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Table of Contents
List of contributors vii
Hi Morris, this is Henk! xi
An intersubjective note on the notion of ¿subjectification¿ 1
Werner Abraham
A note on non-canonical passives: the case of the get-passive 13
Artemis Alexiadou
Displaced and misplaced genitives 22
Josef Bayer
Preposition stranding and locative adverbs in German 31
Dorothee Beermann and Lars Hellan
Moving verbal complexes in Spanish 43
Reineke Bok-Bennema
Unbearably light verbs versus finite auxiliary drop 53
Anne Breitbarth
Extraction from subjects: some remarks on Chomsky¿s On
phases 59
Hans Broekhuis
A Chinese relative 69
Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng and Rint Sybesma
Approximative of zo as a diagnostic tool 77
Norbert Corver
A note on interpretable features and idiosyncratic categorial
selection 87
Denis Delfitto
ii Contents
Transparent, free... and polarised: the (poli)tics of polarity in
transparent free relatives 97
Marcel den Dikken
The inverse agreement constraint in Hungarian: a relic of a
Uralic¿Siberian Sprachbund? 108
Katalin É. Kiss
Syntactic conditions on phonetically empty morphemes 116
Joseph Emonds
Long-distance reciprocals 127
Martin Everaert
The notion of topic and the problem of quantification in
Hungarian 137
Zsuzsanna Gécseg and Ferenc Kiefer
Questions of complexity 146
Casper de Groot
Functional heads, lexical heads and hybrid categories 152
Liliane Haegeman
Concatenation and interpretation 162
Martin Haiden
As time goes by: a digressive discourse 171
Hubert Haider, Masyuki Oishi and Shigeo Tonoike
There¿s that: unifying existential and list readings 186
Jutta M. Hartmann
Extended projections ¿ extended analogues: a note on Hungarian
PPs 197
Veronika Hegedus
Against the sonority scale: evidence from Frankish tones 206
Ben Hermans and Marc van Oostendorp
Contents iii
Classifiers, agreement and honorifics in Japanese 222
Masaru Honda
What stranded adjectives reveal about Split-NP Topicalization 230
Hanneke van Hoof
Past tense interpretations in Dutch 241
Angeliek van Hout
Why phonology is the same 252
Harry van der Hulst
Recursively linked Case-Agreement: from accidents to principles
and beyond 263
Riny Huybregts
Enfoldment as Economy 275
Takashi Imai
¿GP, I¿ll have to put your flat feet on the ground¿ 283
Jonathan Kaye
On parameters and on principles of pronunciation 289
Richard S. Kayne
What to do with those fools of a crew? 300
Evelien Keizer
Why indefinite pronouns are different 310
Istv n Kenesei
Seeing the forest despite the tree 319
Hans-Peter Kolb
When to pied-pipe and when to strand in San Dionicio Octotepec
Zapotec 331
Hilda Koopman
Free relatives as light-headed relatives in Turkish 340
Jaklin Kornfilt
iv Contents
Is linguistics a natural science? 350
Jan Koster
Two asymmetries between Clitic Left and Clitic Right Dislocation
in Bulgarian 359
Iliyana Krapova and Guglielmo Cinque
On dative subjects in Russian 365
S.-Y. Kuroda
On the nature of case in Basque: structural or inherent? 374
Itziar Laka
Examining the scope of Principles-and-Parameters Theory 383
David LeBlanc
Clitics and adjacency in Greek PPs 390
Winfried Lechner and Elena Anagnostopoulou
A minimalist program for parametric linguistics? 407
Giuseppe Longobardi
A syntactic approach to negated focus questions in Bulgarian 415
Krzysztof Migdalski
The case of midpositions 424
Nata¿a Milicevic
Quechua P-soup 434
Pieter Muysken
Semantic compositionality of the way-construction 439
Heizo Nakajima
Soft mutation at the interface 447
Ad Neeleman
Abracadabra, the relation between stress and rhythm 458
Anneke Neijt
Contents v
What do we learn when we acquire a language? 466
Marina Nespor, Judit Gervain and Jacques Mehler
A prosodic contrast between Northern and Southern Dutch:
a result of a Flemish-French sprachbund 474
Roland Noske
The object of verbs like help and an apparent violation of UTAH 483
Christer Platzack
A note on relative pronouns in Standard German 495
Martin Prinzhorn and Viola Schmitt
Agreeing to bind 505
Eric Reuland
Positive polarity and evaluation 514
Hendrik C. van Riemsdijk
Phase theory and the privilege of the root 529
Luigi Rizzi
On the role of parameters in Universal Grammar: a reply to
Newmeyer 538
Ian Roberts and Anders Holmberg
Welsh VP-ellipsis and the representation of aspect 554
Alain Rouveret554
A new perspective on event participants in psychological states
and events 563
Bozena Rozwadowska
A glimpse of doubly-filled COMPs in Swiss German 572
Manuela Schönenberger
Missing prepositions in Dutch free relatives 582
Chris Sijtsma
Final sonorant devoicing in early Yokuts field-records 592
Norval Smith
vi Contents
Cyclic NP structure and trace interpretation 599
Dominique Sportiche
Appositive and parenthetical relative clauses 608
Tim Stowell
Overt infinitival subjects (if that¿s what they are) 618
Anna Szabolcsi
Wanna and the prepositional complementizers of English 625
Tarald Taraldsen
A note on asymmetric coordination and subject gaps 633
Craig Thiersch
The representation of focus and its implications: towards an
alternative account of some ¿intervention effects¿ 641
Jean-Roger Vergnaud and Maria-Luisa Zubizarreta
Circumstantial evidence for Dative Shift 661
Edwin Williams
Why should diminutives count? 669
Martina Wiltschko
Adjacency, PF, and extraposition 679
Susi Wurmbrand and Jonathan David Bobaljik
A note on functional adpositions 689
Jan-Wouter Zwart
Bibliography of Henk C. van Riemsdijk 696
Index 707

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