Table of contents for State or merchant? : political economy and political process in 1740s China / Helen Dunstan.

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 Tables, Maps, and Figures x
 Weights, Measures, and Units of Currencyx
 Abbreviations and Citation Conventionsxii
 Introduction 1
 Part I Private-Sector Stockpiling: State
 Versus Hoarder
1 Legal Ambiguity, Coercive Practice 15
 What the Law Had to Say 17
 Controlling Merchant Speculators
Through Statistics 31
 Beatings and Forced Sales 41
2 The Subtler Ways of Handling Hoarders 55
 Enter the Banner Grain Bureaus 58
 Civility in Place of Chastisement 69
 When the Strong Arm Menaced Landlords
3 Interventionism Questioned 91
 A 1748 Manifesto Against the Busybody
 State 95
 Contra Price Controls and Grain Export
 Embargoes 103
 "Laws Should be Obeyed" 115
 The Speculator Vindicated 129
 How Market-Conscious Qing Officials
 Thought the Market Worked 140
 Part II Public-Sector Stockpiling: The
 State As Hoarder?
4 The Issues in the Ever-Normal Granaries
Debate 151
 Storage and Rotation Quotas 154
 Granary Restocking and Grain Price
 Inflation 166
 The First Extreme Opponents of Official
 Buying 181
 Was There a Grain Trade Lobby? 189
5 A Sage and His Advisors: 1738-43 193
 Fanfare for an Innovation 194
 From Zeal to Disappointment 208
 The First Retreat 214
 Resistance to the 1743 Retreat 225
 The Radicals Rebuffed 235
6 Overt and Covert: 1744-47 246
 1744 Versus 1743: The Patterns in the
 Reset Targets 247
 From Obedient Modesty to Ambiguous
 Ambition 253
 Studentship Sales, Once More the
 Panacea 264
 The Ever-Normal System on the Brink277
 The Rebirth of Controversy 284
 Examining the Figures 294
7 The Grand Discussion: 1748-49 309
 The Quest for Wisdom on the Sources of
 Inflation 310
 How the Vote Went 314
 The Granaries' Defenders 322
 Ambivalence Where Least Expected 333
 The Granaries' Accusers 340
8 The Slashing of the Targets 348
 The Options for Reform 349
 Let There Be Cuts! 354
 The Conservative Settlement of Early
 1749 357
 Why Did the Committee Cook the Books?
9 Of Loose Ends and Parallel Developments
 Knowing Where to Stop 408
 Let Able-Bodied Famine Refugees Fend
 for Themselves! 416
 Exit the Banner Grain Bureaus 429
 The Landowners' Tax Holiday 445
 Beat the Presumptuous to Death! 453
 Conclusion: Political Economy or
Political Process? 465
 Appendix: Chronology of the Granaries
Debate 485
 Reference Matter
 Bibliography 491
 Glossary 505

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China -- Economic policy -- 1644-1912.
China -- Politics and government -- 1644-1912.
China -- History -- Qing dynasty, 1644-1912.