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Chapter 1	Health Care Delivery for the 21st Century??1
	Health Care Delivery from 1980 to the??Present??1
	Role and Responsibilities of the Patient??Care Technician??3
	Age-Appropriate Care??9
	Restorative Nursing Care??18
Chapter 2	Observation, Documentation, and Reporting to the 
	Communicating with Other Members ??of the Health Care Team??22
	Observing the Patient??22
	Reporting Observations??28
	Recording Observations on the ??Medical Record??29
	Legal Considerations??30
General Guidelines for Charting??31
	Computers in Health Care??Facilities??32
Chapter 3	Infection Control??35
	Spread of Infection??35
General Guidelines for Times When Handwashing Should Be Done??38
	Procedure 1?Handwashing??39
	Standard Precautions??39
	Procedure 2?Applying Disposable Gloves??42
	Procedure 3?Removing Disposable Gloves??42
	Procedure 4?Applying a Gown??43
	Procedure 5?Removing a Gown??44
	Procedure 6?Applying the Surgical Mask??45
	Procedure 7?Removing the Surgical Mask??46
	Procedure 8?Applying Protective Eyewear??46
	Procedure 9?Removing Protective Eyewear??47
	Isolation Measures??48
	Procedure 10?Applying the NIOSH-Approved Respirator??50
	Procedure 11?Removing the NIOSH-Approved Respirator??50
General Guidelines for Putting on Personal Protective Equipment??52
General Guidelines for Removing Personal Protective Equipment??53
	Beginning and Ending Procedure ??Actions??53
Chapter 4	Surgical Asepsis??58
	Sterile Technique??58
Guidelines for Sterile Procedures??59
	Procedure 12?Opening a Sterile??Tray??60
	Procedure 13?Opening a Sterile Package??60
	Setting Up a Sterile Field??61
	Procedure 14?Setting Up a Sterile Field Using a Sterile Drape??61
	Procedure 15?Adding an Item to a Sterile Field??63
	Procedure 16?Adding Liquids to a Sterile Field??63
	Sterile Gloves??64
	Procedure 17?Applying and Removing Sterile Gloves??64
	Procedure 18?Using Transfer Forceps??66
Chapter 5	Wound Care??69
	Factors Affecting Wound Healing??69
	Removing a Dressing??70
	Cleansing the Wound??70
	Dressings and Bandages??71
	Sterile Technique and Clean ??Technique??72
	Applying a Dressing??72
	Procedure 19?Changing a Clean Dressing??73
	Procedure 20?Applying a Bandage??73
	Procedure 21?Applying a Sterile Dressing??74
	Managing Wounds with Drains??74
	Procedure?22?Applying a Dressing Around a Drain??75
	Wet-to-Dry Dressings??76
	Procedure 23?Changing Wet-to-Dry Dressings??76
	Transparent Film and Hydrocolloid ??Dressings??77
	Procedure 24?Applying a Transparent Film Dressing??77
	Procedure 25?Applying a Hydrocolloid Dressing??78
	Pin Care??78
	Procedure 26?PinCare??78
	Removing Sutures and Staples??79
	Procedure 27?Removing Sutures??79
	Procedure 28?Removing Staples??80
Chapter 6	Phlebotomy??84
	Standard Precautions??85
	Methods of Drawing Blood??86
	Complications of Venipuncture??88
	Selecting a Vein and Performing the ??Venipuncture??88
	Procedure 29?Performing a Venipuncture??91
	Collecting a Blood Specimen Using ??the Vacuum-Tube System??93
	Procedure 30?Collecting a Blood Specimen Using the Vacuum-Tube System??95
	Collecting a Blood Specimen Using a??Needle and Syringe??96
	Procedure 31?Collecting a Blood Specimen Using a Needle and Syringe??97
	Collecting a Blood Specimen with a ??Winged Infusion Set (Butterfly) 
	Procedure 32?Collecting a Blood Specimen Using a Butterfly Needle and 
	Blood Cultures??99
	Procedure 33?Collecting a Blood Culture??100
	Drawing Blood Using a Lancet for a??Microdraw or Infant Heel Stick??101
	Procedure 34?Drawing Blood Using a Lancet for a Microdraw or Infant Heel 
	Measuring Bleeding Time??104
	Procedure 35?Measuring Bleeding Time??104
	Transporting Specimens to the??Laboratory??105
	The Centrifuge??105
Chapter 7	Intravenous 	Therapy??109
	Intravenous Therapy??109
	Procedure 36?Assembling and Priming a Basic Administration Set??112
	Inserting a Peripheral IV in an ??Adult??113
	Procedure 37?Inserting a Peripheral IV in an Adult??114
	Heparin Locks??116
	Procedure 38?Inserting a Heparin Lock??116
	Inserting an IV Using a Butterfly ??Needle
	Procedure 39?Inserting a Peripheral IV with a Butterfly Needle??117
	Inserting a Peripheral IV in a ??Child??118
	Procedure 40?Inserting a Peripheral IV in a Child??119
	Monitoring Intravenous Flow ??Rate??119
	Procedure 41?Monitoring the Intravenous Flow Rate??120
	Complications of IV Therapy??121
	Changing a Peripheral IV ??Dressing??123
	Procedure 42?Applying a Transparent Film Dressing to an Intravenous Infusion 
	Discontinuing a Peripheral IV??124
	Procedure 43?Discontinuing a Peripheral IV??124
	Assisting the RN with a Central ??Intravenous Catheter Dressing??Change??125
	Procedure 44?Assisting the RN with a Central IV Dressing Change??126
	Blood Administration??127
	Procedure 45?Obtaining and Checking Blood from the Blood Bank??128
	Procedure 46?Checking Blood Products on the Nursing Unit??129
Chapter 8	Urinary and Bowel Elimination??133
	Role of the PCT in Assisting Patients ??with Elimination Procedures??133
	Testing Urine??133
	Procedure 47?Testing Urine with Reagent Strips??135
	Urine Specific Gravity??136
	Procedure 48?Measuring Urine Specific Gravity with a Urinometer??137
	Procedure 49?Inserting a Straight Catheter??140
	Procedure 50?Inserting an Indwelling Catheter??143
	Bladder Irrigation??147
	Procedure 51?Open Bladder Irrigation??147
	Procedure 52?Closed Bladder Irrigation??149
	Procedure 53?Continuous Bladder Irrigation??149
	Removing an Indwelling ??Catheter??150
	Procedure 54?Removing an Indwelling Catheter??150
	Bowel Elimination??150
	Procedure 55?Breaking Up and Removing a Fecal Impaction??151
	Caring for Patients with??Ostomies??151
General Guidelines for Caring for an Ostomy??153
	Procedure 56?Changing an Ostomy Appliance??154
	Procedure 57?Irrigating a 
Chapter 9	Enteral Nutrition??159
	Tube Feeding??159
	Nasogastric Tube Insertion and ??Care??160
	Procedure 58?Inserting a Nasogastric Tube??161
	Checking Nasogastric Tube ??Placement??163
	Procedure 59?Checking Nasogastric Tube Placement??164
	Determining Residual Stomach ??Contents??165
	Procedure 60?Aspirating for Residual Stomach Contents??165
	Irrigating a Nasogastric Tube??165
	Procedure 61?Irrigating a Nasogastric Tube??166
	Removing a Nasogastric Tube??166
	Procedure 62?Removing a Nasogastric Tube??166
	Caring for a Patient with a ??Gastrostomy??166
	Procedure 63?Gastrostomy Tube Care??167
	Feeding Patients with an Enteral ??Tube??168
	Procedure 64?Bolus Enteral Feeding??173
	Procedure 65?Continuous Enteral Feeding with a Pump??174
	Equipment Alarms??174
Chapter 10	Specimen	Collection??177
	Specimen Collection??177
General Guidelines for Collecting a Specimen??177
	Culture and Sensitivity Testing??178
	Throat Culture??179
	Procedure 66?Collecting a Throat Culture??180
	Sputum Culture??180
	Procedure 67?Collecting a Sputum Specimen??180
	Gastric Specimen??180
	Procedure 68?Collecting a Specimen for Gastric Analysis??181
	Urine Specimen Collection??181
	Procedure 69?Collecting a Midstream Urine Sample??181
	Procedure 70?Collecting a 24-Hour Urine Specimen??182
	Procedure 71?Collecting a Sterile Urine Specimen from an Indwelling 
	Procedure 72?Obtaining a Urine Specimen Using the Speci-cath? Collection 
	Stool Specimen??186
	Procedure 73?Collecting and Testing a Stool Specimen for Occult Blood?186
	Measuring Blood Glucose??187
	Procedure 74?Obtaining a Fingerstick Blood Sugar??190
Chapter 11	Preoperative and PostoperativeCare??193
	Advances in Caring for Surgical ??Patients??193
	Preoperative Skin Care??193
	Procedure 75?Shaving the Operative Site??195
	Postoperative Care??195
	Respiratory Exercises??195
	Procedure 76?Coughing and Deep Breathing Exercises??196
	Procedure 77?Incentive 
	Pneumatic Hosiery??198
	Procedure 78?Applying the Pneumatic CompressionDevice??200
	The Hypothermia-Hyperthermia ??Blanket??200
	Procedure 79?Applying the Hypothermia-Hyperthermia Blanket??201
	Caring for Patients in Traction??202
	Procedure 80?Setting Up Traction (Claw-Type Basic Frame)??204
Chapter 12	Respiratory Procedures??209
	Caring for Patients with Respiratory ??Conditions??209
	Capillary Refill??210
	Procedure 81?Checking Capillary Refill??210
	The Pulse Oximeter??210
	Procedure 82?Using a Pulse Oximeter?212
	Oxygen Therapy??213
General Guidelines for Oxygen Safety??216
	Procedure 83?Preparing Wall Outlet Oxygen??216
	Procedure 84?Preparing the Oxygen Cylinder??217
	Procedure 85?Attaching the Humidifier to the Oxygen Flowmeter or 
	Procedure 86?Administering Oxygen Through a Nasal Cannula??220
	Procedure 87?Administering Oxygen Through a Mask??221
	Oropharyngeal Airway??222
	Procedure 88?Inserting the Oropharyngeal Airway??223
	Nasopharyngeal Airway??223
	Procedure 89?Inserting the Nasopharyngeal Airway??224
	Procedure 90?Oropharyngeal Suctioning??226
	Procedure 91?Nasopharyngeal Suctioning??227
	Postural Drainage??228
	Procedure 92?Assisting with Postural Drainage??229
Chapter 13	Endotracheal Tube and Tracheostomy Care??233
	Endotracheal Intubation??233
	Procedure 93?Assisting with Endotracheal Intubation??237
	Procedure 94?Ventilating an endotracheal Tube Using a Bag-
valve Device??238
	Caring for Patients with a ??Tracheostomy??238
	Procedure 95?Ventilating a Tracheostomy Using a Bag-Valve Device??240
	Procedure 96?Suctioning a Tracheostomy??241
	Procedure 97?Giving Tracheostomy/ Stoma Care Using a Nondisposable Inner 
	Procedure 98?Giving Tracheostomy/ Stoma Care Using a Disposable Inner 
	Procedure 99?Applying a Tracheostomy Dressing andTies??245
Chapter 14	Cardiac Care Skills??248
	Electrical Conduction of the ??Heart??248
	Monitoring the Heartbeat??249
	Identifying Cardiac Rhythms??252
	Performing an ECG??265
	Procedure 100?Performing a 12-Lead ECG??269
	Continuous Cardiac Monitoring??270
	Procedure 101?Setting Up for Continuous Cardiac Monitoring??271
	Monitoring the Pulse to Evaluate ??Circulation??271
	Procedure 102?Monitoring the Dorsalis Pedis Pulse??273
	Procedure 103?Monitoring the Posterior Tibial Pulse??273
	Cardiac Catheterization??273
	Procedure 104?Monitoring after Cardiac Catheterization??274
Chapter 15	Emergency Procedures??277
	The ABCs of Emergency Care??277
	Protecting the Airway??278
	Maintaining the Patient?s ??Breathing??278
	Procedure 105?Head Tilt, Chin Lift Maneuver??279
	Procedure 106?Jaw Thrust Maneuver??280
	Procedure 107?Obstructed Airway Procedure, Conscious Patient??281
	Procedure 108?Obstructed Airway Procedure, unconscious Patient??282
	Procedure 109?Mouth-to-Mask Ventilation??283
	Procedure 110?Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation, TwoRescuers??284
	Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation??285
	Procedure 111?One-Rescuer CPR, Adult??285
	Procedure 112?Two-Rescuer CPR, Adult??287
	Introduction to the Crash Cart??288
	Understanding Defibrillation??288
	Postresuscitation Care??289

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