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@TXFL:<*h"ragged">Preface to the Second Edition000
Part 1: Eighth Century to the Irish Literary Renaissance1
Early and Medieval Irish Literature000
Old Irish Prose000
Tin B Cuailnge000
Oidheadh Chlainne Lir000
Old Irish Poetry000
News of Winter000
The Blackbird by Belfast Loch000
Lidan Tells of Her Love for Cuirithir000
The Scribe in the Woods000
The Viking Terror000
Pangur Ban000
Three Ninth-Century Poems for Students and Pilgrims000
He That Never Read a Line000
The Pilgrim at Rome000
C Chuimne000
From the Tenth or Eleventh Century000
Columcilles Poems000
The Three Best-Beloved Places000
A Blue Eye Will Look Back000
My Hand Is Weary with Writing000
From Duanaire Finn000
The Bird-Crib000
From Buile Shuibhne (The Madness of Sweeney)000
The Frenzy of Suibne000
Early Modern Irish Poetry000
Cill Chais (Kilcash)000
Seathrn Ceitinn (Geoffrey Keating) (1500c. 1644)000
O Woman Full of Wile000
Thomas Flavell (fl. late seventeenth century)000
The County of Mayo000
Donnchadh Rua Mac Conmara (17151810)000
Fair Hills of Eire000
Aogn Rathaille (c. 16751729)000
Brightness Most Bright000
Valentine Brown000
The Geraldines Daughter000
Eoghan Rua Suileabhin (17481784)000
Friend of My Heart000
Eibhln Dhubh N Chonaill (Eileen OConnell) (c. 1770)000
Caoineadh Airt U Laoghaire (Lament for Art OLeary)000
Brian Mac Giolla Meidhre (Brian Merriman) (1749?1805)000
Cirt an Mheadhon Oidhche (The Midnight Court)000
Irish Folk Songs000
The Grief of a Girls Heart000
Brghidn Bn Mo Stre (Bridget, My Treasure)000
Have You Been at Carrick?000
Shule Aroon, a Brigade Ballad000
Mary from Dungloe000
Sean ODwyer of the Glen000
The Sorrowful Lamentation of Callaghan, Greally, and Mullen000
The Rising of the Moon000
The Wearin O the Green000
Nell Flahertys Drake000
The Star of Slane000
The Night Before Larry Was Stretched000
Finnegans Wake000
Nineteenth-Century Prose000
Maria Edgeworth (17671849)000
From Castle Rackrent000
William Carleton (17941869)000
From The Poor Scholar000
Nineteenth-Century Poetry000
Thomas Moore (17791852)000
The Minstrel Boy000
The Song of Fionnuala000
Anthony Raftery (17841835)000
I am Raftery000
Rafterys Praise of Mary Hynes000
Anach-Cuain (The Drowning of Annach Doon)000
James Clarence Mangan (18031849)000
Dark Rosaleen000
The Nameless Ones000
Shapes and Signs000
To the Ingleezee Khafir, Calling Himself Djaun Bool Djenkinzun000
Samuel Ferguson (18101886)000
Cashel of Munster000
Dear Dark Head000
Thomas Davis (18141845)000
Lament for the Death of Eoghan Ruadh ONeill000
The Wests Asleep000
From Our National Language000
Part 2: The Irish Literary Renaissance000
Douglas Hyde (18601949)000
Selections from The Love Songs of Connacht000
My Grief on the Sea000
Ringleted Youth of My Love000
My Love, Oh, She Is My Love000
The Necessity for De-Anglicising Ireland000
Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory (18521932)000
The Only Son of Aoife000
The Rising of the Moon000
Lyric Voices of the Irish Renaissance000
T. W. Rolleston (18571920)000
Katharine Tynan Hinkson (18611931)000
The Children of Lir000
George W. Russell (AE) (18671935)000
The Great Breath000
The Winds of Angus000
Terence MacSwiney000
Padraic Colum (18811972)000
She Moved Through the Fair000
Francis Ledwidge (18871917)000
Thomas MacDonagh000
John Millington Synge (18711909)000
Riders to the Sea000
On an Anniversary, After Reading the Dates in a Book of Lyrics000
The Passing of the Shee, After Looking at One of A.E.s Pictures 000
On an Island000
Is It a Month?000
To the Oaks of Glencree000
The Curse000
In Kerry000
On a Birthday000
A Question000
George Moore (18521933)000
Julia Cahills Curse000
Oliver St. John Gogarty (18781957)000
Ringsend, After Reading Tolstoi000
The Crab Tree000
Pdraic Conaire (18821928)000
Put to the Rack000
James Stephens (1880[82?]1950)000
From The Insurrection in Dublin000
From Irish Fairy Tales000
The Poets of 1916000
Proclamation of the Irish Republic000
P. H. Pearse (18791916)000
I Am Ireland000
Ideal, or Renunciation000
The Rebel000
To Death000
At the Grave of ODonovan Rossa000
Thomas MacDonagh (18781916)000
The Man Upright000
The Yellow Bittern000
Of a Poet Patriot000
Joseph Mary Plunkett (18871916)000
The Little Black Rose Shall Be Red at Last000
This Heritage to the Race of Kings000
Part 3: Ireland Since Independence000
Daniel Corkery (18781964)000
Sen OFaolin (19001991)000
The Fur Coat000
Frank OConnor (19031966)000
The Long Road to Ummera000
Liam OFlaherty (18961984)000
Going into Exile000
Poets from the Post-Independence Generation000
F. R. Higgins (18961941)000
Father and Son000
Padraic Conaire, Gaelic Storyteller000
Austin Clarke (18961974)000
The Straying Student000
Irish-American Dignitary000
Burial of an Irish President (Dr. Douglas Hyde)000
A Sermon on Swift000
John Hewitt (19071987)000
The Glens000
An Irishman in Coventry000
Patrick Kavanagh (19041967)000
In Memory of My Mother000
Canal Bank Walk000
Lines Written on a Seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin,...000
Flann OBrien (19111966)000
From At Swim-Two-Birds000
From An Bal Bocht (The Poor Mouth)000
Mary Lavin (19121996)000
Contemporary Poets in Irish and English000
Mirtin Direin (19101988)000
The Dignity of Sorrow000
Sen Rordin (19161977)000
The Back of the House000
My Mothers Burying000
Mire Mhac an tSaoi (b. 1922)000
Inquisitio 1584000
For Sheila000
Lament for Samus Ennis000
Thomas Kinsella (b. 1928)000
In the Ringwood000
Handclasp at Euston000
The Poet Egan ORahilly, Homesick in Old Age000
John Montague (b. 1929)000
Like Dolmens Round My Childhood, the Old People000
A Grafted Tongue000
The Flight of the Earls000
Seamus Heaney (b. 1939)000
Mossbaun: Two Poems in Dedication000
1. Sunlight000
2. The Seed Cutters000
Act of Union000
From Station Island, XII000
Sweeney Redivivus000
A Brigids Girdle000
Michael Longley (b. 1939)000
Emily Dickinson000
The Linen Industry000
In Memoriam000
Derek Mahon (b. 1941)000
A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford000
The Snow Party000
Imbolc: JBY000
To Mrs. Moore at Inishannon000
Caitln Maude (19411982)000
Eilan N Chuilleanin (b. 1942)000
The Second Voyage000
Old Roads000
Jai Mal nos Dents000
St. Mary Magdalene Preaching at Marseilles000
Eavan Boland (b. 1944)000
Athenes Song000
Requiem for a Personal Friend000
After a Childhood Away from Ireland000
Child of Our Time000
Ciarn Carson (b. 1948)000
The Bomb Disposal000
Last Orders000
Medbh McGuckian (b. 1950)000
The Mast Year000
The Soil Map000
Vanessas Bower000
Peter Fallon (b. 1951)000
The Lost Field000
Paul Muldoon (b. 1951)000
The Boundary Commission000
Moy Sand and Gravel000
The Ancestor000
The Stoic000
One Last Draw of the Pipe000
The Breather000
Nuala N Dhomhnaill (b. 1952)000
Inside Out000
Marvellous Grass000
The Great Queen Speaks. C Chulainn Listens.000
Muirghil Castigates Sweeney000
The Language Issue 000
The Shannon Estuary Welcoming the Fish000
Paula Meehan (b. 1955)000
The Statue of the Virgin at Granard Speaks000
Moya Cannon (b. 1956)000
Cathal Searcaigh (b. 1956)000
The Well000
Greg Delanty (b. 1958)000
The Heritage Centre, Cobh 1993000
To President Mary Robinson000
Part 4: Late Twentieth-Century Fiction and Drama000
William Trevor (b. 1928)000
The Ballroom of Romance000
John McGahern (b. 1934)000
ils N Dhuibhne (b. 1954)000
Love, Hate and Friendship000
Tom/Thomas Murphy (b. 1935)000
On the Outside000
Glossary: Words, Places, Persons, Allusions000
Selected Backgrounds and Readings000

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