Table of contents for The hundred-year lie : how food and medicine are destroying your health / Randall Fitzgerald.

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Introduction: What Are We Doing To Ourselves?
PART ONE: Down The Rabbit Hole
1. Reading The Signs
	Myths We Cherish: 	Toxicity Is Someone Else's Problem
 The Government Knows What Is Safe
 There Is Truth In Labeling
 The Poison Is In The Dose
 We Can Handle The Body Burden
 	We Are Playing Biological Roulette
2. From The Womb To The Grave
 The Hidden Role Of Synergies
 The Five Toxic Phases of Life
 Your Personal Toxicity Test
3. A History Of The Hundred-Year Lie
PART TWO: Strangers In A Strange Land
4. Wizards Of Oz: The Food Industry
	Let's Throw A Dinner Party
	We Have Become What We Eat
	How We Lost The Nutrients
	Myths We Cherish: 	Food Additives Are Harmless
				Artificial Sweeteners Are As Safe As Sugar
				Pet Foods Are Harmless
				NASA Has Perfected Synthetic Food
	Toxic Threats In Our Food
	Toxic Threats In Our Water
5. Sorcerer's Apprentices: The Drug & Medical Industries
	Medicine's 'Magic Bullet' Obesession
	Nature's Gift Abused
	Myths We Cherish: 	The Government Insures That Drugs Are Safe
		One Size Fits All
		Fluoridated Water Is Healthy For Us
		We Get All The Vitamins We Need 
		Vaccinations Are Always Beneficial
		Drugs Have Extended Our Lifespans
Disturbing Trend #1: Overmedicating Our Future
Disturbing Trend #2: The Marketing Of Disease
	Disturbing Trend #3: We No Longer Know What To Expect
6. Are We Becoming A Mutant Species?
	Canaries In The Coal Mine
	Myths We Cherish: 	Plastics Are Harmless
		Everything Is Normal
		Animal Testing Predicts Human Health
	Evolution Or Extinction?
	Learning To Protect Ourselves
PART THREE: Beyond Apocalypse Now
7: Our Health Is Naturally Occurring
	Synergistic Principles Of Healing
	Pure Food Is Good Medicine
	The Medicinal Wonder Foods
	Myths We Cherish: 	We Need Drugs For Depression
		Food Can't Cause Violence
		Only Drugs Can Relieve Pain
		Placebos Don't Really Heal
		Organic Food Is Pure Food
		Centenarians Are Genetic Anomalies
	Nature Is Our Best Pharmacy
Chapter Eight: When Western Medicine Fails
	Myths We Cherish: 	Ancient Remedies Are Unscientific
		Ancient Physicians Were Unsophisticated
	Tapping Nature's Ancient Wisdom
	Rediscovering Ancient Wisdom Traditions
Afterword: A Detox Diary
A Declaration Of Interdependence
Appendix 1: How To Detoxify Yourself
Appendix 2: Modern Science Affirms Ancient Cures 

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