Table of contents for Early Cold War spies : the espionage trials that shaped American politics / John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr.

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Table of Contents
Series Editor's Foreword
Chapter 1 Introduction: Early Cold War Spy Cases
Early Cold War Spy Trials
A Word about Trials and History
Spy Trials and McCarthyism
Politics of the Early Cold War
Chapter 2 The Precursors
Amerasia: the First Cold War Spy Case
Sequel to Amerasia: Joseph McCarthy
Sequel to Amerasia: McCarran and Lattimore
Gouzenko: A Canadian Spy Case with American Repercussions
Chapter 3 Elizabeth Bentley: the Case of the Blond Spy Queen
The Silvermaster Group
The Perlo Group
The Trials of William Remington
Venona and Bentley's Vindication
The Bentley Case: a Conclusion
Chapter 4 The Alger Hiss -- Whittaker Chambers Case
Whittaker Chambers
Alger Hiss
Dueling Testimony
The Slander Suit, the Baltimore Documents, and the Pumpkin Papers
The Grand Jury
The First Hiss Trial
The Second Hiss Trial
Chambers after the Trial
Hiss after the Trial
The Historical Argument
Chapter 5 The Atomic Espionage Cases
Klaus Fuchs: the Background
Theodore Hall: the Background
Rosenberg and Greenglass: the Background
J. Robert Oppenheimer and Communists at the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory
The Red Bomb and the Postwar Trials
The Trial of Klaus Fuchs
The Arrest of Harry Gold
The Trials of Brothman, Moskowitz, Smilg, and Slack
The Arrests of the Greenglasses, the Rosenbergs, and Morton
The Disappearance of Joel Barr and Alfred Sarant
The Trial of William Perl
Theodore Hall and Saville Sax Avoid Arrest
The Trials of Gold, the Rosenbergs, Sobell, and Greenglass
J. Robert Oppenheimer After the Manhattan Project
The Trials of Rudolf Abel, Morris and Lona Cohen
Chapter 6 Judith Coplon: The Spy Who Got Away With It
Coplon's Recruitment into Espionage
The Washington Trial
The New York Trial
On Appeal: Justice Frustrated
Chapter 7 The Soble-Soblen Case: Last of the Early Cold War Spy Trials
Infiltrating the Trotskyist Movement
Mark Zborowski
The Kravchenko Affair
Zborowski's Trials
Boris Morros: Double Agent
The Soble Ring Trials
The Robert Soblen Trial
Chapter 8 Conclusion: The Decline of the Ideological Spy
Spy Trials and Understanding Soviet Espionage
Counter-Espionage and the American Criminal Justice System
The Elusive Balance Between Security and Liberty

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Spies -- Soviet Union -- History -- 20th century.
Espionage, Soviet -- History -- 20th century.
Trials (Espionage) -- United States -- History -- 20th century.
Communism -- Soviet Union -- History -- 20th century.
Anti-communist movements -- United States -- History -- 20th century.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1945-1953.