Table of contents for Power with nature : alternative energy solutions for homeowners / Rex A. Ewing.

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Table of Contents
"Dog of the Sun. Cat of the Wind."
A Primer Disguised as a Fable
Beyond the Grid
1	A New Philosophy of Freedom 	 
2	Grid-Tie OR Off-Grid 	 
3	Beginning considerations 	 
Design Ideas for Passive Solar, Plus Locating the Equipment
Designing for Efficiency & Comfort with Passive Solar Techniques | Non-Living Spaces | Solar and Wind Considerations | Evaluating Your Electrical Demands
4	Sizing the System 	 
A Short, No-Tooth-Pulling Course on Practical Electricity
Beyond Ohm's Law | 12, 24, 48 Volts, Or More? | How Many Batteries? 
5	Solar Photovoltaic Modules 	 
How to Capture Rays of Sunshine
Types of Solar Modules | Finding a Place for the Array | Tilt Angle of the Array | Mounting the Modules | Wiring the Array | Leaving Room to Grow 
6	Wind Turbines 	 
Making Good Use of the Stuff of Clouds
How Much Wind is Enough? | Old Technology Versus New | AC or DC? | Towers | Looking Deeper 
7	Micro-Hydro power 	 
Developing a Meaningful Relationship With Gravity
Sizing Up the Possibilities | Components in Context | Getting Down To Particulars
8	Charge Controllers	 
Processing Your Batteries' Diet
Battery Charging | Equalization of Batteries | 
A Charge Controller for the Wind Generator | 
Other Uses for Charge Controllers | Look Around 
9	Batteries 	 
Care and Feeding of the Beasts that Hold Your Sunshine
The Right Batteries for the Job | Pampering Your Batteries | The Battery Box | Wiring the Batteries 
10 	Inverters 	 
The Last Stop on the DC Trail
Sine Waves and Inverters | Inverter Functions | 
Grid Intertie Inverters
11	Putting It All Together - Safely 	 
Protecting You and Your System from Nature, and Each Other
Grounding & Bonding 
| Lightning Protection | 
DC Disconnect | Wiring It Safely
12	Heating of House and Water	 
Staying Warm Without Busting the Energy Bank
Propane Wall Heaters | Forced Air Heat | Heating with Hot Water | Wood & Corn Stoves | Domestic Hot Water | Curt & Kelly's Excellent Solution
13	Pumping Water 	 
Getting It From the Ground to Your House, Without Overtaxing the System
Should You Install A Cistern? | Well Pumps: AC & DC
14	Final Thoughts
Changing With The Weather-A Metaphor
	Appendix A: 	Checklist of Equipment	 
		Metric Conversion Factors	 
		Notes on Appliances	 
	Appendix B:	Comparison of PV/Wind Quotations	 
	Appendix C:	System Sizing
		Insolation Maps	 
		Your Electrical Needs Worksheet	
		Solar Array Sizing Worksheet	 
		Battery Sizing Worksheet 	
	Appendix D: 	Electrical Formulas & Helpful Information	 
		Wire Size/Line Loss Tables	
	Appendix E:	Resources	 
	Appendix F:	General Bibliography	 
	Appendix G: 	Recommended Reading	 

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