Table of contents for Spoliation of evidence : a practitioner's guide to sanctions and remedies for destruction of evidence in civil litigation / written by Margaret M. Koesel, David A. Bell, and Tracey L. Turnbull ; edited by Daniel F. Gourash.

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Dedications	vii
Introduction	ix
Acknowledgments to the 2005 Edition	xiii
About the Authors	xv
Chapter 1
The Duty to Preserve Evidence	1
Choice of Law	2
When the Duty to Preserve Evidence Arises	5
When the Duty to Preserve Evidence Arises Independently of Litigation 	12
What Evidence Must Be Preserved?	14
Where Evidence Is in the Possession of Third Parties	18
Chapter 2
The Impact of Document Retention Policies	25
Issues to Consider When Designing a Document Retention Program	27
Document Retention Requirements	31
Suspension of Document Retention Policy¿Litigation or Legal ¿Hold¿	32
Consequences of Not Having a Document Retention Policy	38
Electronic Records and Documents: Special Problems	38
Allocating the Cost Associated with Production of Electronic Data 	46
Counsel¿s Duty to Understand the Client¿s Data Storage and Retrieval System	49
Electronic or Paper¿What Form of Production? 	50
Chapter 3
Remedies and Sanctions for Spoliation in Pending Litigation	53
Sources of Authority for Sanctions	54
Rules of Civil Procedure	54
Court¿s Inherent Authority	56
Factors Courts Consider to Remedy Spoliation	58
Culpability of the Offender	61
The Degree of Prejudice Caused by the Spoliator	61
Remedies and Sanctions for Spoliation of Evidence	62
Adverse Jury Inference	62
Exclusion of Evidence or Expert Testimony	71
Dismissal and Default Judgment	74
Other Sanctions and Remedies Imposed in Pending Litigation	77
Chapter 4
Independent Causes of Action for Spoliation	81
The Tort of Intentional Spoliation of Evidence	88
The Tort of Negligent Spoliation of Evidence	89
Problematic Elements of the Spoliation Tort	91
Willful Destruction Designed to Disrupt Plaintiff¿s Case 	91
Disruption of Plaintiff¿s Case	92
Damages Proximately Caused by Spoliation	93
Unavailability of Tort Claim to Defendants	99
When and Where Spoliation Claims Should Be Brought	100
Recent Developments	102
Chapter 5
Criminal Sanctions for Spoliation 	109
Chapter 6
Statutory Record-keeping Obligations	119
Chapter 7
The Developing Law of Spoliation in State Civil Courts	125
Alabama	125
Alaska 	128
Arizona	132
Arkansas	134
California 	137
Colorado	141
Connecticut	143
Delaware	145
District of Columbia	147
Florida	151
Georgia	154
Hawaii	157
Idaho	159
Illinois 	160
Indiana	165
Iowa	167
Kansas	169
Kentucky	172
Louisiana	173
Maine	178
Maryland	179
Massachusetts	182
Michigan	185
Minnesota	189
Mississippi 	191
Missouri	193
Montana	196
Nebraska	198
Nevada	200
New Hampshire	204
New Jersey	206
New Mexico	210
New York	211
North Carolina	214
Ohio 	216
Oklahoma	219
Oregon	222
Pennsylvania	223
Rhode Island	225
South Carolina	227
South Dakota	229
Tennessee 	231
Texas	232
Utah	236
Vermont	238
Virginia	239
Washington	243
West Virginia	246
Wisconsin	251
Wyoming	254
Chapter 8
The Developing Law of Spoliation in Federal Courts	257
First Circuit Court of Appeals	257
Second Circuit Court of Appeals	260
Third Circuit Court of Appeals	263
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals	267
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals	271
Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals	272
Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals	276
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals	279
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals	284
Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals	287
Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals	290
District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals	293
Federal Circuit Court of Appeals	295
Bibliography	297
Document Retention	297
Remedies and Sanctions in Pending Litigation	298
Independent Torts	300
Criminal Sanctions	302
Statutory Record Keeping	302
Treatises/Books	302
Miscellaneous	303
Table of Cases 	305
Index 	339

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