Table of contents for Oregon Native Americans : essays and an anthology of two centuries of Indian voices and issues / [compiled by] Stephen Dow Beckham.

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Table of Contents
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1. Encounters
Sophie Klickitat, "A Prophecy of the Coming of the Whites"
Charles Cultee, "First Ship Seen by the Clatsop"
Silas Smith, "Treasure of Echanie (Neahkanhie) Mountain"
Robert Haswell, "'There Came Along Side Two Indion Canoes,' 1788"
Maritime Explorers, "'Shi-lahsri, Shi-lahsri,' ['My Friends, My Friends': Encounters at Sea, 1792"
Silas Smith, "Salmon of the Columbia River"
William Clark, "The Cascades Chinookans, 1805"
Robert Stuart, "They Possess Their Present Lands and Situation From Time Immemorial, 1811"
Gustavus Hines, "Like God and Moses: Laws For the Cayuse, 1843"
James Douglas, "The Tragedy at Waiilatpu, 1847"
Cayuse War Council, "Proceedings to Resolve the Cayuse War, 1848"
Riley Root, "The Indians of Oregon: Customs, Habits and Character, 1848"
Elijah White, "Tender Ties: Indian Wives and Fur Trading Husbands, 1850"
George Riddle, "Lifeways of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua, 1851"
2. Treaties and Warfare
"Peter Umpqua: Veteran of the Mexican War"
"'To the Gallows,' Trial and Punishment of the Cayuse, May, 1850"
Willamette Valley Treaty Commission, "'We Do Not Want Any Other Piece of Land,' 1851"
Supreme Court of Oregon Territory, "The Case of Indian Tom, 1853"
Frederick M. Smith, "'A Massacre Too Inhumane To Be Readily Believed,' 1854"
"Utmost Good Faith: Walla Walla Treaty Council, 1855"
John Adams, "'Terrible Times When I'm Injun Baby,' 1855"
John Beeson, "A Plea for the Indians of Oregon, 1856-57"
Enoch Steen and Andrew J. Smith, "Encounters With the Northern Paiute, 1860"
"Imprisonment at Alcatraz: Chief John of the Rogue Rivers"
"The Hanging of Klamath Chief George, 1863"
"Treaties with the Tribes of Middle Oregon, 1855-65, and with the Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin Band of Snakes, 1865"
3. Removals and Reservations
"The Taklemans Trail of Tears, 1856"
"My People Are All Dying, 1857"
"'We Do Not Want to be Slaves': Lament of the Siletz Chiefs, 1862"
Natchez, "The Great White Father Gave and He Took, 1871"
"'I Did Not Want to Kill Them': Proceedings of a Military Commission, 1873"
"Council Held with the Indians of the Alsea Sub-Agency, Yachats, Oregon, 1875"
Dave Hill, "'Some Men Say They Are Our Friends,'1875"
"Sarah Winnemucca: 'A Notorious Liar and Malicious Schemer,' 1880"
Jeff C. Riddle, "The Indian History of the Modoc War, 1914"
4. Walking the "White Man's Road"
"Natural Oratory: Allen David, Klamath Chief, 1869"
Grand Ronde Council, "'It Was The Indians' Money': Problems at Grand Ronde, 1869"
Sarah Winnemucca, "An Educated Paiute Woman, 1870"
Grand Ronde Council, "Many Things Were Promised, 1871"	
Chief Joseph, "I Will Speak With Straight Tongue"
Alfred Meacham, "Treaty Rights: Umatilla Reservation, 1874"
Paul Schumacher, "Silent Testimony: Middens of the Southwestern Oregon Coast, 1873"
Robert C. Clark, Robert H. Down, and George V. Blue, "Textbook Treatment,1925"
5. Prospects of a New Deal
"The Indian New Deal: Chemawa Hearings, 1934"
"Voices From Siletz: Wrestling with the Future, 1934"
'We Do Not Know Where We Stand,' Concerns from Warm Springs, 1934"
Tommy Thompson and Isaac McKinley, "Celilo: Fishery and Trade Depot of the Northwest, 1942"
Gilbert Minthorn, George Red Hawk, and James Kash Kash, "Usual and Accustomed Grounds and Stations, 1942"
Griffen John, "'On the Altar of My Country'"
Emil R. Peterson, "George Bundy Wasson: Indian Rights Advocate"
6. The Disastrous Policy of Termination
"Termination: Quick Route to Oblivion, 1954"
"Lifting the Prohibition On Inter-Racial Marriage, 1955"
Howard Barrett, "No Rights of Sovereignty Were Surrendered, 1956"
Sister Francella Mary Griggs, "The Case for Education of Indian Children, 1976"
Merle Holmes, "Termination Impacts on the Grand Ronde Community, 1976"
Joe Coburn, "Consequences of Termination: the Klamath Tribe, 1976"
Bill Brainard, "'What We Were to Do When We Were Terminated?'"
7. Restoration of Hope
Forrest L. Meuret, "The Indian Has Never Been a Conservationist, 1976"
"Kimball v. Callahan: A Landmark Court Ruling, 1976-79"
Mark O. Hatfield and Leslie Minthorn, "Legacy of Allotment: A Nightmare of Heirship Interests, 1977"
Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, "Lands Worth Only $.02 1/3 Cents Per Acre, 1979"
Dennis J. Whittlesey, "The Importance of Congressional Leadership, 1983"
Susan Crispen Shaffer, "A Better Day for Our People, 1996-97"
Armand Minthorn and Don Sampson, "Ancient One: Kennewick Man"

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Indians, Treatment of -- Oregon -- History -- Sources.
Whites -- Oregon -- Relations with Indians.
Oregon -- Discovery and exploration.
Oregon -- History -- Sources.