Table of contents for 101 things you didn't know about Irish history / by Ryan Hackney and Amy Hackney Blackwell ; with technical review by Garland Kimmer.

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[CT]Part One: Prehistory and Mythology of Ancient Ireland
[NL]	1.	The Earliest Inhabitants
[NL]	2.	Mesolithic Age and the First Farmers
[NL]	3.	Legends and Archaeology (Ireland's Stonehenge and Solar Miracle Sites)
[NL]	4.	The Bronze Age
[NL]	5.	Iron Comes to Ireland
[NL]	6.	Who Were They?: Celts and Kings (Origins)
[NL]	7.	Gaelic and Indo-European Languages
[NL]	8.	Celtic Ireland
[NL]	9.	Wild and Crazy Heroes
[NL]	10.	The Seat of Ancient Kings
[NL]	11.	Brehon Laws
[NL]	12.	The Celtic Class System
[NL]	13.	Druids
[NL]	14.	Celtic Art and Poetry
[NL]	15.	Celtic to the End: The Never Conquered Nation
[NL]	16.	Celtic Pantheon (Gods and Goddesses)
[NL]	17.	The Otherworld
[NL]	18.	Celtic Festivals 
[NL]	19.	Creation Myths
[NL]	20.	The Battles of Magh Tuiredh and Invasions of Milesians
[NL]	21.	The Tain
[NL]	22.	Heroic Deeds of Cuchulain
[NL]	23.	Conchobar and Deirdre
[NL]	24.	Finn MacCool
[CT]Part Two: The Arrival of Christianity (And the British!)
[NL]	25.	Christianity Arrives
[NL]	26.	Who Was St. Patrick? (Myths, too)
[NL]	27.	St. Brigid the Generous
[NL]	28.	St. Columcille, Felonious Monk
[NL]	29.	St. Columbanus, Missionary to Europe
[NL]	30.	Wild and Crazy Irish Saints
[NL]	31.	Irish Blend: Christian Traditions (Ascetism)
[NL]	32.	Monasteries in Ireland (Latin)
[NL]	33.	Schools and Universities
[NL]	34.	The Pre-Xerox Age: A Life of Copying
[NL]	35.	The Book of Kells
[NL]	36.	Rise and Fall of Irish Dynasties
[NL]	37.	Anglo-Saxons in Britain
[NL]	38.	Bring on the Vikings
[NL]	39.	Dublin is Founded
[NL]	40.	Life with Vikings
[NL]	41.	What Would Brian Boru Do?
[NL]	42.	Ireland Unified
[NL]	43.	The Normans are Here!
[NL]	44.	The Irish Strike Back
[NL]	45.	I'm Henry VIII, I Am: Tudor Colonization
[NL]	46.	Protestant Reformation
[NL]	47.	Elizabeth I's Reign
[NL]	48.	1641 Rebellion
[NL]	49.	The Williamite War
[NL]	50.	Protestants Take Hold
[NL]	51.	Catholic Life
[NL]	52.	Second City of the Empire
[NL]	53.	Protestant Irish Nationalism
[NL]	54.	Wolfe Tone's Rebellion
[NL]	55.	Hasta La Vista, Baby: Daniel O' Connell, the Liberator
[NL]	56.	Catholic Emancipation
[CT]Part Three: Preserving Irish Culture and History
[NL]	57.	Before the Reformation
[NL]	58.	Ireland's Counter-Reformation
[NL]	59.	Religious Tensions in the North
[NL]	60.	Modern Catholicism
[NL]	61.	Scandals in the Church
[NL]	62.	Traditional Irish Life
[NL]	63.	The Irish Language
[NL]	64.	Irish Music
[NL]	65.	Before There was Riverdance . . . 
[NL]	66.	Death and the Supernatural
[NL]	67.	Irish Sports
[NL]	68.	Rich Folklore and Heritage 
[NL]	69.	Potatoes, for Better or for Worse
[NL]	70.	Life During the Famine
[NL]	71.	Help!: Responses to the Famine
[NL]	72.	Results of the Famine
[CT]Part Four: Immigration to Modern Life
[NL]	73.	Why the Irish Left and Where They Went
[NL]	74.	Hardships of Emigration
[NL]	75.	The Immigrant Experience in the United States
[NL]	76.	Irish Communities in Other Lands
[NL]	77.	Rebirth of Nationalism (Meanwhile, Back in Ireland . . . )
[NL]	78.	Home Rule Party
[NL]	79.	Celtic Revival
[NL]	80.	An Ireland Divided
[NL]	81.	World War One and the Easter Rebellion
[NL]	82.	War of Independence
[NL]	83.	Irish Civil War
[NL]	84.	Irish Free State
[NL]	85.	De Valera and the Fianna Fail Path
[NL]	86.	World War Two
[NL]	87.	A New Republic
[NL]	88.	Trouble in the North
[NL]	89.	Sunday, Bloody Sunday
[NL]	90.	The Peace Process
[NL]	91.	The Good Friday Agreement
[NL]	92.	Ireland's Celtic Tiger
[NL]	93.	Ireland and the European Union 
[NL]	94.	Modern Politics
[NL]	95.	Liberalization of Ireland
[NL]	96.	Women's Rights
[NL]	97.	Family Life
[NL]	98.	Irish Food: Potatoes, Beef, and More Potatoes-And a Cuppa!
[NL]	99.	For the Love of Irish Beer and Whiskey 
[NL]	100.	Irish Contributions to Literature and Art
[NL]	101.	Tracing Your Roots
Appendix A: A Primer of the Irish Language
Appendix B: Irish Proverbs and Blessings

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