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[FMH]Table of Contents[/FMH]
[CONT]List of Illustrations and Maps	oo
Foreword, The Most Reverend Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury	oo
Acknowledgements	oo
Introduction: Anglicans and Common Prayer, Charles Hefling	000[/CONT]
`But One Use': The Birth of the Classical Prayer Book[/CONTPART]
[CONT]Worship by the Book, Kenneth Stevenson	000
Cranmer and Common Prayer, Gordon Jeanes	000
The Prayer Book `Noted', Robin A. Leaver	000
From Elizabeth I to Charles II, Bryan Spinks	000
Early Translations, J. Robert Wright 	000
The `Liturgy of Comprehension', Charles Hefling	000
The Shape of the Classical Book of Common Prayer, J. Neil Alexander	000
The State Services, Charles Hefling	000[/CONT]
The Social and Cultural Life of the Prayer Book[/CONTPART]
[CONT]The Prayer Book and the Parish Church:
	From the Elizabethan Settlement to the Restoration, Judith Maltby	000
The Prayer Book and the Parish Church:
	From the Restoration to the Oxford Movement, Jeremy Gregory	000
Prayer Book Architecture, James F. White	000
Prayer Books and Printers, Martin W. Hutner	000
The Prayer Book as `Sacred Text', Kenneth Stevenson	000
The Prayer Book as Literature, Paul G. Stanwood	000[/CONT]
[CONTPART]Part Three
The Prayer Book outside England[/CONTPART]
[CONT]Plantations, Missions, and Colonies, William L. Sachs	000[/CONT]
[CONTPARTSUB]The Prayer Book in Anglican Churches[/CONTPARTSUB]
[CONT]Scotland: Episcopalians and Nonjurors, Charles Hefling	000
The Colonies and States of America, Marion J. Hatchett	000
British North America and Canada, William R. Blott	000
Southern Africa, Cynthia Botha	000
Ireland, Brian Mayne	000[/CONT]
[CONTPARTSUB]The Prayer Book and Other Traditions[/CONTPARTSUB]
[CONT]John Wesley and the Methodists, Karen B. Westerfield Tucker	000
King's Chapel and the Unitarians, Carl Scovel	000
Churches in the Continuing Anglican Tradition, Lesley A. Northup	000
The Prayer Book and Lutheranism, Philip H. Pfatteicher	000[/CONT]
From Uniformity to Family Resemblance:
Prayer Books in the Twentieth Century[/CONTPART]
[CONT]The Winds of Change, Colin Buchanan	000
The Prayer Book `Crisis' in England, Bryan Spinks	000
The Legacy of the Church of South India, Colin Buchanan	000
The Liturgical Movement and Its Consequences, John F. Baldovin, S.J.	000
Preserving the Classical Prayer Books, Colin Buchanan	000[/CONT]
Family Portraits: 
Prayer Books Today[/CONTPART]
[CONT]Inculturation and Anglican Worship, Ian T. Douglas	000[/CONT]
[CONTPARTSUB]Rites and Books in Africa[/CONTPARTSUB]
[CONT]Anglican Liturgies in Eastern Africa, Esther Mombo	000
The Anglican Church of Kenya, Grant LeMarquand	000
The Church of Nigeria: The Book of Common Prayer, David C. Okeke	000
The Church of Nigeria: Occasional Services, Emmanuel Ekpunobi	000
Central African Prayer Books, Titus Presler	000
The Province of Southern Africa, Michael Nuttall	000
Other African Provinces: Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo	000[/CONT]
[CONTPARTSUB]Rites and Books in the Pacific[/CONTPARTSUB]
[CONT]The Anglican Church of Australia, Charles Sherlock	000
The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia, Kenneth Booth	000
From Te Rawiri to the New Zealand Prayer Book, Jenny Te Paa	000
The Church of Melanesia, Terry Brown	000
The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea, Justus VanHouten, S.S.F.	000
Hawaii		000[/CONT]
[CONTPARTSUB]Rites and Books in the Americas[/CONTPARTSUB]
[CONT]The Episcopal Church in the U.S.A., Lesley A. Northup	000
Native American Translations	000
The Anglican Church of Canada, John W. B. Hill	000
Indigenous Canadian Translations	000
The Province of the West Indies, Charles Hefling	000
The Book of Common Prayer in Spanish, Juan M. C. Oliver	000[/CONT]
[CONTPARTSUB]Rites and Books in Asia[/CONTPARTSUB]
[CONT]The Episcopal Church in the Philippines, Tomas S. Maddela	000
Japan: Nippon Sei Ko Kai, John M. Yoshida	000
The Chinese Prayer Book, Sze-kar Wan	000
The Anglican Church of Korea, Nak-Hyon Joseph Joo	000
The Province of Myanmar (Burma), Katherine E. Babson	000
The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East	000[/CONT]
[CONTPARTSUB]Rites and Books in Europe[/CONTPARTSUB]
[CONT]The Church of England: Common Worship, Trevor Lloyd	000
The Scottish Episcopal Church, Gianfranco Tellini	000
The Church in Wales, Robert Paterson	000
The Church of Ireland, Harold Miller	000
Anglican Churches in Europe, Jeffery Rowthorn	000[/CONT]
Worship in the Prayer Book Family[/CONTPART
[CONT]Anglicans and Liturgical Revision, Richard Geoffrey Leggett	000
The Daily Office, John Gibaut	000
The Eucharist, Ronald Dowling	000
Sanctifying Time: The Calendar, Leonel L. Mitchell	000
Rites of Initiation, Ruth A. Meyers	000
Catechisms, James F. Turrell	000
Marriage, Gillian Varcoe	000
Funeral Rites, Trevor Lloyd	000
Anglican Ordinals, Richard Geoffrey Leggett	000[/CONT]
[CONTPART]Part Seven
The Future Book of Common Prayer[/CONTPART]
[CONT]The Book of Common Prayer and Technology, Donald Kraus	000
The Prayer Book in Cyberspace, Clayton L. Morris 	000
The Future of Common Prayer, Pierre W. Whalon	000
Chronology	000
Glossary	000
Bibliography	000
About the Editors and Contributors	000
Index 		000[/CONT]
[FMH]List of Illustrations and Maps[/FMH]
[ILLUSLIST]Map of the Worldwide Anglican Communion	endpapers
The First Book of Common Prayer	frontispiece
1. The `Black Rubric' in a 1552 Prayer Book	000
2. The Burial Office in the First Book of Common Prayer	000
3. Music for the First Prayer Book	000
4. The Prayer Book in Irish	000
5. The Prayer Book in Use: Catechizing	000
6. The Prayer Book in Use: Holy Communion	000
7. The Prayer Book in Use: Communion of the Sick	000
8. The Prayer Book in Use: Public Baptism	000
9. `The Sleeping Congregation'	000
10. A Medieval Church Layout	000
11. A `Three-decker' Pulpit	000
12. An `Auditory' Church Layout	000
13. A Victorian Church Layout	000
14. The Prayer Book in `Roman' Type	000
15. An Architectural Title-page 	000
16. An Early Oxford Prayer Book	000
17. A Tour de force of Engraving	000
18. A Victorian `Gothic' Prayer Book	000
19. Pickering's Books of Common Prayer (1) 	000
20. Pickering's Books of Common Prayer (2) 	000
21. The First American Prayer Book	000
22. The `Standard Book' of 1892	000
23. The Updike Altar Book	000
24. Royal Largesse to Native Americans	000
25. The Scottish Prayer Book of 1637	000
26. Matrimony in the First American Prayer Book	000
27. The Prayer Book Contested	000
28. African Provinces of the Anglican Communion (2006)	000
29. The Anglican Prayer Book: Illustration at the Kyrie	000
30. The Anglican Prayer Book: Illustration at the Gloria	000[/ILLUSLIST]

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