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Table of Contents
Foreword: Better Skills through Better Research
Steven Heller
Introduction: The Rise of Research in Graphic Design
Audrey Bennett
Section I: Visionary Perspectives
Chapter 1: Graphic Design: Fine Art or Social Science?
Jorge Frascara
Chapter 2: Shaping Belief: The Role of Audience in Visual Communication
Ann C. Tyler
Chapter 3: From Formalism to Social Significance in Communication Design
Jodi Forlizzi and Cherie Lebbon
Chapter 4: Being Serious, Being Popular: Positioning Design Research
Liz C. Throop
Chapter 5: Activity Theory: A Model for Design Research
Judy D'Ammasso Tarbox
Section II: Design Inquiry
Chapter 6: Triangle, Square, Circle: A Psychological Test
Ellen Lupton and J. Abbott Miller
Chapter 7: Visual Design of Interactive Software for Older Adults
Zoe Strickler and Patricia Neafsey
Chapter 8: Sharpening One's Axe: Making a Case for a Comprehensive Approach to Research in the Graphic Design Process
Paul J. Nini
Chapter 9: Design Methodologies: Toward a Systematic Approach to Design
Matt Cooke
Chapter 10: The Utility of Design Vision and the Crisis of the Artificial
Mark Roxburgh
Chapter 11: Communication Research: Theory, Empirical Studies and Results
Peter Storkerson
Chapter 12: Audience as Co-designer: Participatory Design of HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Posters in Kenya
Audrey Bennett, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Ron Eglash, and Marie Rarieya
Section III: Designing Culture
Chapter 13: Graphic Design in a Multicultural World
Katherine McCoy
Chapter 14: Encoding Advertisements: Ideology and Meaning in Advertising Production
Matthew Soar
Chapter 15: Directed Storytelling: Interpreting Experience for Design
Shelley Evenson
Chapter 16: Dezyne Klass: Exploring Image-making through the Visual Culture of Hip Hop
John Jennings
Chapter 17: A Step Ahead of Praxis: The Role of Design Problem Definition in Cultural Ownership of Design
Peter Martin
Chapter 18: Mediating Messages: Cultural Reproduction through Advertising
Seval D¿gleroglu Yavuz
Chapter 19: Compartiendo Sueños/Sharing Dreams: An Interview with Toni O'Bryan
Audrey Bennett
Section IV: Human-Centered Design
Chapter 20: Human Dignity and Human Rights: Thoughts on the Principles of Human-Centered Design
Richard Buchanan
Chapter 21: Impact: Inspiring Graphic Design through Human Behaviors
Roshi Givechi, Ian Groulx, and Marc Woollard, IDEO
Chapter 22: Personas: Practice and Theory
John Pruitt and Jonathan Grudin
Chapter 23: Educating Design Citizens: Passing on a Mind, Body, Spirit Practice
Ann Tyler
Chapter 24: In Between: Challenging the Role of Graphic Design by Situating it in a Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Class
Ann McDonald
Section V: Further Reading
Annotated Bibliographies of the Former Graphic Design Education Association
Meredith Davis
Cultural Studies Bibliography
Andrew Blauvelt
Cognition and Emotion Bibliography
Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders
Design Planning Bibliography
Ewan Duncan
Education and Learning Theory Bibliography
Meredith Davis
Interdisciplinary Bibliography and List of Resources for Design Researchers
Audrey Bennett
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