
		Laura E. Smals
	4	Abnormal Head Shape
		Laura E. Smals
	5	Hair Loss
		George A. Datto, III
	6	White Specks in the Hair
		Hans Kersten	
	7	Lumps on the Face
		Kelly R. Leite and Kathleen Cronan
3		Eyes
	8	Red Eye
		Parul B. Patel and Steven M. Selbst
	9	Swelling of/Around the Eye
		English D. Willis and Terri L. Young
	10	Discoloration of/Around the eye
		Maryellen E. Gusic and Dean John Bonsall
	11	Pupil, Iris, and Lens Abnormalities
		Renee M. Turchi and Esther K. Chung
	12	Misalignment of the Eyes
		Maryellen E. Gusic and Dean John Bonsall
4 		Ears 
	13	Abnormalities in Ear Shape and Position
		Charles A. Pohl
	14	Ear Swelling
		Kathleen Cronan
	15	Ear Pits and Tags
		Renee M. Turchi and David Tunkel
	16	Ear Canal Findings
		Lee R. Atkinson-McEvoy and Esther K. Chung
	17	Tympanic Membrane Abnormalities
		Charles A. Pohl
5		Nose
	18	Nasal Bridge Swelling
		Shoshana Melman
	19	Nasal Swelling, Discharge, and Crusting
		Shareen F. Kelly
6		Mouth
	20	Mouth Sores and Patches
		Robert L. Bonner, Jr. 
	21	Focal Gum Lesions
		Nancy D. Spector
	22	Discoloration of the Teeth
		Harold V. Salvati
	23	Oral Clefts and Other Variants
		Cynthia Collier Warren and Paul S. Matz
	24	Tongue Discoloration and Surface Changes
		Christopher O'Hara
	25	Swellings within the Mouth
		Nancy D. Spector
	26	Throat Redness
		Robert L. Bonner, Jr. 
7		Neck
	27	Neck Masses and Swelling
		Serena Yang
8	Chest
	28	Abnormal Chest Shape
		Amy Renwick
	29	Breast Swelling and Enlargement
		Mariam R. Chacko and Heather E. Needham
	30	Chest Lumps
		George A. Datto, III
9		Abdomen
	31	Abdominal Midline Bulge
		Aviva L. Katz
	32	Enlarged/Distended Abdomen
		Devendra I. Mehta and Vani Golpalareddy 
10		Back
	33	Curvature of the Back
		Shareen F. Kelly
	34	Midline Back Pits, Skin Tags, Hair Tufts, and Other Lesions
		Paul S. Matz
11		Extremities
	35	Nail Abnormalities
		Denise W. Metry and Brandi M. Kenner
	36	Arm Displacement
		Jeoffrey K. Wolens 
	37	Arm Swelling
		Teresia O'Connor
	38	Hand Swelling
		Serena Yang
	39	Finger Abnormalities
		Robert L. Zarr
	40	Fingertip Swelling
		Julieanna Nichols
	41	Newborn Physical Findings: Lower Extremity Abnormalities
		Serena Yang
	42	Leg Asymmetry
		Jeoffrey K. Wolens
	43	Leg Bowing and Knock Knees
		Sujata R. Tipnis
	44	Intoeing
		Sujata R. Tipnis
	45	Knee Swelling
		Julie A. Boom
	46	Foot Deformities
		Sujata R. Tipnis
	47	Foot Swelling
		Aida Zarina Khanum
	48	Foot Rashes and Lumps
		Denise W. Metry and Brandi M. Kenner
12		Genital and Perneal Region
	49	Female Genitalia-Variations
		Collette C. Mull
	50	Penile Abnormalities
		T. Ernesto Figueroa and Ilia Zeltser
	51	Penile Swelling
	T. Ernesto Figueroa and Ilia Zeltser
	52	Perineal Red Rashes
		Kathleen Cronan
	53	Perineal Sores and Lesions
		Allan R. DeJong
	54	Vulvar Swelling and Masses
		Allan R. DeJong
	55	Scrotal Swelling
		William R. Graessle
13		Perianal Buttock
	56	Perianal and Buttock Swelling
		Michael J. Wilsey, Jr.
	57	Perianal and Buttock Redness
		Robert L. Zarr
	58	Imperforate Anus
		Julieana Nichols
14		Skin
	59	Newborn Physical Findings: Skin Abnormalities
		Denise A. Salerno
	60	Facial Rashes
		Gary A. Emmett
	61	Diffuse Red Rashes
		Susanne Kost
	62	Red Patches and Swellings
		Nicholas B. Slamon
	63	Linear Red Rashes
		Erin Preston
	64	Red Bumps, Focal
		Bill McNett
	65	Raised Red Rashes
		Kathleen Cronan
	66	Vesicular Rashes
		Shirley P. Klein
	67	Nonblanching Rashes
		William R. Graessle
	68	Scaly Rashes
		Esther K. Chung
	69	Fine, Bumpy Rash
		George A. Datto, III
	70	Hypopigmented Rash
		George A. Datto, III
	71	Hyperpigmented Rash
		George A. Datto, III
	72	Bullous Rashes
		Angela Allevi

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