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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What Is Personality?
Chapter 2: Understanding Your Characters
Chapter 3: Using This Book
Thirty Scenarios
1. Family Picnic
Your character spends several hours at a family picnic attended by parents, grandparents, 
siblings, children, aunts and uncles, cousins, in-laws, and other members of her extended 
family. Does she enjoy the event or spend it hiding in the bathroom?
2. Jury Duty
Your character is called to jury duty for a criminal case such a rape charge or, 
alternatively, in a civil case involving product liability. Does he embrace his civic 
responsibility or try to shirk it?
3. Poolside Encounter
Your character is on vacation and, while sunning herself by the pool, has an encounter 
with a stranger who asks a too-intimate question. How does she respond?
4. Fender-Bender
Your character is involved in a fender-bender accident that is his fault or, alternately, that 
isn't his fault. What is he most concerned about after the accident? 
5. Elegant Party
Your character is invited to a very elegant party. Is she excited? Nervous? 
6. Stranger in Town
Your character finds himself a stranger in a seemingly sinister town. Does he keep 
moving or try to investigate? 
7. Flirting
Your character finds herself in a hotel bar and an attractive stranger begins flirting. Does 
your character flirt back?
8. At the Airport
Your character has two hours to kill between planes. How will he pass the time?
9. New Neighbors
Your character meets his new neighbors, who, for some reason (because of their race, 
ethnicity, social class, regional background, political opinions, etc.), tend to stand out in 
this neighborhood. How does your character decide to treat them?
10. Blowing the Whistle
Your character learns information about some significant criminal activity (political, 
corporate, military, medical, etc.). Will she decide to blow the whistle?
11. Poker Night
Your character finds himself in his first high-stakes poker game. How will he play at the 
beginning? When he's winning? When he's losing? 
12. On Stage
Your character must give a speech before a large audience. What sort of public speaker is 
13. Vivid Dream
Your character has a particularly vivid dream. How does she react to the dream?
14. A Boring Day
Your character is trapped in an especially boring day. How will he react? First of all, will 
he even notice?
15. Road Adventure
Your character sets off on a road adventure. How sedate or wild an adventure will he 
16. At the Sex Shop
Your character passes a sex shop and decides to drop in. How does she react to the array 
of sex toys? Does she make a purchase?
17. Deathbed Secret
At the deathbed of someone significant (like a parent or spouse), your character learns a 
life-altering secret. How will he react?
18. Stalked
Your character is stalked. What hidden aspects of your character's personality will this 
bring to the surface? 
19. A Very Busy Day
Your character is having a very busy day, one which allows him hardly a moment to 
breathe. What is he like on such days?
20. A Moment of High Drama
The situation is a life-or-death one. How will your character react?
21. Late at Night
It is three in the morning and your character can't sleep. Why? Not being able to sleep, 
what does he do?
22. Sudden Leadership
Your character is thrust into a leadership role. What sort of leader will he make?
23. Diagnosed With an Illness
Your character learns that she may have a life-threatening illness but the test results 
won't be in for a week. How does she spend that week?
24. Caught in a Big Lie
Your character is caught in a big lie. First, why did he lie? Second, how will he react to 
getting caught?
25. Death of a Parent
Your character must deal with the death of a parent. How does she handle that crisis?
26. Meeting the President
Your character is invited to meet with the president. How will he react to the trappings of 
the Oval Office and the encounter itself?
27. Lover's Spat
Your character has a squabble with her lover. How does she fight and react to being 
verbally attacked?
28. Sudden Success
Your character has a sudden success like receiving a huge promotion or winning the 
lottery. Will he be changed by the event?
29. Big Favor
Your character's best friend asks her for an enormous favor. Will your character agree?
30. Meteor Coming
Scientists predict the end of the world. How will your character react?
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