Table of contents for Sex lives of wives : the quest for missing passion / by Holly H. Hollenbeck.

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Chapter One
Introduction ¿ Missing the Passion ¿ the Women Are Talking
Chapter Two
Passion Quests ¿ Journeys Begin to Rediscover the Passion
* Why Seek the Passion?
* Avoid Becoming A Statistic
* Do We Need to Begin a ¿Passion Quest¿ or Are We Already on One?
* Considering the Journeys of Others ¿ Meet Nora, Courtney, Lisa, Carla and Jessie
Chapter Three
The Exhausted Traveler ¿ Placing a Priority on Passion
* Ignore the Travel Brochures ¿ Take a Journey to Reality
* The Weary Traveler ¿ How to Take a Journey When You Would Rather Take a Nap
* What to Bring on Your Trip and What to Leave Behind 
* Planning for Your Passion Journey ¿ The Itinerary to Pleasure
-- Plan your Itinerary¿ Choose your Destination
* Frequent Flier Miles ¿ Earning Your Rewards
Chapter Four
Traveling With Our Mate ¿ A Closer Look at the Journey Together
* Why We Have to Be the Travel Guide
* The Male Passion Seekers¿ Viewpoint
-- Top Passion Seekers¿ Tips from the Men 
-- Overcoming Initial Road Blocks
-- Gradual Quest Departure Ideas
* My Pet the Penis ¿ Caring For This Special Breed
Chapter Five 
Creative Expeditions ¿ Sex as a Form of Art ¿ The Passion Seekers¿ Tips
* Creating At-Home Adventures 
-- The Lady and the Tramp
-- Romantic versus Frantic
-- Sound Effects
-- The Role of a Lifetime
-- Ten Ways in Ten Days
* Story Time, Fantasy Land, and Imaginary Playmates
-- Learn to tell a Great Story
-- You Are Now Entering Fantasy Land
* Location, Location, Location! 
-- Creative Expeditions
Chapter Six 
Perilous Journeys ¿ To Stray or Not to Stray
* Carla¿s Quest
* Jessie¿s Quest
* Perilous and Fateful
Chapter Seven 
The Journey Home ¿ Rediscovering the Passion within Us
* Weathering the Quest for Passion
-- Jessie¿s Perilous Journey
-- Internal Explorations
-- A Journey into the Past
* Instinct, Need & Attitude.
-- Finding the way back home 
* Getting There ¿ a Renewed Sexual Self.
-- Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!
-- Discovering and Awakening the Passion Within. 
-- ¿Sensational¿ New Beginnings
Chapter Eight
The Journey Home ¿ Redirecting the Passion within Us
* Weathering the Quest for Passion
-- Carla¿s Potentially Perilous Journey
-- A Journey into the Past
-- Internal Explorations ¿ Traveling Without the Necessary Luggage
* Discovering the True Value of Traveling Together
-- Sublimation and Satisfaction
-- Redirecting the Passions Within
Chapter Nine 
Wild Explorations ¿ When Outsiders Join the Journey ¿ 
& other Risky Sports
* Courtney¿s Quest
* Lisa¿s Quest
* Various Risky Sports
* Extreme Sports in Conclusion
Chapter Ten 
The Journey with Our Mate ¿ Seeking the ¿Passion Pot of Gold¿ within Him
* The Passion within Our Mate
* Lisa¿s Destinations
-- A Stop at the Next Port
* Courtney¿s Explorations
-- The Journey for the Missing Passion Continues
-- The Travel Fares Increase
-- Off Again to Exotic Destinations
* A New Look At Our Old Mate ¿ Travel Data and Research.
-- Examining Explicit Travel Brochures - A Note about Visual Stimulation Research
-- Researching a Passion Quest can be as Fun as the Quest Itself
-- Get Reacquainted with your Travel Partner - Passion Seekers¿ Research Ideas
Chapter Eleven 
Our Passion Seekers¿ Club ¿ Start Your Own.
* Passion Seekers
* Passion Seekers¿ Party Games
* The Persistent Pursuit of Passion
Chapter Twelve
The Never-Ending Passion Quest ¿ A Passionate Lifetime with Our Mate
* Passion Seekers¿ Rules of the Road
* Motivation to Travel and the Traveler¿s Frame of Mind
* Detours, Dead Ends and the End of the Road
* The Never-Ending Passion Quest
Glossary --
The Passion Seekers¿ Guide to the Lingo
This glossary will help us ¿vanilla¿ girls (and guys) keep up with the language every sexually well informed person should know.
Reference ¿ 
The Passion Seekers¿ Guide to Sexy Entertainment
* Books
* Movies
* Websites and Misc. Resources

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Married women -- Sexual behavior.
Wives -- Sexual behavior.
Sex in marriage.