Table of contents for The American story : 100 true tales from American history / by Jennifer Armstrong ; illustrated by Roger Roth.

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1565	The First City
1570	People of the Longhouse
1590	The Lost Colony
1607	Pocahontas of Virginia
1620	The Wanderers
1626	A Manhattan Real Estate Deal
1655	Keeping Watch, Keeping the Faith
1680	The Knotted Rope
1692	The Devil in Massachusetts
1737	The Fall of Man
1743	The Claims of France
1752	Go Fly a Kite!
1775	The Midnight Ride
1776	Founding Fathers-East 
1776	Founding Fathers-West
1778	Forging an Army
1791	Plan for a Capital
1796	The Portrait
1804	Going Bananas
1805	The Great Divide
1812	Uncle Sam
1819	Birdbrain
1820	The Whale's Fury
1821	The Lord's Been Good to Me
1825	The Marriage of the Waters
1835	Astonishing Discoveries on the Moon
1846	I'm Not Leaving this Jail
1847	Fatal Snow
1848	Sutter's Mill
1849	This Side Up
1851	The Flying Cloud
1851	Ain't I a Woman?
1852	What Is That?
1853	An Angry Response from a Touchy Chef
1856	Big Bones
1858	Murder by Moonlight
1861	A Daring Rescue
1863	The Jubilee
1867	End of the Trail
1869	The Golden Spike
1870	He Laid Down his Hammer and He Died
1871	The Great Chicago Fire
1874	The Glittering Cloud
1876	Hard of Hearing East
1876	Hard of Hearing West
1881	Shoot out at the OK Corral
1884	Hold Your Horses, Here Come the Elephants!
1885	Up From the Ashes, Into the Light
1889	Run for the Hills!
1892	Welcome to America
1892	Lizzie Borden
1895	New Friends
1898	Remember the Maine!
1898	Edison's Conquest of Mars
1899	Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
1900	Hatchetation
1901	The Gusher
1902	Don't Shoot!
1903	Into the Air
1906	Bringing Down the House
1907	The Woeful Plight of Mary Mallon
1911	The Cucaracha Slide
1912	The Golden Land
1917	Courage Under Fire
1919	The Great Convoy
1919	The Great Molasses Flood
1920	Votes for Women
1923	The Curse of the Bambino
1925	Mush!
1925	Evolution
1927	The Spirit of St. Louis
1929	St. Valentine's Day
1934	The Rainmaker
1936	Migrant Mother
1938	War of the Worlds
1939	Mrs. Roosevelt's Revenge
1942	Chain Reaction
1945	Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima
1946	The Electronic Brain
1947	Cookie Cutter Houses
1952	The End of the Summer Terror
1954	Brown v. Board of Education
1955	The Walking City
1956	All Shook Up
1962	Thirteen Days in October
1969	The Eagle Has Landed
1971	Ping Pong Diplomacy
1972	Cold War Chess
1972	An Offer He Couldn't Refuse
1973	The Battle of the Sexes
1973	Break-in at the Watergate
1974	Rumble in the Jungle
1975	The Last Voyage of the Big Fitz
1980	The Fire Mountain
1981	Pac-Man Fever
1982	The Wall
1987	Flight of the Condor
1990	Hubble Trouble
1996	Ancient Wanderer
2000	The Election
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