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Series Foreword
Part One: Before Book Club Begins: Laying the Foundation for Success
Chapter 1: What¿s a Teen-Centered Book Club?
Opportunity Lost . . . And Regained
Borrow from Business to Build a Better Book Club
What A Teen-Centered Book Club Looks Like
Your Role In a Teen-Centered Book Club
Readers Into Leaders: How Teen-Centered Book Clubs Foster Leadership
Leadership Defined
Teens Take Charge
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Chapter 2: Listening to Learn: Straightforward Tips and Sneaky Tricks for Getting to Know the Teens You Serve
Get To Know Teens In Four Easy Steps
Step 1. Define What You Need to Know
Step 2. Listen to Learn
	The Key to Q&A Research: Ask Questions That Get Answers
	Building the Foundation: Trust and Respect
	The Big Three of Q&A: Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups
		Written Surveys
		Individual Interviews and Chats
		Focus Groups
		Host Special Events
		Seek Professional Help
		Trust Your Intuition
Step 3. Round It Out with Research
Step 4. Pull It Together and Put It to Work
A Sampling of Research on Teens
Chapter 3: Plan to Build a Better Book Club
Planning With Teens . . . Or Not
Plan to Involve Teens
Planning Meetings That Sizzle
A Low-Stress Alternative
A 12-Step Plan For Building A Better Book Club
1. Listen to Teens
2. Begin with the End in Mind
3. Plan Within Parameters
4. Build Your Infrastructure
5. Set the Date
6. Pick a Place, Build a Space
7. Announce the First Meeting
8. Choose Great Reads
9. Plan the Program
10. Integrate Lessons in Leadership
11. Plan to Evaluate
12. Stage Your Exit
Moving Forward
Chapter 4: Let¿s Go Clubbing! Six Traditional and Innovative Book Clubs
Read and Discuss
Great Books for Read-and-Discuss Clubs
Readers into Leaders
Teens Lead! Essential Reading for Finding the Leader Within
Book Bytes
Best for Book Bytes
Three-of-a-Kind Sets
Books for Bloggers (Novels in Verse)
Be the Change
Books for a Better World
Chapter 5: Let¿s Go Clubbing Some More! Seven More Traditional and Innovative Book Clubs
Theme or Genre
Great Theme in Literature: Teens in Trouble!
Best for Bookchatters
Intergenerational Up: Teen¿Adult
Books to Share with Mothers and Friends
Intergenerational Down: Teen¿Child
Books to Read to or with Younger Readers
Read Write
The Greatest Writer of Them All
Book to Movie/Movie to Book
Read the Movie! See the Book!
Curriculum Support
A Personal Look At the Vietnam War
Boldly Go
Chapter 6: Word Out! Ways to Take Your Club Public
Whatever You Do, Do This . . .
Recruiting and Retention
Bookmarks, Flyers, Posters, Invitations, Announcements
MORE! Simple Tactics
	Increasing Awareness
Establish a Web Presence
Mass Media
Personal Appearances
Building Support
Pick and Choose, or Create Your Own
Part Two: The Nitty-Gritty Book Club Guide: From First to Final Meeting
Chapter 7: It¿s Club Time! Creating a Great First Meeting
One Week Before . . .
Plan the Meeting
	Get to know one another
	Teens in charge
	Talk about books
	Putting it all together
Remind Teens about the Meeting
A Few Days Before . . .
Buy the Food
Make Signs, Posters and Other Decorations
Practice Your Welcome and Closing
A Few Hours Before. . .
Prepare the Food
Set Up the Room
Put on the Finishing Touches
Just Before Teens Arrive. . .
Organize the Food
Check the Space
As Teens Arrive
During the Meeting
Welcome the Group
Name the Club
Teens Talk Books
Select Books
	The Pesky Perennial Problem: Choosing the First Book
Book Club Behavior
	The Positive Alternative
	If You Must . . .
Delegate Roles
Make Announcements and Close the Meeting
After The Meeting
Say Goodbye
Follow Up with a Card
Chapter 8: From An Embarrassment of Riches to a Single Gem: The Fine Art and Meticulous Science of Book Selection
Balancing Time and Teen Choice
Minimize Club Time: Choose Several Books at Once
1. Keep Teens At The Center Of Selection
2. Cast The Net Wide
3. Narrow The Field
Choose a Few Likely Candidates for Your Shortlist
Compare Results in Person or Online
4. Choosing, At Last!
Chapter 9: Before We Open Our Mouths: Preparing for Book Discussion
Reading for Book Club
How to Read for Discussion
How to Read for Bookchatting
Researching the Author and Book
Researching the Author
Researching the Book
Views of the Book
Share Research One Drop at a Time
Creating Questions That Spark Scintillating Discussions
Standard Questions
Bad Question Makeover
How to Write Great Questions for Discussion
A Baker¿s Fifty Back-Up Questions
A Few Words About Prepared Reading Group Guides
YA Books Mentioned in This Chapter, Current Paperback Editions
Chapter 10: In the Thick of Things: Facilitating and Participating in Book Discussions
Kicking Off the Discussion: The Art and Practice of Great Book Discussions
The Art: Exploring Your Ideas as if They Were My Own
The Practice: Attentive Listening
Joining Art and Practice: The Challenge of Facilitation
Managing the Flow of Ideas
Including Everyone in the Conversation
Discussion Styles
Establishing and Enforcing Boundaries
Putting It into Action
Keeping the Discussion on Track
Book Club Is Not Therapy!
Keep Disagreements from Escalating into Arguments
Brawlers and Softies
Closing the Discussion
Calming the Waters
YA Books Mentioned in This Chapter
Chapter 11: Only Connect: Activities That Bring Teens Together Around Books
Ice Breakers
Paper Cup Pyramid
Two True, One Lie
Let Me Ask You. . .
Connecting Around the Book
	Writing Your Hopes
	You Are What You Carry
	What¿s Eating You?
	Critics¿ Circle
Visual Art
	The List
	All in the Packaging: Book Jackets and Slipcases
	Quilt It
	Dioramas and Murals
Performing Arts
	Book Club Follies
	Dance It!
	Reader¿s Theatre, with a Twist
	Live Readings and Poetry Slams
Contributing to the Common Good 
This needs subheads! Suggest:
Three Keys to Service (just before the third paragraph, beginning ¿Every service opportunity consists of three. . .)
Making Good Things Better (just before the fifth, and last, paragraph in this section, beginning ¿Service need not always. . .¿)
Show Off!
Close with Thanks
Close with Round Robin or Talking Stick
Close with a Reading
Close with a Slogan
Chapter 12: Taking the Measure of Your Success: Painless Assessment that Pays Off
Making The Most Of Assessment: The Payoff
Getting Started
Begin with the End in Mind
Fast Forward to the End
Collecting Statistics and Stories: Documenting
In Book Club
Tips for Collecting Statistics and Stories
Listening for Insights and Opinions: Feedback
Analyzing and Reflecting: Evaluating
Making Sense of What You See
Reporting: Helping Others Make Sense of It, Too
Use Teens to Demonstrate Results
Put It in Writing. . .
A Final Thought
Appendix A: Book Club Values
Appendix B: An Array of Book Club Back-up Questions
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