Table of contents for A history of exile in the Roman republic / Gordon P. Kelly.

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Table of Contents
Chapter One: Introduction
1. Overview
2. The Cultural and Political Background of Roman Exile
3. Summary of the Relationship of Exile to Roman Republican Politics
Chapter Two: Exilium: Legal and Historical Issues
1. The Basics of Exile
2. Exile as a Citizen Right
3. Aquae et ignis interdictio
4. Exile and Interdiction as a Legal Penalty
5. Exile and Citizenship
6. The Attempted Exile of L. Hostilius Tubulus and Q. Pleminius
7. The ius exulare
8. Relegatio
Chapter Three: The Journey Into Exile: The Early Republic to the Social War
1. Choosing a Site for Exile: An Introduction
2. Brief Journey Into Exile: The Early Republic to 123
3. Politics, Demonstrations and the Hope of Recall
4. The Advantages of Dyrrachium and Western Greece for Exiles
5. Locations Distant From Rome and the Permanence of Exile
Chapter Four: Exilium from the Social War to the Death of Julius Caesar
1. The Mass Recall of Exiles in the 80s
2. Exules in Italia: The Cases of Oppianicus and Q. Pompeius
3. The 60s and the Exile "Boom" in Western Greece
4. The Exile of M. Tullius Cicero
5. Milo and the Mullets of Massilia: Exilium in the 50s
6. A New Civil War and Mass Recall of Exiles
7. Defeated Pompeians and Casesar's Clementia
Chapter Five: Topics of Exile
1. Accompaniment Into Exile
2. The Economics of Exile
3. Exempla and Accounts of Exile
Chapter Six: Prosopography of Roman Exiles
Appendix I: The leges Clodiae Concerning Cicero's Exile
Appendix II: Restoration of Legendary Figures of the Early Republic

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Exiles -- Rome -- History.
Rome -- History -- Republic, 510-30 B.C.