Table of contents for The origins of Jihad : a short history / Michael Bonner.

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Table of contents
Symbols and accent marks 
List of maps 
1. Introduction
	a. What is jihad?
	b. Just war and holy war		 
	c. Warfare and jihad
	d. Fields of debate
	e. Historiography and origins	
	f. Readings	
2. The Quran and Arabia
	a. Fighting in the Quran 
	b. Gift and reciprocity
	c. Fighting and reward 
	d. "The beggar and the warrior" 
	e. Readings
3. Muhammad and his community
 a. Maghazi and sira: sacred history 
b. Hadith: the Norm
c. Themes of jihad in the hadith
d. Fighting with one's money 
e. Readings
4. The great conquests 
	a. Events 	
 b. Interpretations 
	c. Views of the Muslim sources 
	d. Views of the non-Muslim sources 
	e. Readings
5. Martyrdom 
 a. Martyrdom before Islam 
	b. Quran and Tradition
 c. Contexts of martyrdom
	d. Martyrs and neomartyrs 
	e. Readings 
6. Encounter with the Other 
	a. Conquest society and fiscal regime
 b. Treatment of non-Muslims 
	c. Abode of Islam, Abode of War 
	d. Convivencia
	e. Readings 
7. Embattled scholars 
	a. Syria and the Byzantine frontier 
	b. Arabia		 
	c. Iraq 
	d. North Africa
 e. Spain
 f. Central Asia 
 g. Embattled scholars: conclusions 
 h. Readings 
8. Empires, armies and frontiers 
	a. The Umayyad caliphate: imperial jihad 
	b. Revolution and jihad 
	c. The 'Abbasid caliphate and its military crisis
	d. Frontier societies: against Byzantium 
	e. Frontier societies: Spain and North Africa
	f. Ribat
	g. The Crusades
	h. Ottoman origins 
	i. Corsairs in the Mediterranean 
	j. The Western Sudan
	k. Empires, armies and frontiers: conclusions 
	l. Readings 
9. Colonial empire, modern state, new jihad
	a. Resistance and reform
	b. Islamism and fundamentalism 
	c. Readings 	 
10. Conclusions

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Jihad -- History.
War -- Religious aspects -- Islam.