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What Is a Telescope?	6 
Who Invented the Telescope?	8
What Is an Optical Telescope?					10
How Do Optical Telescopes Make 
 the Invisible Visible?						12
Where Are the Largest Optical Telescopes
 on Earth?								14
What Is a Radio Telescope?					16
What Is an Infrared Telescope?					18
Why Would an Infrared Telescope Tag Along 
 After Earth?								20
What Is an Ultraviolet Telescope?					22
What Are X-ray and Gamma Ray Telescopes?			24
What Is an Observatory and Where Are They Located?	26
What Is the Largest Telescope in Orbit?				28
How Does Hubble Stay in Orbit?					30
Why Is Hubble So Important?						32
What is a Space Probe?							34
What Kinds of Facts Do Space Probes Collect?		36
For What Kinds of Mission Would a Probe Be Good? 		38
What Was the Space Race?		40
Where Did Early Space Probes Go?		42
When Did Space Probes Reach Venus, Mercury, and Mars?	44
How Did Pathfinder Collect Facts About Mars?		46
What did Mars's Odyssey Discover?		48
What Are Spirit and Opportunity?		50
Why Were Plaques Aboard the Probes that 
 Studied Jupiter?		52
What Did the Voyager and Galileo Probes Discover?		54
What Probe Continues to Orbit Saturn?		56
What Has NASA Learned from Stardust and NEAR?		58
What Is "Space Junk"? 		60	
Fun Facts About Telescopes and Space Probes		62
Glossary										63
Index and Resource List							64

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Space probes -- Juvenile literature.
Outer space -- Exploration -- Juvenile literature.