Table of contents for The landlord survival guide for the new and part-time real estate investor / Jeffrey Taylor.

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Table of Contents
 Dedication	3
 Acknowledgments	3
 Foreword	3
 Introduction: The Steps to Long-Term Wealth	3
 What This Guide Will Help You Do	3
 What This Guide Will Not Help You Do	3
 Special Note from the Author	3
 Step #1¿Develop the Right Mindset	3
 Business Mindset	3
 Goal-Directed Mindset	3
 People-Centered Mindset	3
 Team Member Mindset	3
 Lifetime Customer Mindset	3
 Challenge-Prepared Mindset	3
 Step #2¿Identify Your Landlording Success Team	3
 Family Members	3
 Trusted Advisors	3
 Residents	3
 Step #3¿Study What You MUST Know to Survive	3
 Landlord-Tenant State Laws	3
 Security Deposit Guidelines	3
 Rules of Eviction	3
 Fair Housing Act	3
 Fair Credit Reporting Act	3
 Lead-based Paint Disclosure	3
 Disability Discrimination and Service Animals	3
 Section 8 Housing	3
 Local Laws and Requirements	3
 Other Areas Worthy of Study	3
 Management Transition: Taking Over as a New Manager	3
 Most Common and Costly Management Mistakes	3
 Step #4¿Fill a Vacancy with the Ideal Resident	3
 I. Know Your Market¿Do Your Homework	3
 II. Prepare Your Property	3
 III. Reduce Turnover Time	3
 IV. Reaching Target Markets	3
 V. Test Marketing and Advertising Strategies	3
 VI. Marketing Help from Others	3
 VII. Utilize Marketing Tools	3
 VIII. Show the Property	3
 IX. Follow Up	3
 Step #5¿Screen Out Problem Residents	3
 I. Set Up Screening and Selection Procedures	3
 Step #6¿Conduct New Resident Orientation	3
 I. Address Potential Problems Before They Occur	3
 II. Walk-through with Property Condition Checklist	3
 III. Introduce Win-Win Moneymaking Management Policies	3
 IV. Perform Preventive Communication¿Clauses Addressing Common Problems	3
 V. Schedule Continuing Resident Orientation	3
 VI. Month-to-Month Agreement Versus Fixed-Term Lease	3
 Step #7¿Get Your Money	3
 I. Drop the Amateur Landlord Approach	3
 II. Request Automatic Payments	3
 III. Offer Incentives for Traditional Payment Methods	3
 IV. Remind Residents of Their Obligations	3
 V. Provide Alternative Ways for Paying	3
 VI. Take Action When Residents Miss a Payment	3
 VII. Deal With Payments: Late / Bounces / Not Signed / Stolen	3
 VIII. Go After Payments Due Even After Resident Leaves	3
 10 Reasons Why to NOT Feel Guilty about Collections and Evictions	3
 Step #8¿Maximize Your Cash Flow	3
 I. Educate Residents About Benefits of Leasing	3
 II. Offer Custom Rental Home Packages	3
 III. Systematically Remind Residents That They Can Rent More	3
 IV. Help Residents Buy Beyond Their Housing Needs	3
 VI. Review Leasing Terms	3
 VII. Negotiate for Additional Income	3
 VIII. Implement Cost-saving Management and Maintenance Practices	3
 IX. Uncover Hidden Cash Flow Thieves	3
 X. Increase Property Value	3
 Step #9¿Keep Residents Long After Their First Anniversary	3
 I. Communicate Starting on Day One	3
 II. Tailor What You Offer	3
 III. Plug Your Residents into Your Property	3
 IV. Offer Loyalty Programs to Reward Long-term Residents	3
 V. Remember Residents Throughout the Year	3
 VI. Plan Ahead for Repairs and Service	3
 VII. Go the Extra Mile	3
 VIII. Anticipate and Avoid Vacancies	3
 IX. Raise Rents without Scaring Good Residents Away	3
 X. Conduct Exit Interviews	3
 Step #10¿End All Relationships on a ¿Profitable¿ Note	3
 I. Help Residents Get Back More Than Their Deposits	3
 II. Leave Door Open for Good Renters to Return	3
 III. Transition Renters into Homebuyers	3
 Essential Rental Forms	3
 Rental Application / Future Homebuyer	3
 Sample Notice of Denial for Housing	3
 Sample Rental Agreement	3
 Sample Co-Signer Agreement	3
 Sample Property Condition Checklist	3
 Mr. Landlord¿s Mini-Glossary	3
 Resources	3
 Books	3
 Websites	3
 About the Author	3
 Special Free Offer for Buyers of this Guide!	3
 Index	3

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