Table of contents for From binge to blackout : a mother and son struggle with teen drinking / Chris Volkmann and Toren Volkmann.

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From Binge to Blackout-
A Mother and Son Struggle with Teen Drinking
Table of Contents
1	A Perfect Start					by Chris Volkmann	 	 4
2 	The End at the Beginning			by Chris Volkmann		 9
3 	Crying Couch					by Chris Volkmann		15
4 	 My Drink					by Toren Volkmann	24
5 	Brewing a Plan				by Chris Volkmann		41
6	You're All in Denial		by Toren Volkmann	48
7	Binge Drinking....bingedrinkn...bingingdrunk..ingbigdrunkmingblmgdg	
							by Chris Volkmann		62
		Five Areas of Mental Ability Compromised by Binge Drinking 	70
		The CAGE test								76
		A College-Aged Binger is 21 times more likely to...			77
		College Drinking Facts						79
8	What I Forgot to Remember	by Toren Volkmann	80	
9	Put on your Beer Goggles & Don't Ask Why by Chris Volkmann		93
Questions to Ask When Choosing a College				96
Staying Involved with Your College Freshman 			105
Hispanic Youth and Alcohol Use					106
10	I Don't Give a Rat's Ass		by Toren Volkmann	109 	
11	Dysfunctional R Us?				by Chris Volkmann		124
12 	Start of (which?) God's Nightmare		by Chris Volkmann		135
Tips for Communicating to Teens about Alcohol			149
		Language to Use when Communicating to Teens about Alcohol	150
Prevention Strategies for Parents					152
13 	Party My Face Off 			by Toren Volkmann	158
		The Jellinek Curve							161
14	A Few Missed Parties				by Chris Volkmann		176
		10 Warning Signs of a Drinking Problem				179
What to do...if worried about a teen who may be drinking	 	186
		Someone to TALK to for Parents or Teens				189
15 	Beer Bong U					by Chris Volkmann		192
		To Beer Bong or Not							202
Getting Assistance for a College Student facing Alcohol Problems	207
10 Things to Discuss before Spring Break				210
16	In Descent				by Toren Volkmann	212
17	Progression without Progress	by Toren Volkmann	225
18	Home Sweet unSafe Home 			by Chris Volkmann		244
	Things I Would Change						250
19 	Nothing Social About It		by Toren Volkmann	253
20	Calls from Rehab				by Chris Volkmann		264	
21	Visiting Hours					by Chris Volkmann		274
		The Characteristics of Addiction					279
22	Shattering My Will			by Toren Volkmann	287
23	What to Tell Grandma			by Chris Volkmann		302
		Attitudes & Alcoholism						305
		Ways to Help the Recovery of a Family				308
Let Go									310
24	 Picking My Poison			by Toren Volkmann	312
		The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous				316
		Offering Support for Drinkers in Danger				329
		A Personal Strategy for surviving Rehab and Early Recovery	334
25	what parents CAN do				by Chris Volkmann		335
		How to be a Moderate Drinker					344
What You and your Friends CAN do to Stay Safe at a Party		346
Ways Parents CAN Influence Drinking Decisions			350
26	Halfway Home				by Toren Volkmann	351
27	Dry Run					by Chris Volkmann		361
28	Breaking the Sober-Ice		by Toren Volkmann	363
29	Warning Label 				by Chris Volkmann		373
		21 Reasons for Teens to Avoid Alcohol			 380-381
30	Sober: so be it			by Toren Volkmann	387
31	Power Me Up					by Chris Volkmann		403
		What Happens to your Body when you get Alcohol Poisoning?	406	
		What Should I Do if I suspect someone has Alcohol Poisoning?	408	
		Is Your Family Talking about Alcohol?				412
32	A Sip of Clarity			by Toren Volkmann	415
33	Deadheading					by Chris Volkmann		429
34	La Vuelta del Gringo		by Toren Volkmann	439	
35 	Moving On to Gravy				by Chris Volkmann		459
What Communities Can Do to Modify Rates of Binge Drinking	466
36	Could You Spare Some Change, Please?				
by Toren Volkmann	475
Practical Advice for the Recovering Alcoholic... 
(who still wants to go out with drinkers)		 	485
the end									499	
Appendix I 	Why this book-From Binge to Blackout				500
Appendix II	Honest Talk for Families and Teens					501
Appendix III	Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST)				502
Additional Resources and Links 							504
From Binge to Blackout Bookgroup Focus Questions				510
From Binge to Blackout Student Focus Questions 					514
Author bios										516	
Endnotes/Text References							 517-529
Acknowledgements						(separate document) 
Permissions: Raymond Carver, Thom Jones, AA		(separate document)
Introduction 		by Rev. Edward A. Malloy, CSC 	(separate document)
Foreword 		by C. C. Nuckols, Ph.D.		(separate document)
Index 								(separate document)	

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Volkmann, Toren.
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Teenage boys -- Alcohol use -- United States -- Case studies.
College students -- Alcohol use -- United States -- Case studies.
Binge drinking.