Table of contents for Wrestling with God : Jewish responses during and after the Holocaust / general editor, Steven T. Katz ; associate editors, Shlomo Biderman, Gershon Greenberg.

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Table of Contents
General Introduction - Steven T. Katz
Part I -- Ultra-Orthodox Responses during and following the War
Introduction: Gershon Greenberg
A.	Within the Catastrophe
1.	Elhanan Wasserman, The Onset of the Messiah
2.	Kalonymous Kalman Shapira, Holy Fire
3.	Shlomoh Zalman Unsdorfer, 
(a) Eve of the Holy Sabbath of the Torah Portion Vayehi: 2 January 1942 
(b) Eve of the Holy Sabbath of the Torah Portion Va'era: 8 January 1943
(c)	Torah Portion Re'eh: 27-28 August 1943
4.	Shlomoh Zalman Ehrenreich, 
(a)	What I Preached On Sunday During the Week of Torah Portion Tetsavah: 20 February 1939 
		(b) What I Preached on Simhat Torah: 4 October 1942
(c) What I Preached on the Great Sabbath Preceding Passover: 17 April 1943 
B.	At the Border of Catastrophe
1.	Yissakhar Taykhtahl, "Second Preface:" The Mother of Children is Happy
2.	Aharon Rokeah, Parting Sermon
C.	The Land of Israel
1.	Reuven Katz, 
(a) Redemption and Rescue of Prisoners
(b) "The Jews ordained, and took it upon them."
(c) Amalek's Transmigration over the Generations
(d) Israel's Misery and Redemption
2.	Yitshak Breuer, Moriyah: Foundations of National-Torah Education
3.	Mosheh Avigdor Amiel, A Treasured Nation: Nationality and Humanity 
According to Judaism's World View
4.	Yehezkel Sarna, Towards Penitent Return and Restoration: Words Said at 
the Gathering for Mourning and Penitent Return in the City of Jerusalem in the Hevron-Keneset Yisrael Teshivah on 4 December 1944
5.	Ya'akov Mosheh Harlap, Waters Sublime: From the Sources of Salvation
6.	Hayim Yisrael Tsimerman, "His ways are perfect": Questions and 
Responses Concerning the Terrible Destruction of Six Million Jews, May God Avenge Their Blood
D.	Teshuvah and the Suffering of the Pious
1.	Yosef Yitshak Schneersohn, Proclamations of the Rav of Lubavitch:
 	(a) 26 May 1941
(b) 11 June 1941
(c) 8 July 1941
(d) 11 September 1941 
2.	Simhah Elberg, The Akedah of Treblinka
Part II -- Israeli Responses
Introduction: Shlomo Biderman
1.	Eliezer Schweid, 
	(a) Is the Shoah a Unique Event?
	(b) Does the Idea of Jewish Election Have Any Meaning After 
		the Holocaust?
3.	Pinchas Peli, Borderline: Searching for a Religious Language of the Shoah
4.	Yoel Schwartz and Yitzchak Goldstein, The Shoah: From a Torah 
5.	Alexander Donat , Voice from the Ashes: Wanderings in Search of God
6.	Moshe Unna, Who Can Heal You?
7.	Yehuda Bauer, Return to the Source of Human Morality
8.	Natan Alterman, On Both Paths: Memos from the Notebook
9.	Yehoyada Amir, The Concept of Exile as a Model for Dealing with the 				Holocaust
10.	Yosef Achituv, Theology and the Holocaust in Religious Zionist Thought
11.	Warren Zev Harvey, Two Jewish Approaches to Evil in History
12.	Shalom Rosenberg, The Holocaust: Lessons, Explanation, Meaning
Part III -- European and American Responses
Introduction: Steven T. Katz
1.	Martin Buber, 
(a)	Dialogue between Heaven and Earth
(b)	Letter to Ernsz Syilagyi (1952)
2.	Abraham J. Heschel, The Hiding God from Man Is Not Alone
3.	Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Kol Dodi Dofek: It is the Voice of My Beloved That Knocketh
4.	Zvi Kolitz, Yossel Rakover Speaks to God
5.	Ignaz Maybaum, The Face of God After Auschwitz
6.	Richard Rubenstein,
(a)	The Dean and the Chosen People
(b)	Symposium on Jewish Belief
(c)	Symbols on Judaism and the Death of God
7.	Emil Fackenheim 
(a) The Structure of Jewish Experience
(b) The 614th Commandment
(c) The Commanding Voice of Auschwitz
(d) Commitment to Jewish Survival
(e) Israel and the Diaspora
(d) Historicity, Rupture and Tikkun Olam ('Mending the World')
8.	Emmanuel Levinas, Useless Suffering 
9.	Michael Wyschogrod, Faith and the Holocaust 
10.	Eliezer Berkovits,
(a) Faith after the Holocaust
(b) Crisis and Faith
11.	Robert Gordis, A Cruel God or None--Is There No Other Choice?
12.	Irving Greenberg
(a) Cloud of Smoke, Pillar of Fire: Judaism, Christianity
(b) The Third Great Cycle of Jewish History
	(c) Voluntary Covenant
13.	Isaac Hutner, Holocaust - A Rosh Yeshivah's Response
14.	Arthur A. Cohen, The Tremendum
15.	Hans Jonas, The Concept of God After Auschwitz: A Jewish Voice
16.	Amos Funkenstein, Theological Interpretations of the Holocaust
17.	Melissa Raphael, The Female Face of God in Auschwitz.
18.	Jonathan Sacks
	(a) The Holocaust in Jewish Theology
 	(b) The Valley of the Shadow
19.	Elie Wiesel, God's Suffering

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