Table of contents for You : a field guide to selling yourself / Harry Beckwith and Christine Clifford Beckwith.

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 Table of Contents
Sixteen Candles and Shrewd Waitresses:
What People Buy
Living Is Selling
The Heart of Every Transaction
What You Really Sell
What People Value
Nothing More Than Feelings
From Kissing in China To Graceland:
Planning & Preparing
"Keeping The End in Mind"
The Real Role of Goal-Setting
So Who Are You?
What Do You Do?
Jack of a Dozen Trades
What Difference Do You Make?
Your Fifth Question
Question Six, and the Power of Stereotypes
What To Look For
Work the Weakness
Jumping to Conclusions
Using A Mentor 
The Key To Success
Seek Tough Love
Cultivating An Image
People Decide, Then Think
People Buy You With Their Eyes
Your Package
Visuals and Stereotyping
Packaging Against Your Stereotype
Investing In You
Tricks and Shortcuts
Thinking Outside Your Box
Education's Overlooked Rewards
Taking This Book To Santiago
Hogs, Apples and Writers' Underwear:
How to Play The Shift
Selling To The Overwhelmed
Communicating's Real First Rule
What Wal-Mart Tells You
The Writer's Underwear
The Brand Called You
Inspirations For Your Brand
Apple's Wisdom: Look for Metaphors
Inspirations for Metaphors
Don't Make Me Laugh
Touting Your Credentials
Don't Pitch; Weave
What's "A Good Story"?
The First Trick in Storytelling
The Second Trick in Storytelling
Work The Message
The Talent of the Clarifiers
Making Yourself Clear
Your Last Step
Two Key Skills: 
Listening and Speaking
How to Be Fascinating
The Ears Have It
The Easiest Way to Lose Someone
Our Misunderstanding About Listening
One More Step
Listen To What Isn't Said
Proof That Listening Works
The Heart of Every Presentation
The Role of Eloquence
How to Keep Advancing
Reaching An Audience
In Your Eyes
How to Give an Excellent 10 Minute Speech
How to Give an Excellent 30 Minute Speech
Why Speeches Must Be Short
Bringing In the Back of the Room
The One Joke That Works
The Perils of PowerPoint
Aids To Understanding?
Visual Aids, Yes. Memory Aids, No
Where Slides Fail Most Vividly
How To Know You Gave a Terrific Presentation
From Robin Williams to Dr. Jekyll:
The Lesson In The Democrat's Folly
Every Sale Is Emotional 
What People Crave Most From You
All We Need Is Love
The Importance of Importance
What Do People Want?
The Key Moment In Every Relationship
The Race Goes to the Fast
Everything You Need to Know About Integrity
The Other Knowledge That Matters Most
How To Lay An Egg
Common Ground
Adapting and Adopting
Relating's Magic Words
What P& G Knows: One Minute Early
The Extraordinary Power of the Ordinary
The Ordinary In Action
Jekyll, Not Hyde: Being Predictable
Know the Bulldozer Drivers
Overlooking the Bulldozer Drivers
The Power of Sacrifice
Flying Wigs, Snakes and Demons:
Attitude & Beliefs
Beliefs Work 
Do What You Love
But I've Heard This Before
Three Steps Forward
Our Misunderstanding
Life Is What You Make It?
Make Yourself Uncomfortable
But I Am Uncomfortable
Isn't Easy the Whole Idea?
Once More
Choose the Dots, Not the Lines
The Problem With Money (Other than Not Having Enough)
Firing, Being Fired, and Other Joyous Events
A Business Classic
The King of Confidence
The Power of Peter
Confidence and Greatness
Go Inside
Those Who Laugh
Comparing Yourself to Others
Be Yourself (There's No Alternative !)
Sex (finally), and Other Important Stuff :
Tactics & Habits
The Power of The Tiny
Your Greatest Debt
Thank People Unforgettably
The Selfish Value of Thank You
How to Write An Effective Thank You
What Your Cell Phone Says
Do As The Chinese Do
Talking On A Phone
You Never Make Cold Calls
Comfort and Clothing
The Rule of OMT (One Memorable Thing)
A Very Good, Very Dark Suit
Expensive Black Lace-Up Shoes
Why Impressive Briefcases Work
The Principle of Fail-Safing
A Must To Avoid
And Another
Don't Say This Either
Sex (Finally!)
More Sex
How to Be Believed
Do Unto Others , If Only For Selfish Reasons
How to Make A Great First Impression
About Criticizing
Flattery Will Get You Nowhere
No More Mister Tough Guy
Beware the Bargain Shopper
The Power of Your Price
The Power of Your Price, Part Two
How To Remember Names
There's Hope
Your Business Card
Holiday Cards
How to Write An Impressive Memo
Following Up
Snatching Victory From Defeat's Jaws
Seek Change
The Message in Moneyball 
The $34 Million Sandwich and The Dinosaur:
Successes & Delightful Failures
Searching for Larry Gatlin
Everyday With Morrie
The $34 Million Sandwich
A Day With The World's Greatest Salesperson
Giovanni and The Extraordinary Force of Passion

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