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Preface xi
About the Contributors xiii
About the Editors xxiii
1. Youth Engaged in Antisocial and Aggressive Behaviors: Who Are They? 3
Shane R. Jimerson, Gale M. Morrison, Sarah W. Pletcher,
and Michael J. Furlong
2. Support in the Lives of Aggressive Students, Their Victims,
and Their Peers 21
Michelle Kilpatrick Demaray, Christine Kerres Malecki,
and Lauren K. DeLong
3. Legal Knowledge Related to School Violence and School Safety 31
Kirk A. Bailey
4. Safe, Supportive, and Effective Schools: Promoting School Success
to Reduce School Violence 51
David Osher, Kevin Dwyer, and Shane R. Jimerson
5. A Problem-Solving Approach to School Violence Prevention 73
Jim Larson and R. T. Busse
6. Crisis Preparedness, Response, and Management: Surveys
of School Professionals 89
Amanda B. Nickerson and Kristina M. Osborne
7. Making the Case for an International Perspective on School Violence:
Implications for Theory, Research, Policy, and Assessment 103
Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty, and Roxana Marachi
8. An Overview of Measurement Issues in School Violence
and School Safety Research 121
Jill D. Sharkey, Michael J. Furlong, and Georgette Yetter
9. Assessing Anger and Hostility in School Settings 135
Douglas C. Smith, Michael J. Furlong, and Peter Boman
10. Threat Assessment in Schools: Empirical Support and Comparison
With Other Approaches 147
Marisa Reddy Randazzo, Randy Borum, Bryan Vossekuil, Robert Fein,
William Modzeleski, and William Pollack
11. The SRS Safe Schools Survey: A Broader Perspective on School Violence
Prevention 157
Russell Skiba, Ada B. Simmons, Reece Peterson, and Susan Forde
12. The Current State of Methodological Knowledge and Emerging Practice
in Evidence-Based Evaluation: Applications to School Violence
Prevention Research 171
Matthew J. Mayer
13. Assessment of Bullying 191
Dewey G. Cornell, Peter L. Sheras, and Joanna C. M. Cole
14. Assessing School Discipline 211
Gale M. Morrison, Megan Redding, Emily Fisher, and Reece Peterson
15. The Social Context of Schools: Monitoring and Mapping Student
Victimization in Schools 221
Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty, Roxana Marachi,
and Heather Ann Meyer
16. A Review of Methods to Assess Student Self-Report of Weapons
on School Campuses 235
Michael Furlong and Jill Sharkey
17. A Socioecological Model for Bullying Prevention and Intervention
in Early Adolescence: An Exploratory Examination 257
Susan M. Swearer, James Peugh, Dorothy L. Espelage,
Amanda B. Siebecker, Whitney L. Kingsbury, and Katherine S. Bevins
18. Critical Characteristics of Effective Bullying Prevention Programs 275
Richard J. Hazler and JoLynn V. Carney
19. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program: An Overview
of Its Implementation and Research Basis 293
Susan P. Limber
20. Promoting Behavior and Beliefs That Reduce Bullying:
The Steps to Respect Program 309
Miriam Hirschstein and Karin S. Frey
21. What We Can Learn From Evaluated Studies of School-Based Programs
to Reduce Bullying in Schools 325
Ken Rigby
22. Understanding and Addressing Peer Victimization Among Students 339
Richard J. DioGuardi and Lea A. Theodore
23. Youth Anger Management Treatments for School Violence Prevention 353
Eva L. Feindler and Scott Weisner
24. A Critical Analysis of School-Based Anger Management Programs
for Youth 365
Douglas C. Smith, Jim Larson, and DeAnne R. Nuckles
25. Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum 383
Pam Dell Fitzgerald and Leihua Van Schoiack-Edstrom
26. Building Social and Emotional Competence: The PATHS Curriculum 395
Mark T. Greenberg and Carol A. Kusch´e
27. Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Supports 413
Jeffrey R. Sprague and Robert H. Horner
28. How Effective Are School-Based Violence Prevention Programs
in Preventing and Reducing Violence and Other Antisocial Behaviors?
A Meta-Analysis 429
Jim Derzon
29. Preventing, Preparing for, and Responding to School Violence
With the National Incident Management System 443
Stephen E. Brock, Shane R. Jimerson, and Shelley R. Hart
30. Creating a Safe and Friendly School: Using a 360-Degree Approach 461
Coosje Griffiths and Tracey Weatherilt
31. A National Study of School Violence in Israel: Implications for Theory,
Practice, and Policy 481
Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty, and Roxana Marachi
32. School Violence in Brazil: A Psychosocial Perspective 499
Raquel Souza Lobo Guzzo, Fernando Lacerda, Jr.,
and Antonio Euzebios Filho
33. The Safe Schools, Healthy Students Initiative in Rural Pennsylvania 511
Janet A. Welsh and Celene E. Domitrovich
34. Implementing Comprehensive Safe School Plans in Pinellas County
Schools, Florida: Planning, Implementation, Operation, Sustainability,
and Lessons Learned 525
Kathleen Hague Armstrong, Oliver T. Massey, and Michael Boroughs
35. Beyond Face Fidelity: When Less Is More 537
George G. Bear, Susan P. Giancola, Lindsay Simpson Goetz,
and Jennifer Parisella Veach
36. Implementing the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative in Kansas 553
Leslie Z. Paige, Stephen N. Kitzis, Joyce Wolfe, and Jennifer Kitson
37. Implementing Comprehensive Safe School Plans: Effective School
and Community Mental Health Collaborations to Reduce Youth Violence 567
Sharon Telleen, Young Ok Rhee Kim, Helen Stewart-Nava,
Rosario C. Pesce, and Susan Maher
38. Student Threat Assessment as a Strategy to Reduce School Violence 587
Dewey Cornell and Farah Williams
39. Implementation of the Dallas Threat of Violence Risk Assessment 603
Russell B. Van Dyke and Jennifer L. Schroeder
40. A Case Example of a School Shooting: Lessons Learned
in the Wake of Tragedy 617
Laura Delizonna, Ivan Alan, and Hans Steiner
41. The Safe and Responsive Schools Project: A School Reform Model
for Implementing Best Practices in Violence Prevention 631
Russell Skiba, Shana Ritter, Ada Simmons, Reece Peterson,
and Courtney Miller

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