Table of contents for The selected poems of Wang Wei / Translated by David Hinton.

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 Map	vii
 Introduction	viii
9/9, Thinking of My Brothers East of the Mountains	2
Sent Far Away	3
Crossing the Yellow River to Clear-River District	4
On a Wall Tower at River-North City	5
Early Morning, Crossing into Whitewater-Brights District	6
Visiting Li Yi	7
Pleasures of Fields and Gardens	8
Back Home in the Eminence Mountains	9
A Farmer	10
Hearing an Oriole at the Palace	11
Untitled	12
Visiting Provision-Fragrance Monastery	13
Playfully Written on a Flat Stone	14
Duke-Simplicity Valley	15
Gazing Out from the Upper Terrace, Farewell to Li	17
At Azure-Dragon Monastery, for Monk Cloud-Wall's Courtyard Assembly	18
At Cloud Valley with Huang-fu Y¿eh	19
Drifting Down the Han River	22
Mourning Meng Hao-jan	23
Climbing to Subtle-Aware Monastery	24
A Thousand-Stupa Master	25
Traveling Pa Gorge at Dawn	26
A Farewell	27
Encountering Rain on a Mountain Walk	28
In the Mountains, Sent to Ch'an Brothers and Sisters	29
Early Autumn in the Mountains	30
Whole-South Mountains	31
Ch'i River Fields and Gardens	32
In Reply to P'ei Ti	33
Wheel-Rim River	34
Sent to a Monk from Buddha-Peak Monastery	42
East Creek, Savoring the Moon	43
Lingering Out Farewell with Ch'ien Ch'i	44
Playfully Written on the Wall at My Wheel-Rim River Hermitage	45
With Friends at Shen's Sutra-Study Terrace, New Bamboo Sprouting	46
At Fathom-Change Monastery, Visiting Monk Overcast-Arising's . . .	47
In the Mountains, For My Brothers	48
Farewell to Shen Tzu-fu, Who's Returning East of the Yangtze	49
On Climbing Up to P'ei Ti's Small Terrace	50
Dwelling in the Mountains	51
A Red Peony	52
Setting Out from Great-Scatter Pass and Wandering Fifteen or . . .	53
Wheel-Rim River, Dwelling in Idleness: For P'ei Ti	54
For Wei Mu	55
Waiting for Ch'u Kuang-i, Who Never Arrives	56
Recluse Li's Mountain Home	57
Mourning Yin Yao	58
Mourning Yin Yao	59
In Reply to Chang Yin	60
Rain On and On at My Wheel-Rim River Farm	61
In Reply to Su, Who Visited My Wheel-Rim River Hermitage When . . .	62
Autumn Thoughts	63
A Meal with Kettle-Fold Mountain Monks	64
Asking K'ou About Twin Creek	65
Evening Landscape, Skies Blue Again	66
Autumn Twilight, Dwelling Among Mountains	67
Farewell to Y¿an, Who's Been Sent to An-hsi	68
Wandering Where Li the Mountain Recluse Lives, I Inscribe This . . .	69
When I Was Under House Arrest at Bodhi Monastery, P'ei Ti . . .	70
On Returning to Wheel-Rim River	71
Spring Garden	72
Farewell	73
Adrift	74
In Reply to Adept Li	75
Azure Creek	76
In the Capital on a Spring Day, P'ei Ti and I Go to Visit the Recluse . . .	77
A Sigh for White Hair	78
In Jest, For Chang Yin	79
Farewell to Yang, Who's Leaving for Kuo-chou	80
Whole-South Mountain Hermitage	81
In the Mountains	82
At Azure-Dragon Monastery, Visiting Ch'an Master Ts'ao . . 	83
Autumn Night, Sitting Alone	84
Facing Snow in Late Winter, I Think of Recluse Hu's House	85
High on West Tower with Wu Lang, Gazing into the Distance . . .	86
The Way It Is	87
In Reply to Vice-Magistrate Chang	88
A Sigh for White Hair	89
For Ts'ui Chi-chung of P'u-yang, Who Is Moved by the Mountains . . .	90
Off-Hand Poem	91
 Notes	92
 Finding List	99
 Further Reading	101

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Wang, Wei, 701-761 -- Translations into English.