Table of contents for The richness of life : the essential Stephen Jay Gould / Stephen Jay Gould ; edited by Paul McGarr and Steven Rose ; with an introduction by Steven Rose ; and a foreword by Oliver Sacks.

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List of Figures	viii
Note on the Text	x
Introduction	1
Part I: Autobiography	11
I Have Landed	15
The Median Isn't the Message	26
The Streak of Streaks	32
Seventh Inning Stretch: Baseball, Father, and Me	41
Trouble in Our Own House: A Brief Legal Survey from 
	Scopes to Scalia	49
Of Two Minds and One Nature	59
Part II: Biographies	65
Thomas Burnet's Battleground of Time	71
The Lying Stones of Marrakech	85
The Stinkstones of Oeningen	103
The Razumovsky Duet	114
The Power of Narrative	127
Not Necessarily a Wing	143
Worm for a Century, and All Seasons	155
The Darwinian Gentleman at Marx's Funeral: Resolving 
	Evolution's Oddest Coupling	166
The Piltdown Conspiracy	182
Part III: Evolutionary Theory	205
The Evolution of Life on the Earth	209
Challenges to Neo-Darwinism and Their Meaning for a 
	Revised View of Human Consciousness	222
The Structure of Evolutionary Theory: Revising the
	Three Central Features of Darwinian Logic	238
The Episodic Nature of Evolutionary Change	261
Betting on Chance / and No Fair Peeking	267
The Power of the Modal Bacter, or Why the Tail Can't 
	Wag the Dog	278
The Great Dying	286
The Validation of Continental Drift	290
Phyletic Size Decrease in Hershey Bars	297
Part IV: Size, Form and Shape	303
Opus 100	307
Size and Shape	319
How the Zebra Gets Its Stripes	324
Size and Scaling in Human Evolution	333
Part V: Stages and Sequences	353
The Ladder and the Cone: Iconographies of Progress	356
Up Against a Wall	370
Part VI: Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology	385
Ontogeny and Phylogeny	389
The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm: 
	A Critique of the Adaptationist Programme	417
More Things in Heaven and Earth	438
Posture Maketh the Man	461
Freud's Evolutionary Fantasy	467
Part VII: Racism, Scientific and Otherwise	481
Measuring Heads: Paul Broca and the Heyday of Craniology	484
The Most Unkindest Cut of All	528
A Tale of Two Work Sites	540
Carrie Buck's Daughter	558
Just in the Middle	568
Part VIII: Religion	581
Non-overlapping Magisteria	584
The Diet of Worms and the Defenestration of Prague	598
Darwin and the Munchkins of Kansas	610
Hooking Leviathan by Its Past	613
Sources and Acknowledgements	630
Index	635

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Natural history.
Evolution (Biology).
Gould, Stephen Jay.