Table of contents for Black writing from Chicago : in the world, not of it? / edited by Richard R. Guzman ; with a foreword by Carolyn M. Rodgers.

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 Carolyn M. Rodgers 00
 Acknowledgments 00
 Introduction 00
 J.W.M. (Colored) 00
 The "Colored Question"
 John Jones 00
 From The Black Laws of Illinois, and a Few Reasons Why They
 Should Be Repealed
 W. Allison Sweeney 00
 From "The Other Fellow's Burden"
 James David Corrothers 00
 "At the Closed Gate of Justice" and from The Black Cat Club 
 Lucy Parsons 00
 "On Anarchy"
 Ida B. Wells 00
 From The Reason Why the Colored American Is Not in the Columbian
 World Exposition 
 Robert S. Abbott and the Chicago Defender 00
 March 24, 1917: "Big Dailies Worried by Recent Migration" by R.
 T. Sims
 January 14, 1939: "The Plight of the Jewish Minority" by Kelly
 February 20 and 27, 1943: "The American Negro Press" by W. E. B.
 April 27, 1946: "Simple and the Heads" by Langston Hughes 
 Fenton Johnson 00
 "Tired," "Prelude," "Questions," and "A Fragment"
 1927 Intercollegiate Wonder Book, or The Negro in Chicago 00
 From the Intercollegiate Wonder Book 
 Rev. John L. Tilley 00
 "When Day Is Done"
 Frank Marshall Davis 00
 "Four Glimpses of Night" and "Frank Marshall Davis: Writer"
 Leonidas M. Berry 00
 From I Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey
 Era Bell Thompson 00
 From American Daughter
 Alice Browning 00
 "Old Mis' Cane"
 Richard Wright 00
 From "I Tried to Be a Communist"
 Cyrus Colter 00
 "Overnight Trip"
 William Attaway 00
 From Blood on the Forge
 St. Clair Drake and Horace R. Cayton 00
 From Black Metropolis
 John Hope Franklin 00
 From Racial Equality in America 
 Margaret Danner 00
 "These Beasts and the Benin Bronze" and "Beautiful? You Are the
 Richard Durham 00
 From "Premonition of the Panther"
 Margaret T. Burroughs 00
 "For Eric Toller"
 Gwendolyn Brooks 00
 "To Don at Salaam," "Walter Bradford," and from Maud Martha
 Dempsey J. Travis 00
 From I Refuse to Learn to Fail
 Hoyt W. Fuller 00
 From A Journey to Africa
 Herman Cromwell Gilbert 00
 From The Negotiation: A Novel of Tomorrow
 Frank London Brown 00
 Lerone Bennett Jr. 00
 From Before the Mayflower: A History of the Negro in America
 Lorraine Hansberry 00
 From To Be Young, Gifted, and Black
 Sam Greenlee 00
 From The Spook Who Sat by the Door
 Ronald L. Fair 00
 From Hog Butcher
 Useni Eugene Perkins 00
 "A Poem for Jazz Lovers and People Who Hate Wars"
 Dick Gregory 00
 From Nigger!
 Conrad Kent Rivers 00
 "Four Sheets to the Wind and a One-Way Ticket to France, 1933,"
 "Underground," "A mourning letter from Paris," and "In defense of
 black poets"
 Johari Amini-Hudson 00
 "Black Expressions: circa chicago state (& othr state
 institutions)" and "(Untitled)"
 Clarence Major 00
 "Discovering Walt Whitman," "Read the Signs," "A Guy I Know on
 47th and Cottage," and "The Syncopated Cakewalk"
 Sterling Plumpp 00
 From Blues Narratives and from Horn Man
 Haki R. Madhubuti 00
 From Black Men: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous? and from Never
 Without a Book
 Carolyn Rodgers 00
 "Prodigal Objects," "Sheep," "In the Shadow of Turning: Throwing
 Salt," and "Jazz: Mood Indigo"
 Clarence Page 00
 From Showing My Color
 Charles Johnson 00
 "The Education of Mingo"
 Fred Hampton Sr. 00
 From "You Can Murder a Liberator, but You Can't Murder
 Warren Foulks 00
 "#5 The Courts"
 Michael Warr 00
 "Not Black Enough" and "Something's Got to Go"
 Angela Jackson 00
 "Journey to Africa"
 Leanita McClain 00
 "The Middle-class Black's Burden" and "How Chicago Taught Me to
 Hate Whites"
 Sandra Jackson-Opoku 00
 "Ancestors: In Praise of the Imperishable" and from Hot Johnny
 and the Women Who Loved Him
 D. L. Crockett Smith 00
 "Cowboy Eating His Children"
 Marvin Tate 00
 "Soulville Revisited" and "The Ebony Mannequin in the Marshall
 Fields State Street Store Window"
 Rohan Preston 00
 "This One" and "Dreams in Soy Sauce"
 Barack Obama 00
 From Dreams from My Father
 Elizabeth Alexander 00
 "The Josephine Baker Museum" and "Blues"
 Quarysh Ali Lansana 00
 "hyphen," "seventy-first & king drive," "rogers park," and "fat-
 Tyehimba Jess 00
 "Magic" and "We Live"
 Regie Gibson 00
 "prayer" and from "blooz man"
 Angela Shannon 00
 Audrey Petty 00
 Tara Betts 00
 "Two Brothers on 35th Street" and "A Mixed Message"
 Ken Green 00
 "Debate" and "One Man Parade"
 Afterword 00
 Credits 00

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