Table of contents for The world we used to live in : remembering the powers of the medicine men / Vine Deloria, Jr.

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Prologue: Traditional Religion Today
Introduction: The Universe of Spirits
Chapter One
Dreams¿The Approach of the Sacred
Eagle Shield¿s Dream
Brave Buffalo¿s Dream about the Elks
Black Elk¿s Dream/Vision
Two Leggings¿ Dream/Vision
The Dangers of Daydreaming
George Schmidt¿s Daydream
Shared Dreams
The Sacred Intrusion
Goose¿s Experience
Bush¿s Buffalo Spirits
Horn Chips¿ Blessing
The Nature of the Medicine Man
Lone Man¿Teton Sioux
The Vision Quest¿Men
Siya¿ka Explaining the Vision Quest
Lame Deer Explaining the Vision Quest
Lame Deer¿s Experience
The Jesuit Account of the Vision Quest
Siya¿ka¿s Vision
Two Leggings¿ Vision
Blows Down¿s Vision
Smoking Star¿s Name
Le Borgne¿s Vision
Women¿s Vision Quest Experiences
Catherine Wabose¿s Vision
Pretty Shield¿s Vision
A Pawnee Woman¿s Dream
Another Pawnee Woman¿s Vision
Mary Sdipp-shin-mah¿s Vision
Visions in Transition
John Slocum¿s Vision
Minnie Enemy Heart¿s Vision
Chapter Two
Powers Conferred on the Medicine Men
Thunder Cloud Receives Healing Powers
Navajo Diagnosticians
Finding the Cure
Dr. Perry of Massachusetts
Sitting Bull¿s Self Remedy
White Crow¿s Healing
Instant Nautical Healing
Reviving the Dead
Northern Barred Owl¿s Remedy
Healing Sever Gunshot Wounds
Black Elk¿s Experience
Eagle Shield¿s Triumph
Omaha Buffalo Medicine Men
Beyond Hope
Healing Witchcraft
Southwestern Healing Practices
Pawnee Injury and Treatment Incidents
Sun Road¿s Discovery and Recovery
Plenty Crow¿s Healing
The Horse Doctor
Locating Lost Objects
Goose Finds a Rifle
White Shield¿s Tasks
Bear Necklace¿s Stones
Youngbird¿s Psychic Powers
John Fornsby¿s Guardian Power Boards
Dr. Jim¿s Song
Unusual Predictions
Predicting for the French Soldiers
The Tobacco Prediction
The Traders¿ Arrival
The Blackfeet Prophet
Chapter Three
Continuing Communications
The Yuwipi Ceremony
The Yuwipi Spirits
The Spirit Lodge Ritual
Jesuit Report
Andrew J. Blackbird¿s Account
Henry R. Schoolcraft¿s Report
Paul Kane¿s Experience
Saulteaux Conjuring
Catherine Wabose¿s Experience
James W. Schultz¿s Report
Sir Cecil Denny¿s Experience
The Montagnais Practices
J. G. Kohl¿s Story
A. Irving Hallowell¿s Confession
Muskogee Practices
Cheyenne Spirit Lodge Ritual
The Spirit Lodge Cure
A Kiowa Spirit Lodge
Chapter Four
Interspecies Relations
Interspecies Communication¿Birds
Luther Standing Bear
Interspecies Communications¿Animals
Black Elk¿s Experience
White Bull¿s Experience
William Rowland¿s Story
Jim Bridger¿s Experience
The Coyote Helps the War Party
Animal Powers
Luther Standing Bear¿s Experience
Yellow Fish¿s Tragedy
Buffalo of the Sun
Animals Admonishing Humans
Many Tail Feathers¿ Father¿s Dream
The Bears Warn the Hunter
Rising Wolf¿s Prospective Warbonnet
Chapter Five
The Land and the Cosmos
Sons-in-Jah and Desert Potatoes
Making Plants Grow
The Pawnee Corn Growers
Growing the Cedar Berry
The Pawnee Blind Man
Plenty Fingers Feeds His Children
Navajo Corn Growers
Navajo Seed Giving
Pueblo Seed Grass Ceremony
Zuni Corn Growers
Changes in the Weather
Bringing Rain
Chiricahua Apache Ceremony
The Unfortunate Mexican
Changing the Nature of a Storm
The Texas Alabama Tradition
Wooden Leg¿s Story
Last Horse¿s Miracle
The Blackfeet Medicine Man Contest
Fulfilling Big Bear¿s Request
Enlisting the Weather As an Aid
The Sin¿-o-pah Weather Control
Chiricahua Storm Medicine
Ruffled Feathers Calms the Waters
Rain as an Affirmation of a Blessing
The Old Hunkpapa Sioux Chief
Chapter Six
Sacred Stones and Places
Sacred Stones
The Picture Rocks
Black Elk
Incident at Cannon Ball
Old Mandan¿s Picture Rock
Sweat Lodge Stones
Medicine Stones
Horn Chips¿ Stones
Buffalo Stones That Call the Blackfeet
Medicine Crow¿s Mother¿s Stones
Healings with Stones¿Frances Densmore¿s Stones
Calling the Buffalo
Listening to the Ground¿s Fossil Stone
Goose Calls a Buffalo
Crooked Foot Finds the Buffalo
Powerful Places
The Comanches Discovered a Sacred Site
The Pipestone Quarry
The Island Sacred Rock
The Standing Rock Sun Dance Site
Chapter Seven
Unusual Exploits of Medicine Men
Early Colonial Observations
Feat of Ice or White Bull at Busby in 1884
Ice¿s Account
The Aoutaenhrobi Fire Ritual
Holding the Jar with Feathers
Calling up the Waters
Invulnerability to Arrows and Bullets
Bear Claws¿ Power
Crazy Mule¿s Feat
Brave Buffaol¿s Feat
The Pawnee Doctors¿ Feats
Old Man S.
Box Elder¿s Exploit
Powers of Crazy Mule
The Old Cheyenne¿s Exploit
Powers of Animation
The Choctaw Medicine Man
Feat of Elk Left Behind
The Arickara Bear Medicine Society Buffalo Hunt
Eagle Feathers Dancing
The Shawnee¿s Power
The Apache Invisibility Tactic
Hiding From the Flying Man
The Invisible Woman
Lame Medicine Man Causes Blindness
Producing Anomalous Things
Buffalo Lump¿s Bullets
A Unified Smoke
Chapter Eight
The Spiritual Universe
Navajos Moving the Sun
A Navajo Thunderstorm
Geronimo¿s Power
The Length of a Lifetime
Brave Buffalo¿s Expectations
Black Elk¿s Expectation
Plenty Coups, Chief of the Crows
A Chiricahua Apache Prediction
Two Leggins
The Buffalo and Hillside
The Nighthawk Ceremony Prediction
The Circumstances of Death
Siya¿ka¿s Death

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