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WILDFIRE: A Century of Failed Forest Policy
Introduction, George Wuerthner
Myths, George Wuerthner 
The Political Decision-Making Process, George Wuerthner
Deep Valuing of Wildlands as Ecosystems: Learning Sustainability from the Integrity and Resilience of Natural Systems, Alan Drengson and Duncan Taylor
PART I * Wildfire: Perspectives and Visions
[Introduction] An Old Flame: Humans and Their Relationship with Fire, George Wuerthner
The Fire of Life: Thinking About the Biological Basis for Fire, Stephen J. Pyne, Ph.D.
A Spiral Dance: The Necessity of Fire to Wildness, Mollie Matteson
Fire and Native Peoples: A Natural or Humanized Landscape? Thomas R. Vale, Ph.D.
Coyote Wildfire: Evolving Firefighters into Fire Guiders, Joe Fox, Ph.D.
Hot News: Media Coverage of Wildfire, Conrad Smith, Ph.D.
Incendiary Language: How Language Affects Our Perceptions, George Wuerthner
Don¿t Get Hosed: How Political Framing Influences Fire Policy, Les AuCoin
Lifetimes with Fire: A Place in the Wildland Interface, Gary Snyder
PART II * Fire Ecology: Stories and Studies
[Introduction] The Eternal Flame: Fire-Adapted Landscapes, George Wuerthner
The Yellowstone Fires of 1988: A Living Wilderness, George Wuerthner
Fire Ecology of the Sierra Nevada: Forests Born to Burn, Jan W. van Wagtendonk, Ph.D.
 Wildfire Management on a Human-Dominated Landscape: The Story of California Chaparral Wildfires, Jon E. Keeley, Ph.D., and CJ Fotheringham
Fire in the Klamath-Siskiyou Ecoregion: Protecting and Restoring the Fire Mosaic, Dominick A. DellaSala, Ph.D.
Fire in the Southwest: A Historical Context, Tom Ribe
Fire in the East: Welcoming Back a Native Son, George Wuerthner
Applied Historical Ecology: Using the Past to Manage for the Future, Thomas W. Swetnam, Craig D. Allen, and Julio L. Betancourt
Fire and Succession: A Critical Process for Forest Bird Populations, Terrell D. Rich
PART III * The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes: Fire and Its Paradoxes
[Introduction] Fire and Rebirth: Understanding the Processes of Nature¿s Palette, George Wuerthner
How to Look and See, George Wuerthner
Part IV * (Un)Healthy Forest Policy: Suppression, Salvage, and Scurrilous Solutions
[Introduction] The Duping of the Public: Vested Interests Masquerading as Purveyors of Forest Health, George Wuerthner
Logging and Wildfire: Ecological Differences and the Need to Preserve Large Fires, George Wuerthner
After the Smoke Clears: Ecological Impacts of Salvage Logging, James R. Strittholt, Ph.D.
Conventional Salvage Logging: The Loss of Ecological Reason and Moral Restraint, Chris Maser
Pyro Cows: The Role of Livestock Grazing in Worsening Fire Severity, George Wuerthner
PART V * The New Gravy Train: The Emergence of the Fire-Military-Industrial Complex
[Introduction] Throwing Money into the Flames: The Flawed Economics of Fire Suppression, George Wuerthner
Avoiding a New ¿Conspiracy of Optimism¿: The Economics of Forest Fuel Reduction Strategies, Thomas M. Power, Ph.D.
Money to Burn: Wildfire and the Budget, Randall O¿Toole
The War on Wildfire: Firefighting and the Militarization of Forest Fire Management, Timothy Ingalsbee, Ph.D.
PART VI * Eliminating the Smokescreen: Toward an Intelligent Fire Policy
[Introduction] Learning to Live with Fire-Dependent Ecosystems: Disincentives, Zoning, Prevention, and Restoration, George Wuerthner
Ecological Restoration of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Ecosystems: A Broad Perspective, Craig D. Allen, Melissa Savage, Donald A. Falk, Kieran F. Suckling, Thomas W. Swetnam, Todd Schulke, Peter B. Stacey, Penelope Morgan, Martos Hoffman, and Jon T. Klingel
Keep the Greenfire Burning: Deep Ecology and Prescribed Fire, Timothy Ingalsbee, Ph.D.
Sprawling into Disaster: The Growing Impact of Rural Residential Development on Wildland Fire Management in the Greater Yellowstone Area, Crystal Stanionis and Dennis Glick
Burning Down the House: The Role of Disaster Aid in Subsidizing Catastrophe, John Krist
The Community Protection Zone: Defending Homes and Communities from the Threat of Forest Fire, Brian Nowicki and Todd Schulke
Part VII * Time to Retire Smokey Bear
Smokey the Bear Sutra
The Ultimate Firefight: Changing Hearts and Minds, Andy Kerr
Glossary of Wildland Fire Terms
Glossary of Euphemisms

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Wildfires -- United States -- History.
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Fire ecology -- United States -- History.
Forest policy -- United States -- History.