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Foreword and Preface	00
1	The Hotel Industry: Overview and Professional Career Opportunities	0	00
Lodging Is Part of the Tourism Industry	00
The Tourism Industry	00
Lodging (Hotel) Sector	00
A Brief History of Hotels	00
Close Look at Lodging Organizations	00
Typical Lodging Guests	00
Lodging Industry Characteristics	00
Lodging Industry Overview	00
Largest Hotel Affiliations
World's Best Hotels
Hotel Ownership and Management
Hotel Organizational Structures	00
Small Hotel
Large Hotel
Mega Hotel
Hotel Departments	00
Line and Staff Departments
Revenue and Cost Centers
Lodging Is a Service Business	00
Current Issues Confronting Hoteliers	00
Operating Issues	00
Marketing Issues	00
Technological Issues	00
Economic Issues	00
Professional Lodging Career Opportunities	00
Alternative Management Positions	00
Get Started with Career Planning	00
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
2	The Hotel General Manager	00
Responsibilities	00
Investor Relations	00
Brand Affiliation Management	00
Community Relations	00
Executive Committee Facilitation	00
Property Management	00
Skills Development	00
Formal Education	00
Two-Year Degree
Four-Year Degree
Advanced Degrees
On-the-Job Training	00
Professional Development	00
Business Associations
Trade Associations
Trade Publications
General Manager Job Descriptions	00
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
3	Management, Supervision, and Service Skills for the GM	00
The GM Sets the Pace	00
GM Must Manage	00
GM Functions	00
GM Skills	00
GM Relationships	00
GMs Manage in Times of Change	00
Evolution of Traditional Hotel Human Resources Practices	00
Management Basics	00
Planning	00
Decision Making	00
Organizing	00
Delegation	00
Flow of Communication	00
Motivation	00
Leadership	00
Discipline	00
Team Building Tactics	00
Employee Selection, Orientation, and Training	00
The GM and Quality Guest Service	00
Ingredients in Quality Service Delivery System	00
A Goal of Zero Defects	00
GM Interactions	00
GM's Monthly "Diary"	00
Employee and Guest Relationships	00
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
4	Human Resources	00
The Role of Human Resources	00
Staffing the Human Resources Department	00
Legal Aspects of Human Resources	00
Employee Selection	00
Employment Relationships	00
The Law in the Workplace	00
Sexual Harassment
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Employee Performance
Unemployment Issues
Employment Records
Human Resources in Action	00
Recruitment	00
Selection	00
Orientation	00
Training	00
Performance Evaluation	00
Compensation (Salaries and Wages)	00
Other Compensation (Benefits)	00
Employee Retention	00
Other Human Resources Activities	00
Planning for Human Resources	00
Employee Safety and Health	00
Workforce and Work Quality Improvement	00
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
5	Accounting	00
The Accounting Function	00
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs)	00
Uniform System of Accounts for Hotels	00
Accounting Systems	00
Centralized Accounting Systems	00
Decentralized Accounting Systems	00
Revenue Forecasting	00
Budgeting	00
Long-Range Budgets	00
Annual Budgets	00
Monthly Budgets	00
Financial Statements	00
Income Statement	00
Balance Sheet	00
Statement of Cash Flows	00
Daily Operating Statistics	00
Manager's Daily Sales Report	00
Detailed Room Revenue Statistics	00
Adjustments and Allowances	00
Internal Controls	00
Cash	00
Accounts Receivable	00
Accounts Payable	00
Payment of Proper Amounts
Payments Made in a Timely Manner
Payment Records Properly Maintained
Payment Totals Assigned to the Appropriate Department
Purchasing and Receiving	00
Inventories	00
Payroll	00
Audits	00
Internal Audits	00
External Audits	00
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
6	Revenue Management	00
The Role of the Revenue Manager	00
Revenue Management	00
Room Rate Management	00
Room Rate Economics	00
Traditional Pricing Strategies
Web-Influenced Pricing Strategies
Revenue Management Essentials	00
Making Forecasts	00
Managing Occupancy	00
Managing ADR	00
Yield Management	00
Implementation Techniques
Measures of Effectiveness	00
Occupancy Index
ADR Index
RevPAR Index
Distribution Channel Management	00
Historical Distribution Channels	00
Current Distribution Channels	00
Walk-In Guests
Facsimile (Fax)
E-Mail/Traditional Mail
Global Distribution System (GDS)
Central Reservation System (CRS)
Property Web Site
Chain Web Site
Third-Party Web Sites
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
7	Sales and Marketing	00
The Role of Sales And Marketing	00
In the Hotel	00
In the Community	00
Segmentation of the Sales and Marketing Department	00
By Product Sold	00
By Market	00
Long-Term Stay
SMERF and Others
By Source	00
Meeting Planners
Travel Agents
Sales and Marketing Activities	00
Sales Efforts	00
The Sales and Marketing Committee
The Sales Cycle
Trace Systems
Sales Leads/Cold Calling
Client Appreciation Activities
Marketing Efforts	00
Marketing Plan Development
Promotions, Publicity, and Public Relations
E-Marketing	00
Internet Sales and Marketing
Online Reservation Systems
Property Web Sites
E-Mail Systems
Evaluating the Sales and Marketing Effort	00
The Pace Report
The STAR Report
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
8	The Front Office	00
Overview of the Front Office	00
Responsibilities of the Front Desk	00
The PMS and Its Management	00
Revenue and Reservations Management	00
Forecasting Guest Demand for Rooms
Practicing Yield Management
Management of Guest Services
Accounting for Guests
Data Management
Managing Guest Reservations	00
Guest Request Information	00
By Reservation Type	00
Individual Reservations
Group Reservations
By Delivery Method	00
Global Distribution System
Franchise Toll-Free Numbers
Managing Guest Services	00
Front Desk: Arrival	00
Pre arrival
Bell Station
Front Desk: Guest Privacy	00
Guest Information
Room Information
Front Desk: Stay and Departure	00
Guest Satisfaction Issues
The Walked Guest
Accounting for Guests	00
Rooms Management /Assignment	00
Front-Desk Check in
Self Check in
Bucket Check	00
Billing the Folio	00
Night Audit	00
Checkout	00
Data Management	00
Payment Cards	00
Locking/Security Systems	00
Telephones	00
Call Accounting
Wake-Up Calls
Voice Mail
Message on Hold
Point of Sale (POS)	00
In-Room Services	00
In-room minibars
Internet Connections
Back-Office Accounting Systems	00
Hotel Terminology at Work	00
Glossary Issues at Work	00
9	Housekeeping	00
The Role of the Housekeeping Department	00
Public Space	00
Guest Rooms	00
Laundry	00
Staffing the Department	00
Executive Housekeeper	00
Room Inspectors	00
Room Attendants	00
Additional Housekeeping Staff	00
Managing Housekeeping	00
Safety	00
Equipment and Supplies
Employee Scheduling
Inventory Management
Lost and Found
Facility Care and Cleaning	00
Public-Space Cleaning	00
Guest Room Cleaning	00
Sleeping Area
Bathroom Area
Laundry	00
Collecting	00
Sorting/Repairing	00
Washing	00
Drying	00
Finishing/Folding	00
Storing	00
Delivering	00
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
10	Food and Beverage	00
Overview of Hotel Food and Beverage Operations	00
Similarities: Hotel and Restaurant Food Services	00
Operational Similarities
Personnel Requirement Similarities
Differences: Hotel and Restaurant Food Services	00
Profitability Differences
Marketing-Related Differences
Other Differences
Room Service Operations	00
Profitability Concerns	00
Menu Planning Factors	00
Operating Issues	00
Within Guest Room Service	00
Banquet Operations	00
Profit Opportunities	00
Menu Planning	00
Service Styles	00
Beverage Functions	00
Labor and Other Charges	00
Banquet Róom Setup	00
Banquet Contracts and Billing Policies	00
Alcoholic Beverage Service In Hotels	00
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
11	Facility Engineering and Maintenance	00
Role of the Engineering and Maintenance Department	00
Engineering	00
Maintenance	00
Design and Renovation	00
Staffing the Department	00
Chief Engineer	00
Maintenance Assistants	00
Managing Maintenance	00
Routine Maintenance	00
Exterior Maintenance
Interior Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance	00
Public Space
Guest Rooms
Food Service
Other Equipment
Emergency Maintenance	00
Technology and Maintenance	00
Managing Utilities	00
Electricity	00
Reducing Electricity Consumption
Natural Gas	00
Water	00
Solid Waste	00
Managing "Green" Hotels	00
Maintenance and Other Service Contracts	00
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
12	Safety and Property Security	00
Personal Safety	00
Legal Liability and Guest/Employee Safety	00
Staffing for Security	00
Employee Safety Training
Local Law Enforcement Agencies
Safety Resources	00
Recodable Locks
Alarm Systems
Surveillance Systems
Emergency Plans
Hotel Emergency and Security Tactics	00
Medical Emergencies
Guest Notification
Hotel Fires
Bomb Threats
Other Emergencies
Special Safety Issues	00
Swimming Pools
Parking Lots
Documenting Safety Efforts	00
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)	00
Property Security	00
Threats to Asset Security	00
Internal Threats
External Threats
Departmental-Specific Threats to Asset Security
Hotels and Terrorism
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary
Issues at Work	00
13	Franchise Agreements and Management Contracts	00
The Hotel Franchise Relationship	00
Hotel Franchising	00
Origin and Structure
Governmental Regulations Related to Franchises
The Franchise Agreement	00
Major Elements
Advantages to the Franchisee
Advantages to the Franchisor
Selecting a Franchisor	00
Basic Considerations
The Franchisor Questionnaire
The Product Improvement Plan (PIP)
Negotiating the Franchise Agreement
The Hotel Management Company Relationship	00
Management Companies	00
Origin and Purpose
Hotel Management Company Structures
The Management Operating Agreement	00
Major Elements
Advantages to the Hotel Owner
Disadvantages to the Hotel Owner
Issues Affecting the General Manager	00
Managing the Franchise Relationship
Managing for a Management Company
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
14	Purchasing a Hotel	00
Selecting a Property	00
Buying an Existing Property	00
Buying Performance
Buying Potential Performance
Buying a Property to Be Built	00
Securing Hotel Financing	00
Establishing Property Market Values	00
Applying for the Loan	00
Liability for Repayment
Funding Sources
Hotel Start-Up	00
Selected Preopening Responsibilities of the GM/Owner	00
Six Months Prior to Opening
Three Months Prior to Opening
One Month Prior to Opening
One Week Prior to Opening
Selected Postopening Responsibilities of the GM/Owner	00
Postgrand Opening Activities
Ongoing Activities
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
15	Managing in the Global Hotel Industry	00
Managing in the Global Hotel Industry	00
The Hotel Industry Is Global	00
Managing and Living in Another Country	00
Political Environment
Economic Issues
Cultural Factors
Personal Factors in Expatriate Manager's Success	00
Other Factors in Expatriate Success	00
The Selection Process	00
Transitional Training Programs	00
The Expatriate in the New Culture	00
Case Study: Advice from an Experienced Expatriate Manager	00
And Now the International Assignment Begins!	00
Managing on the Job	00
Details Make a Difference!	00
Communication is Critical	00
In Conclusion	00
Hotel Terminology at Work Glossary	00
Issues at Work	00
Glossary	00
Photo Credits	00
Index	00

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