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Introduction to the Second Edition 
1. Women and the Early Churches
The Challenge of Early Christian History
The Prominence of Women in the Earliest Churches
Ministries of Women in the Early Churches
Creating a Patriarchal Church
Female Deacons
Women outside the Orthodox Mainstream
Patristic Attitudes toward Women
Writers, Poets, and Pilgrims
1.1 Christian Widows (Apostolic Constitutions)
1.2 The Martyrdom of Perpetua (The Acts of the Christian Martyrs)
1.3 Adorning Women (Tertullian, "On the Apparel of Women")
1.4 Egeria ("The Pilgrimage of Egeria")
1.5 The Acts of Paul and Thecla (The Acts of Paul and Thecla)
2. Virgin and Witch: Women in Medieval Christianity
The Life of Virginity and Chastity
Medieval Mariology
Woman as Witch
Medieval Women Challenge and Protest
2.1 Rejecting Patriarchal Marriage (The Life of Christina of Markyate) 
2.2 Hunting for Witches (Malleus Maleficarum)
2.3 Margery Kempe (The Book of Margery Kempe)
2.4 Jesus as Mother (Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love)
2.5 Persuading a Pope (Catherine of Siena, "To Gregory XI")
3. Women in an Era of Reformation
Luther, Calvin, and the Status of Women
Catholic Women in an Era of Reform
Protestant Women Active in Reform
Protestant Women outside the Mainstream
Lasting Effects
3.1 Luther on Marriage (Martin Luther, "The Estate of Marriage")
3.2 Calvin on the Creation of Women (John Calvin, Commentaries on the First Book of 
Moses Called Genesis)
3.3 Catholic Women in Geneva (Jeanne de Jussie, The Rise of Calvinism)
3.4 Women in Defense of the Reformation (Argula von Grumbach, "To the University of 
3.5 Marriage and Adultery among the Hutterites (Peter Rideman, "Concerning Marriage" 
and "Concerning Adultery")
4. Women and Christianity in the American Colonies
Modified Patriarchy
Anne Hutchinson, the "American Jezebel"
The Revival Tradition
Quaker Women
4.1 Wives as Model Christians (Benjamin Colman, Practical Discourses on the Parable 
of the Ten Virgins)
4.2 Anne Hutchinson ("The Examination of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson at the Court at 
4.3 The "Unfeminine Activities" of Sarah Osborn (Letters from Sarah Osborn to Joseph 
Fish, February 28 and March 7, 1767)
4.4 Quaker Women May Speak (Margaret Fell, Womens Speaking Justified, Proved and 
Allowed of by the Scriptures)
5. Women Organizing for Mission and Reform
The Cult of True Womanhood
Organizing for Charity and Reform
The Social Gospel
Women in Mission
Legacy of the Voluntary Societies
5.1 The Cult of True Womanhood (George W. Burnap, The Sphere and Duties of 
5.2 The Cause of Moral Reform (The Constitution and Circular of the New York Female 
Moral Reform Society)
5.3 Equal Rights and Moral Duties (Sarah Grimk¿, Letters on the Equality of the Sexes 
and the Condition of Woman)
5.4 Missionary Women Step Beyond Their Sphere (Helen Barrett Montgomery, Western 
Women in Eastern Lands)
6. Nineteenth-Century Preachers and Scholars
Women in the Evangelical Tradition
The Debate Over Women Preaching
Ordination to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament
The Deaconess Movement
The Woman's Bible
6.1 A Defense of Female Preaching (Luther Lee, "Woman's Right to Preach the Gospel")
6.2 The Argument from Pentecost (Phoebe Palmer, The Promise of the Father)
6.3 Amanda Smith's Call to Preach (Amanda Smith, An Autobiography)
6.4 Paul Prohibits the Preaching of Women (Cyrus Cort, "Woman's Preaching Viewed in 
the Light of God's Word and Church History")
6.5 Women Re-vision the Bible (Elizabeth Cady Stanton, ed., The Woman's Bible)
7. American Women in Catholicism and Sectarianism
The History of Women in American Catholicism
American Women in Religious Orders
Women and Sectarian Christianity
7.1 Catholic Sisters as America's Educators (Mother Caroline and the School Sisters of 
Notre Dame in North America)
7.2 Catholic Sisters as Civil War Nurses ("Notes on the Satterlee Military Hospital")
7.3 Complex Marriage in the Oneida Community (Bible Communism)
7.4 The Experience of Polygamy (Martha Cragun Cox)
7.5 Shaker Women in Community (Charles Nordhoff, The Communistic Societies of the 
United States)
8. The Move toward Full Participation
The Expansion of Denominational Roles
Post-War Changes
A New Agenda for Women
8.1 Unrest among Presbyterian Women (Katharine Bennett and Margaret E. Hodge, 
Causes of Unrest among Women of the Church)
8.2 Investigating the Status of Women in the Churches (Kathleen Bliss, The Service and 
Status of Women in the Churches)
8.3 Raising the Consciousness of Baptist Women (Lois Blankenship, "Woman Looks at 
8.4 The Patriarchal Church (Mary Daly, The Church and the Second Sex)
9. Agents of Transformation
Women in the Ordained Ministry
The Ministries of Deaconess and Nun
Feminist Approaches to the Bible 
Theological Education
The Need for Feminist Theologies
What Comes Next?
9.1 Admission of Women to the Priesthood ("Declaration on the Question of the 
Admission of Women to the Ministerial Priesthood")
9.2 Inclusive Language for Worship (An Inclusive Language Lectionary)
9.3 Feminist Liturgy (Women's Ordination Conference, Liberating Liturgies)
9.4 Feminist Views of Sin and Salvation (Letty M. Russell, Human Liberation in a 
Feminist Perspective)
9.5 Jesus in Womanist Theology (Jacquelyn Grant, "Womanist Theology: Black 
Women's Experience as a Source for Doing Theology . . .")
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