Table of contents for Fables of La Fontaine / compiled and edited by Koren Christofides ; introduction by Constantine Christofides ; translations by Constantine Christofides and Christopher Carsten.

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Preface: The Fables Project
	Koren Christofides
	Constantine Christofides
The Fables / The Artists
The Grasshopper and the Ant	Fay Jones, USA
The Frog and the Ox	Harvey Daniels, England
The Beggar's Bag	Laura McCallum, USA
The Man and His Image	Dan Meyers, USA
The Dragon with Many Heads and the Dragon with Many Tails	Dana Prescott, Italy
Death and the Woodcutter		Louise Kikuchi, USA
The Man Between Two Ages and His Two Mistresses	Roger Shimomura, USA
The Child and the Schoolmaster	Camille Saint-Jacques, France
A Council Convened by the Rats	Andrew Johnson, USA
The Wolf Brings the Fox to Trial Before the Monkey		Dean Goelz, USA
The Two Bulls and a Frog		Michael Spafford, USA
The Bird Wounded by an Arrow	Dianne Martin, USA
Sponge Donkey, Salt Donkey	Val¿rie du Ch¿n¿ France
The Dove and the Ant		Hatem Akrout, France
The Hare and the Frogs	Harry Bower, USA
The Crow Who Wanted to Imitate the Eagle		Jesse Bransford, USA
The Cat Transformed into a Woman	Gene Gentry McMahon, USA
The Limbs and the Stomach	Koren Christofides, USA/France
The Swan and the Cook	Isabella Collodi, Italy
The Wolves and the Ewes		David Brody, USA
The Drowned Woman		Robyn Chadwick, USA/France
The Donkey and the Little Dog		Koren Christofides, USA/France
The Man and the Wooden Idol		David Atkinson, England/France
The Camel and the Floating Sticks 	Layne Goldsmith, USA
The Frog and the Rat 	Shirley Scheier, USA
The Horse Who Wanted to Take Revenge on the Stag		Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, USA
The Clay Pot and the Iron Pot 	Norman Lundin, USA
The Ears of the Hare	Linda Beaumont, USA
The Old Woman and the Two Servant Girls	Allegra Marquart, USA
The Mountain Giving Birth	Peter Tillberg, Sweden/France
The Hare and the Tortoise		Vincent Buffile, France
The Hound Who Left His Prey for a Shadow 	Gilgian Gelzer, France
The Charlatan	Ying Hung, USA
The Animals Sick from the Plague	Elin O'Hara Slavick, USA
The Poorly Married Man	Christine Martens, USA
The Rat Who Retired From the World	Andrew Johnson, USA
The Milkmaid and the Pot of Milk	Sarah Slavick, USA
The Cat, the Weasel and the Little Rabbit	Nathaniel Vaughn, USA
Death and the Dying Man		Ellen Kruger, Germany/USA
The Man and the Flea		David Humphrey, USA
Women and the Secret 	Ruth Marten, USA
The Pig, the Goat and the Sheep	Constantine Christofides, USA/France
The Horoscope	Caren Canier, USA
The Pasha and the Merchant 	Harvey Breverman, USA
The Advantage of Knowledge 	Tim Sale, USA
The Wolf and the Hunter 	Anne Rochette, France
The Monkey and the Leopard	Micha¿la-Andr¿a Schatt, France
The Sculptor and the Statue of Jupiter	Ken Tisa, USA/France
The Oyster and the Litigants	Laura Sharp Wilson, USA
The Wolf and the Skinny Dog	G¿rard Drouillet, France
The Candle	Curt Labitzke, USA
The Monkey and the Cat	Jim Hennessey, USA
The Shepherd and His Flock 	Jo Smail, South Africa/USA
The Fish and the Cormorant	Robert Jones, USA
The Digger and His Godfather	Madeleine Marie Slavick, Hong Kong
The Fish and the Shepherd Who Played the Flute		Bonnie Berkowitz, USA
The Farmer, the Dog and the Fox	Pam Keeley, USA
The Dream of an Inhabitant of Mogol	Matt Freedman, USA
Epilogue	Simonetta Moro, Italy
The Cat and the Two Sparrows		Shelley F. Marlow, USA
The Two Goats 	Paul Berger, USA
The Fox, the Wolf and the Horse	Gian Luigi Giovanola, Italy
The Elephant and Jupiter's Monkey		Jenny Lynn McNutt, USA
Phil¿mon and Baucis	Susanna Coffey, USA
The Matron of Ephesus	Susanne Slavick, USA
	Koren Christofides

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La Fontaine, Jean de, 1621-1695. Fables -- Illustrations.
Fables, French -- Translations into English.