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Contents at a Glance
Table of Contents
1.	Introduction
		What will this book do for you?
		How to use this book
		Your first e-Resource: This book's website
		Contact Us!
2.	The Big Picture: Your Complete Wedding Checklist
		Your Wedding Checklist
3.	"Will You...?" The Journey Begins
		Announcing the Engagement
			Telling your family and friends
			Public engagement announcements
				Mailed announcements
				Newspapers and other printed media
				Wedding Websites
			Should you throw an engagement party?
				Engagement party etiquette and issues
				Engagement parties as an announcement invitations
		The Engagement Ring
			Some words on the engagement ring tradition
			The element of surprise
			The anatomy of a diamond
				Carat weight
			Tips for selecting your stone
				Decide how much to spend
				Locate reputable jewelers in your area
				Compare stones at different jewelers
				Compare similar samples side-by-side
				Check certifications and jeweler policies
			e-Resource: Online jewelry bargains and diamond tutorials
		Some Initial Decisions
			Length of engagement
			Wedding date options
			Formality and style
			How many guests?
4.	Get a Wedding Website, Your Communication and Planning Home Base
		Why have a wedding website?
			What it is
			What it can do for you
			Features of a Wedding Website
		Wedding website services
			What they are
			Website and domain name basics
			What to look for in a wedding website service
		Where to get your website and how to start it
			e-Resource: A wedding website service directory 
				5-Minute quick start
				Your control panel
				Growing your website as you go
				Where to go from here
			e-Resource: Free website services
5.	Create a Smart Budget and Payment System
		The art of setting a realistic and flexible budget
			What are your priorities?
			Who's paying and how?
			Using expense categories
				Determine your starting point
				Create your categories
				e-Resource: Interactive budget manager
				Splurge and compensate
				The evolving budget
		The need for financial record keeping
			Tracking payments
			Payment due dates and reminders
			e-Resource: Payment and due-date tracker
		Money-saving tips
			Biggest price factors
			Ideas to help cut cost
		Working with Vendors
			Prepare yourself
			Create an organization system
			What you need to know about working with wedding professionals
			Tipping guide
6.	Style and Preferences: Capture Your Wedding Vision
		Use your budget and clarify some important decisions
			Re-visit your priorities
			Our Strategy for Capturing Your Wedding Vision At Any Cost
			Pencil in your wedding date and time
			Top off your guest count
			What kind of style and formality?
			Your location type
		e-Resource: The online wedding portals: ideas and more galore
			Things to watch out for
				Advertising overload
				Privacy issues
			Introducing Our Top Three
				The Knot
			Message boards: exchange notes with fellow brides
		Alternate wedding ideas
			The weekend wedding
			The progressive wedding
			The destination wedding
		Using a wedding consultant
			What can a consultant do for you?
				Full-time consultant: from starting vision to honeymoon
				Part-time: Set It Up and Hand It Off to You
				"Day Of" Coordination
			Looking for a consultant
			Questions to ask wedding consultants
			Get it in writing: the consultant contract
7.	Manage Your Guests and Attendants
		The bridal party: your attendants and their roles
			Selecting your attendants
			2. Etiquette issues
				Divorced parents
				Children from previous marriages
		Building your guest list
			Working within your budget: size issues
			Consolidating the lists
			e-Resource: a flexible guest database
			Acquiring missing, changing contact information
			e-Resource: a self-building address book
			Grouping the guests
			e-Resource: searchable guest categories
			Out-of-town Guests
			e-Resource: your website's Out-of-Town Guests page
8.	Determine Your Ceremony Details and Location
		What type of ceremony?
			Religious or civil?
			Length and Formality
		Finding Your Location and Officiant
			Decide on Your Setting
			Search for locations and make appointments
			e-Resource: Online location searches
			Meet (or find) your officiant
			e-Resource: Online officiant searching
			Questions for site managers and officiants
		e-Resource: Your website's ceremony page
		Planning your ceremony
			What makes a ceremony?
			Personalizing your ceremony
				Interfaith ceremonies
				Cultural additions
9. 	Plan the Party: Find a Reception Location and Lay Out the Details 
		What Type of Reception?
			Revisiting your wedding vision for formality and style
			Time plays a role
			Indoors or outdoors?
			Sit-down meal or buffet?
		Finding the right location
			Location types
			e-Resource: Online location searches
			What to look for
			Questions to ask site managers
			Book your venue and check the contract
		e-Resource: Your website's reception page
		Planning your reception
			What makes a reception?
			Your reception timeline
			Suggestions and cost-saving tips
10.	Play Dress-Up: Create Your Wedding Day Look
		All about bridal gowns
		How to find the dress of your dreams (and afford it!)
			Where to start looking
			e-Resource: Online gown galleries and catalogs
			Narrow down your choices and start trying them on
			Who and what to take
			Salons and discount outlets
			Choosing "The One"
				Tips on gown ordering
				e-Resource: Online gown bargains
				Get it in writing: Your bridal gown contract
			Perfecting it: dealing with fittings and alterations
		Dressing it up: hair, makeup, accessories, and more
			Shoes, stockings, and lingerie
			Hair, nails and makeup
		Gown preservation
11.	Choose Your Caterer, Menu and Beverages
		Choosing the right caterer
			Determine your needs
			Kinds of caterers
			Where to find them
			e-Resource: Online caterer hunting
			Line up the interviews and tastings
			Questions to ask caterers
		Creating a memorable menu
			What to serve
				Starting with your caterer
				Ethnic flavors and regional specialties
				Trends and special touches
			How to serve it
				Sit-down (table service)
				Buffet (self-service)
			Cost-saving tips
		Serving beverages
			Your beverage options
				The open bar
				The limited bar
				Specialty drinks
			Cost-saving tips		
		e-Resource: Your website's Vendors list
		Get it in writing: Your catering contract
12.	Find a Photographer to Match Your Style
		Photographic styles
			Color vs. black-and-white or sepia
				Artistic effects
				The advantages of digital 
		How to find the right photographer
			Know what to look for
				 The personality
				 The portfolio
				 The gear
				 The cost
			Know where to look
				e-Resource: Do your photographer hunting on the web
			Know what you want
				Questions to ask photographers
				Determine your must-have shots
		Tips and Considerations
			The bridal portrait
			The engagement shoot
			Your "Planning Album"
			The getting ready shots
			Disposable cameras
			Ordering your photos and albums
			Preserving your negatives
		Get it in writing: your photography contract
		Smart ways to cut cost without compromising your photography
13.	Make a Scene With the Right Videographer
		Do I need a videographer?
			What professional videography will give you
			Professional vs. amateur
			Videography vs. photography
		Videography styles
			The straight-shot
			The traditional wedding story
			The cinematic documentary
			Consider the extras
		How to find the right videographer
			Know where to look
			e-Resource: Do your videography hunting on the web
			Know what to look for
				The demo
				The cost
				The personality
				The gear
			Questions to ask videographers
		Ideas to Cut Cost
		Get it in writing: your videography contract
14.	Book Your Music and Entertainment
		The Ceremony
			Considerations and Options
				Music to match your mood
				Site restrictions
			Musical Ceremony Components
				Key Moments
				Recessional and Postlude
			Booking your ceremony tunes
				Questions to ask ceremony musicians
				Get It in Writing: Your ceremony music contract
		The Reception
			Considerations and Options
				Band or DJ?
				Choosing your music
				e-Resource: Online music sampling
				e-Resource: Adding your song to your wedding website
			Musical Reception Components
				Cocktail hour
				The entrance
				Special dances
				Bouquet and garter toss
				General dancing
			Finding and booking a band or DJ
				e-Resource: Start your entertainment hunting online
		III. Worksheets
15.	To Give and to Receive: Buy Gifts and Set up an Accessible Gift Registry
		Registering for Gifts
			Considerations and timetable
			Selecting and visiting the stores
				What to ask registry consultants
			e-Resource: Online registries
			e-Resource: Your website's gift registry page
			Building and managing your registry
			Gifts for your attendants
				Tips and considerations
				Gift baskets for out-of-town guests
			Gifts for each other
				Bride's and groom's gifts			
				Your wedding rings
			Gifts for your guests: wedding favors
				Tips and considerations
			Gift etiquette: Accepting, returning, and exchanging
			Gift record-keeping
			e-Resource: Recording gift information in your guest database
			Thank-you notes
16.	Settle on Your Attendants' Dresses and Formal Wear
		Styling your bridesmaids
			Color and style
			Finding the right dresses
			e-Resource: Idea shopping
			e-Resource: Designers' websites
			Dress shops
			Ordering and fitting
			e-Resource: Online bridesmaid dress bargains
			Shoes and accessories
		Fashion for the guys
			Guide to men's formal wear and semiformal wear
			Renting and fitting
			e-Resource: formal wear websites
		Dressing your child attendants
			Flower girls
			Ring bearers
		Moms and dads
		V. Worksheets
17.	Paint Your Wedding Colors With Flowers and Decor
		Your floral choices
			Things to consider
				Your color and theme
				Season and availability
				Style and formality
			e-Resource: Online bloom browsing
			Ceremony floral components
			Reception floral components
		Selecting and working with a florist
			Finding your floral artist
			e-Resource: Florists on the web
			Set up consultations and collect proposals
			Questions to ask florists
			Get it in writing: your florist contract
			e-Resource: Online floral wholesalers
18.	Design a Cake to Remember
		All About Wedding Cakes
		Selecting and working with a bakery
			Finding a bakery that works for you
			e-Resource: Online bakery searches and idea gathering
			What to Ask Bakeries
			Money-saving tips
			Trends and fresh ideas
19.	Arrange Transportation
		Transportation that fits your style and budget
			What you need to know about limo and car rentals
			Create your transportation schedule and timeline
			e-Resource: Online Transportation Worksheet
			Vehicle options
		Selecting a vehicle company
			What to ask vehicle companies
			e-Resource: Car-shopping online
		Other transportation considerations for the big day
20.	Send Invitations and Manage Your Responses
		The anatomy of a wedding invitation
			Outer envelope (mailing)
			Inner envelope
			Reception card
			Response card (RSVP)
			Reserved section or pew cards
			Maps and other items
		Invitation styles and stationers
			Narrowing down the search: deciding on a style
			Finding a stationer
			e-Resource: Online stationers and invitation builders
			What to ask stationers
		Ordering the invitations
			Choosing your wording
			e-Resource: Invitation builders
			Inks and fonts
			How many to buy?
			What to include
		Addressing the Invitations
			What are your options?
			Compiling your address list
			e-Resource: Guest database export
		Other stationary
			Ceremony programs
			Thank-you notes
			Seating cards
		Handling Invitation Responses
			RSVP etiquette and issues
			e-Resource: Allow guests to RSVP online
			Setting up RSVP on your wedding website
21.	Countdown Considerations
		Shopping for wedding accessories: getting ahold of all the little things
			Toasting glasses
			Ring pillow
			Guestbook and pen
			Wedding favors
			Garter set
			Frames for pictures
			Flower basket
			Cake cutting set
			e-Resource: Online bargains!
		Delegating wedding day duties
		e-Resource: Your planning calendar
			Appointments and deadlines
			Publicizing or not publicizing your planning tasks
		Polish up the seating charts and wedding day timeline
			A detailed outline to your bridal party and vendors
		Covering Your Bases
22.	Enjoy Those Pre-Wedding Parties
			Who plans and organizes it?
			What happens and where?
		Bridesmaids' luncheon
			Who plans and organizes it?
			What happens and where?
		Bachelor/ette bashes
			Who plans and organizes it?
			What happens and where?
		The wedding rehearsal and dinner
			Who plans and organizes it?
			What happens and where?
		e-Resource: Online invitations and event RSVPs
23.	Don't Forget the Legal Considerations
		Marriage License
			Who to contact
			e-Resource: Your County Clerk's Website
		Name and Address Changes
			Name change options
			Who to notify
			e-Resource: online "name change kits"
		Prenuptial Agreements
24.	Create the Ultimate Honeymoon Getaway
		Pick your hot spot: choosing a destination
			Beaches, cruises, adventures, and explorations
			Activities: action-packed or rest-and-relaxation?
			Helpful resources
				Maps, guidebooks, brochures
				e-Resource: travel guides on the web
				e-Resource: destination finders
			Share It! Letting your guests in on destination
		Budget your trip
			What? More budgets?
				How much will it cost?
				Things to consider
				How Long Will Your Honeymoon Be?
			Money-saving ideas
		Get it booked
			Travel agents
			e-Resource: Online travel, hotel, and rental car booking
		Tips and suggestions for a great honeymoon
			While you're there
		V. Worksheets

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