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List of Contributors	oo
Preface	oo
1.	On the Development of the Field of Language Development	00
	Marilyn Shatz
Part I. Basic Foundations and Theoretical Approaches to Language Development	00
Introduction	00
2.	The Neurodevelopmental Bases of Language	00
	Valerie L. Shafer and Karen Garrido-Nag
3.	Formal and Computational Constraints on Language Development	00
	Helen Goodluck
4.	Domain-General Learning Capacities	00
	Jenny R. Saffran and Erik D. Thiessen
5.	How Inherently Social is Language?	00
	Dare Baldwin and Meredith Meyer
6.	Input and the Acquisition of Language: Three Questions	00
	Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole and Erika Hoff
7.	The Emergence of Language: A Dynamical Systems Account	00
	Julia L. Evans
Part II. Language Development in Infancy	00
Introduction	00
8.	Experiential Influences on Speech Perception and Speech Production in Infancy	00
	Linda Polka, Susan Rvachew, and Karen Mattock
9.	Acquiring Linguistic Structure	00
	LouAnn Gerken
10.	Cognitive Processes in Early Word Learning	00
	Diane Poulin-Dubois and Susan A. Graham
11.	Syntactic Supports for Word Learning	00
	Letitia R. Naigles and Lauren D. Swensen
Part III. Language Development in Early Childhood	00
Introduction	00
12.	Phonological Development	00
	Carol Stoel-Gammon and Anna Vogel Sosa
13.	Mechanisms of Word Learning	00
	Gil Diesendruck
14.	The Abstract Nature of Syntactic Representations: Consequences for a Theory of 
Learning	00
	Jeffrey Lidz
15.	Conversational Understanding in Young Children	00
	Michael Siegal and Luca Surian
16.	Bilingual First Language Acquisition	00
	Fred Genesee and Elena Nicoladis
Part IV. Language Development after Early Childhood	00
Introduction	00
17.	Developing Linguistic Knowledge and Language Use Across Adolescence	00
	Ruth A. Berman
18.	Language and Literacy in Bilingual Children in the Early School Years	00
	D. Kimbrough Oller and Linda Jarmulowicz
19.	Second Language Acquisition in Childhood	00
	Johanne Paradis
Part V. Atypical Language Development	00
Introduction	00
20.	Children with Specific Language Impairment: Bridging the Genetic and Developmental Perspectives	00
	Mabel L. Rice
21.	Atypical Language Development: Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders	00
	Helen Tager-Flusberg
22.	Reading and Reading Disorders	00
	Heikki Lyytinen, Jane Erskine, Mikko Aro, and Ulla Richardson
Index	00

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