Table of contents for The struggle for sovereignty : Palestine and Israel, 1993-2005 / edited by Joel Beinin and Rebecca L. Stein.

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@toc4:List of Figures and Tables	xxx
Acknowledgments	xxx
@toc2:1. Histories and Futures of a Failed Peace
@tocca:Joel Beinin and Rebecca L. Stein	000
@toc1:Part 1. The Political Economy of Peace
@toc2:2. The Oslo Process and the Limits of a Pax Americana
@tocca:Joel Beinin	000
@toc2:3. From Zionism to Capitalism: The Political Economy 
of the Neoliberal Warfare State in Israel
@tocca:Yoav Peled	000
@toc2:4. Buying Poverty: International Aid and the Peace 
@tocca:Emma Murphy	000
@toc2:5. The 94 Percent Solution: Israel's Matrix of Control
@tocca:Jeff Halper	000
@toc1:Part 2. Inside Palestine: Occupation, Social 
Movements, and Governance
@toc2:6. Palestinian Authority, Israeli Rule
@tocca:Mouin Rabbani	000
@toc2:7. Palestinian NGOs since Oslo: From Politics to 
Social Movements?
@tocca:Rema Hammami	000
@toc2:8. Gender, Social Citizenship, and the Women's 
Movement in Palestine
@tocca:Rita Giacaman, Islah Jad, and Penny Johnson	000
@toc2:9. Competing Political Cultures: An Interview with 
Marwan Barghouti
@tocca:Introduction by Lisa Hajjar	000
@toc2:10. Coming of Age: HAMAS's Rise to Prominence in the 
Post-Oslo Era
@tocca:Charmaine Seitz	000
@toc2:11. Back to the Center: Post-Oslo Revival of the 
Refugee Issue
@tocca:Rosemary Sayigh	000
@toc2:12. Opening the Debate on the Right of Return
@tocca:Sari Hanafi	000
@toc1:Part 3. Inside Israel: Militarism, Citizenship, and 
@toc2:13. Post-Zionist Scholarship in Israel
@tocca:Ilan Papp¿	000
@toc2:14. The Shrinking Space of Citizenship: Ethnocratic 
Politics in Israel
@tocca:Oren Yiftachel	000
@toc2:15. Acts of Refusal: Israeli Militarism, Gender, and 
the Politics of Dissent
@tocca:An interview with Rela Mazali	000
@toc2:16. "Why We Refuse to Serve in the Israeli Defense 
@tocca:Letters to Ariel Sharon by Israeli high school 
seniors, September 3, 2001, and April 30, 2002	000
@toc2:17. "Land Grab: Israel's Settlement Policy in the West 
@tocca:B'Tselem: The Israeli Information Center for Human 
Rights in the Occupied Territories	000
@toc2:18. Living on the Edge: The Threat of "Transfer" in 
Israel and Palestine
@tocca:Robert Blecher	000
@toc2:19. Israel's Glass Wall: The Or Commission
@tocca:Jonathan Cook	000
@toc1:Part 4. The Cultural Politics of Conflict
@toc2:20. "Chic Point": Fashion for Israeli Checkpoints
@tocca:Sharif Waked	000
@toc2:21. The Art of Dissent
@tocca:David Tartokover	000
@toc2:22. A Love Story between an Arab Poet and His Land: An 
Interview with Mahmud Darwish
@tocca:Adam Shatz	000
@toc2:23. In Memory of Fadwa Tuqan	000
@toc2:24. The Oslo Process, Israeli Popular Culture, and the 
Remaking of National Space
@tocca:Rebecca L. Stein	000
@toc2:25. My Hairdresser Is a Sniper
@tocca:Shira Robinson	000
@toc2:26. Poetry in a Time of Conflict
@tocca:Selected and introduced by Ammiel Alcalay and Khaled 
Furani	000
@toc2:27. Solidarity in the Time of Anti-normalization
@tocca:Elliott Colla	000
@toc1:Part 5. Occupation and Rebellion
@toc2:28. Anatomy of Another Rebellion: From Intifada to 
@tocca:Rema Hammami and Salim Tamari	000
@toc2:29. Economic Siege and Political Isolation: The Gaza 
Strip in the Second Intifada
@tocca:Sara Roy	000
@toc2:30. Palestinians Debate "Polite" Resistance
@tocca:Lori A. Allen, with responses by Salim Tamari and 
Issam Nassar	000 
@toc2:31. "Urgent Appeal to Stop Suicide Bombings"
@tocca:Statement by Palestinian intellectuals in al-Quds, 
June 20, 2002	000
@toc2:32. The Challenge to the Two-State Solution
@tocca:Gary Sussman	000
@toc2:33. International Law and Palestinian Resistance
@tocca:Richard Falk	000
@toc2:34. The Politics of Curfew in the Occupied Territories
@tocca:Adam Hanieh	000
@toc2:35. The Separation Barrier: Walling In People, Walling 
Out Sovereignty
@tocca:Catherine Cook and Adam Hanieh	000
@toc2:36. "Contrary to international law"
@tocca:International Court of Justice Ruling on the 
Separation Barrier, July 9, 2004	000
@toc4: Notes	000
Contributors	000
Acknowledgment of Previously Published Material	000
Index	000

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Arab-Israeli conflict -- 1993-.
Arab-Israeli conflict -- 1993- -- Peace.
Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000- -- Influence.
Israel -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
Israel -- Politics and government -- 21st century.
Palestinian Arabs -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
Palestinian Arabs -- Politics and government -- 21st century.