Table of contents for The great formula : how to sell more products with less effort / Mark Joyner.

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i.	Introduction - H x 2 + O	4
ii.	"I Get 1,000 Channels of TV and Most of It's Crap"	5
iii.	Chunking	11
iv.	The Great Chunkula	17
v.	The Great Formula	23
vi.	Why The Great Formula Works	25
vii.	The Great Formula Step 1: Create The Irresistible Offer	29
viii.	The Great Formula Step 2: Present it to a Thirsty Crowd	32
ix.	The Great Formula Step 3: Sell them a 2nd Glass	37
x.	In Search Of the Thirsty Crowd	40
The Four Strategies for Capturing Thirsty Crowds	40
Pay for Access to a Crowd	41
Speculate Access to a Crowd	42
Manifest a Crowd from Thin Air	44
Find Lost Crowds	45
xi.	2nd Glass Tactics	47
The Four 2nd Glass Deliver Methods	47
The Upsell	48
The Cross-Sell	49
The Follow Up	50
Continuity	51
xii.	The Great Formula in History	53
Holiday Inn	53
Gillette Safety Razor	58	67
Charles Atlas "The Sand-in-the-Face Boy Becomes 'The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man'"	71
"Tin Lizzie"	74
Edmonds Baking Powder and Cookbook	77
Estee Lauder	80
Table for Six	83
xiii.	Mad Scientists Using the Great Formula	85
Two Excerpts from the Boron Letters - Gary Halbert	87
David Garfinkel on Thirsty Crowd Selection and Sneaky 2nd Glasses	97
How to Attract a $90,000 New Car by Dr. Joe Vitale	100
A Personal Email from a Former BBDO Senior VP to Mark Joyner	103
$28,000 Lying on the Table by Russell Brunson	114
The Gold Standard in Thirsty Crowds by Paul Galloway	115
Former NASA Scientist Flies a 2nd Glass to the Moon by Harry "Hank" Johnson	118
How to increase your sales by 200% or more instantly, by doing this one, simple thing... By Lee Benson	121
Secrets from the Blogosphere... How to Get a Lifetime of Loyal Readers, Subscribers and Customers for Free! By Jason and Skye Mangrum	129
How 2 Magic Words Can Almost Guarantee Your Customers Will Be Practically Begging You for A "2nd Glass" by Yanik Silver	134
Find Their Thirst Through Criteria Elicitation by Kenrick Cleveland	141
Hard-Coding the Minds of Your Prospects for the 2nd Glass by Joshua Shafran	146
You're Getting Thirsty...Veee-rrry Thiirrr-ssssttyy By Tellman Knudson	177
Creating an Unending Wave of Win-Win-Win Promotions and Strategic Partnerships By Dr. Joe Rubino, CEO	187
Passion and Email in the Great Formula by Andrew Fox	190
"What's The Secret To Completely Dominating Any Market Within 180 days?" by Brad Callen	195
How to create your own 'thirsty crowd' from scratch for automatic repeat profits by Craig Perrine	201
Getting Others to "Pass the Glass": Ethics and the Success Stream By Shel Horowitz	209
How To Find a Thirsty Crowd on Google By Perry Marshall	214
How to Access Pent-Up Demand, Create New Value, and Get the Quantum Leap Upsell: The True Story of a Million Dollar Idea, By Perry Marshall	221
Contribution by Joe Sugarman - to come	225

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