Table of contents for The Longman anthology of British literature / David Damrosch, general editor.

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{TTL}List of Illustrations{/TTL}	xxxvii
{TTL}Preface{/TTL}	xli
{TTL}Acknowledgments{/TTL}{/BKFM}{BKBM}{PART}	xlvii
{TTL}	The Romantics and Their Contemporaries{/TTL}{/PART}{CHAP}	2
{TTL}Anna Letitia Barbauld{/TTL}{READ}	31
{TTL}The Mouse¿s Petition to Dr. Priestley{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 31
{TTL}On a Lady¿s Writing{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 33
{TTL}Inscription for an Ice-House{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 33
{TTL}To a Little Invisible Being Who Is Expected Soon to Become Visible{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 34
{TTL}To the Poor{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 35
{TTL}Washing-Day{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 35
{TTL}Eighteen Hundred and Eleven{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 37
h {SUPTTL}Companion Reading{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}John Wilson Croker: {E1}from{/E1} A Review of Eighteen Hundredand Eleven{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 45 h
{TTL}The First Fire{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 46
{TTL}On the Death of the Princess Charlotte{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 48
{TTL}Charlotte Smith{/TTL}{READ}	49
{SERTTL}Elegiac Sonnets and Other Poems{/SERTTL} 50
{TTL}To melancholy. Written on the banks of the Arun October, 1785{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 50
{TTL}Far on the sands{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 50
{TTL}To tranquillity{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 51
{TTL}Written in the church-yard at Middleton in Sussex{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 51
{TTL}On being cautioned against walking on an headland overlookingthe sea{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 52
{TTL}To the shade of Burns{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 52
{TTL}The sea view{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 53
{TTL}The Dead Beggar{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 53
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Beachy Head{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 54
	The Rights of Man and the Revolution Controversy{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	56
{TTL}Helen Maria Williams{/TTL}{READ} 56
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Letters Written in France, in the Summer of 1790{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 57
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Letters from France{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 61
{TTL}Edmund Burke{/TTL}{READ} 67
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Reflections on the Revolution in France{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 67
{TTL}Mary Wollstonecraft{/TTL}{READ} 76
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Vindication of the Rights of Men{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 77
{TTL}Thomas Paine{/TTL}{READ} 84
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Rights of Man{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 85
{TTL}William Godwin{/TTL}{READ} 91
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice and Its Influence on General Virtue and Happiness{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 91
{TTL}The Anti-Jacobin, or Weekly Examiner{/TTL}{READ} 96
{TTL}The Friend of Humanity and the Knife-Grinder{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 97
{TTL}Hannah More{/TTL}{READ} 100
{TTL}Village Politics{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 100
{TTL}Arthur Young{/TTL}{READ} 107
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Travels in France During the Years 1787¿1788, and 1789{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 108
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Example of France, a Warning to Britain{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 109
{TTL}William Blake{/TTL}{READ}	112
{TTL}All Religions Are One{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 114
{TTL}There Is No Natural Religion [a]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 116
{TTL}There Is No Natural Religion [b]{/TTL}{/READ} 117
{TTL}Songs of Innocence and of Experience{/TTL}{READ} 118
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Songs of Innocence{/SUBTTL} 119
{TTL}Introduction{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 119
{TTL}The Ecchoing Green{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 119
{TTL}The Lamb{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 120
{TTL}The Little Black Boy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 121
{TTL}The Chimney Sweeper{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 122
{TTL}The Divine Image{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 123
{TTL}holy thursday{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 123
{TTL}Nurse¿s Song{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 124
{TTL}Infant Joy{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 124
h {SUPTTL}Companion Reading{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Charles Lamb: {E1}from{/E1} The Praise of Chimney-Sweepers{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 124 h
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Songs of Experience{/SUBTTL} 126
{TTL}Introduction{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 126
{TTL}earth¿s Answer{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 127
{TTL}the fly{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 128
{TTL}The clod and the pebble{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 129
{TTL}holy thursday{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 129
{TTL}The Tyger{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 129
{TTL}The Chimney Sweeper{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 130
{TTL}The sick rose{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 131
{TTL}ah! sun-flower{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 131
{TTL}The garden of love{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 132
{TTL}london{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 132
{TTL}The Human Abstract{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 132
{TTL}infant sorrow{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 133
{TTL}a poison tree{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 133
{TTL}a divine image{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 134
{TTL}The School-Boy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 135
{TTL}The Marriage of Heaven and Hell{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 135
{TTL}Visions of the Daughters of Albion{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 148
{SERTTL}Letters{/SERTTL} 154
{TTL}To Dr. John Trusler (23 August 1799){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 154
{TTL}To Thomas Butts (22 November 1802){/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 156
	The Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	159
{TTL}Olaudah Equiano{/TTL}{READ} 160
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 161
{TTL}Mary Prince{/TTL}{READ} 169
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 169
{TTL}Thomas Bellamy{/TTL}{READ} 174
{TTL}The Benevolent Planters{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 174
{TTL}John Newton{/TTL}{READ} 180
{TTL}Amazing Grace!{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 180
{TTL}Ann Cromartie Yearsley{/TTL}{READ} 181
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Poem on the Inhumanity of the Slave-Trade{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 181
{TTL}William Cowper{/TTL}{READ} 185
{TTL}Sweet Meat Has Sour Sauce{/TTL} 186
{TTL}The Negro¿s Complaint{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 187
{TTL}Hannah More and Eaglesfield Smith{/TTL}{READ} 188
{TTL}The Sorrows of Yamba{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 189
{TTL}Robert Southey{/TTL}{READ} 193
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Poems Concerning the Slave Trade{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 193
{TTL}Dorothy Wordsworth{/TTL}{READ} 198
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Grasmere Journals{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 198
{TTL}Thomas Clarkson{/TTL}{READ} 199
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The History of the Rise, Progress, & Accomplishment of the Abolitionof the African Slave-Trade by the British Parliament{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 199
{TTL}William Wordsworth{/TTL}{READ} 207
{TTL}To Toussaint L¿Ouverture{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 208
{TTL}To Thomas Clarkson{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 208
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Prelude{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 208
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Humanity{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 209
{TTL}Letter to Mary Ann Rawson (May 1833){/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 210
{TTL}The Edinburgh Review{/TTL}{READ} 210
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Abstract of the Information laid on the Table of the House of Commons, on the Subject of the Slave Trade{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 211
{TTL}George Gordon, Lord Byron{/TTL}{READ} 213
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Detached Thoughts{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 213
{TTL}Mary Robinson{/TTL}{READ}	214
{TTL}Ode to Beauty{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 215
{TTL}January, 1795{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 216
{TTL}Sappho and Phaon in a Series of Legitimate Sonnets{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 217
{SUBTTL}4 (¿Why, when I gaze on Phaon¿s beauteous eyes¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 217
{SUBTTL}7 (¿Come. Reason¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 218
{SUBTTL}11 (¿O Reason¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 218
{SUBTTL}12 (¿Now, o¿er the tesselated pavement strew¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 218
{SUBTTL}18 (¿Why art thou changed? O Phaon! tell me why?¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 219
{SUBTTL}30 (¿O¿er the tall cliff that bounds the billowy main¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 219
{SUBTTL}37 (¿When, in the gloomy mansion of the dead¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 219
{TTL}The Camp{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 220
{TTL}The Haunted Beach{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 221
{TTL}London¿s Summer Morning{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 222
{TTL}The Old Beggar{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 223
{TTL}To the Poet Coleridge{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 225
{TTL}Mary Wollstonecraft{/TTL}{READ}	227
{TTL}A Vindication of the Rights of Woman{/TTL} 229
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} To M. Talleyrand-Périgord, Late Bishop of Autun{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 230
{SUBTTL}Introduction{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 231
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 1. The Rights and Involved Dutiesof Mankind Considered{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 235
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 2. The Prevailing Opinion of a SexualCharacter Discussed{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 237
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 3. The Same Subject Continued{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 249
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 5. Animadversions on Some of the Writers Who Have Rendered Women Objects of Pity, Bordering on Contempt{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 255
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 13. Some Instances of the Folly Which the Ignoranceof Women Generates; with Concluding Reflections on the MoralImprovement That a Revolution in Female Manners Might NaturallyBe Expected to Produce{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 255
{TTL}from Maria; or The Wrongs of Woman{/TTL} 257
	The Wollstonecraft Controversy	and the Rights of Women{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	269
{TTL}Catherine Macaulay{/TTL}{READ} 269
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Letters on Education{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 270
{TTL}Anna Letitia Barbauld{/TTL}{READ} 272
{TTL}The Rights of Woman{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 273
{TTL}Robert Southey{/TTL}{READ} 273
{TTL}To Mary Wolstoncraft{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 273
{TTL}William Blake{/TTL}{READ} 274
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Mary{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 274
{TTL}Richard Polwhele{/TTL}{READ} 275
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Unsex¿d Females{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 276
{TTL}Priscilla bell Wakefield{/TTL}{READ} 280
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Reflections on the Present Condition of the Female Sex{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 280
{TTL}Mary Anne Radcliffe{/TTL}{READ} 284
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Female Advocate{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 285
{TTL}Hannah More{/TTL}{READ} 291
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 292
{TTL}Mary Lamb{/TTL}{READ} 297
{TTL}Letter to The British Lady¿s Magazine{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 298
{TTL}William Thompson and Anna Wheeler{/TTL}{READ} 301
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Appeal of One Half the Human Race, Women, Against the Pretensionsof the Other Half, Men, to Retain Them in Political, and Thence in Civiland Domestic Slavery{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 302
{TTL}Joanna Baillie{/TTL}{READ}	309
{TTL}Plays on the Passions{/TTL} 309
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Introductory Discourse{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 309
{TTL}London{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 314
{TTL}A Mother to Her Waking Infant{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 315
{TTL}A Child to His Sick Grandfather{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 316
{TTL}Thunder{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 317
{TTL}Song: Woo¿d and Married and A¿{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 319
	{TTL}Literary Ballads{/TTL}{CHAP}	320
{TTL}Reliques of Ancient English Poetry{/TTL}{READ}321
{A}Sir Patrick Spence{/A}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 322
{TTL}Robert Burns{/TTL}{READ}	323
{TTL}To a Mouse{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 324
{TTL}To a Louse{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 325
{TTL}Flow gently, sweet Afton{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 326
{TTL}Ae fond kiss{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 327
{TTL}Comin¿ Thro¿ the Rye (1){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 327
{TTL}Comin¿ Thro¿ the Rye (2){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 328
{TTL}Scots, wha hae wi¿ Wallace bled{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 328
{TTL}Is there for honest poverty{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 329
{TTL}A Red, Red Rose{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 330
{TTL}Auld Lang Syne{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 330
{TTL}The Fornicator. A New Song{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 331
{TTL}Sir Walter Scott{/TTL}{READ}	333
{TTL}Lord Randal{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 333
{TTL}Thomas Moore{/TTL}{READ}	334
{TTL}The harp that once through Tara¿s halls{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 334
{TTL}Believe me, if all those endearing young charms{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 334
{TTL}The time I¿ve lost in wooing{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 335
{TTL}William Wordsworth{/TTL}{READ}	336
{SERTTL}Lyrical Ballads{/SERTTL} 337
{TTL}Simon Lee{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 338
{TTL}We Are Seven{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 341
{TTL}Lines Written in Early Spring{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 342
{TTL}The Thorn{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 343
{TTL}Note to The Thorn{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 348
{TTL}Expostulation and Reply{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 350
{TTL}The Tables Turned{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 350
{TTL}Old Man Travelling{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 351
{TTL}Lines Written a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 352
{SERTTL}Lyrical Ballads (1800, 1802){/SERTTL} 356
{TTL}Preface{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 356
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Principal Object of the Poems. Humble and Rustic Life]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 356
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[¿The Spontaneous Overflow of Powerful Feelings¿]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 357
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Language of Poetry]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 358
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[What is a Poet?]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 360
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[¿Emotion Recollected in Tranquillity¿]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 362
{TTL}There was a Boy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 362
{TTL}Strange fits of passion have I known{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 363
{TTL}Song (¿She dwelt among th¿ untrodden ways¿){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 364
{TTL}Three years she grew in sun and shower{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 364
{TTL}Song (¿A slumber did my spirit seal¿){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 365
{TTL}Lucy Gray{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 365
{TTL}Poor Susan{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 367
{TTL}Nutting{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 368
{TTL}Michael{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 369
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Francis Jeffrey: {E1}{/E1}[On ¿the new poetry¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 380
{TTL}Charles Lamb: {E1}from{/E1} Letter to William Wordsworth{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 383
{TTL}Charles Lamb: {E1}from{/E1} Letter to Thomas Manning{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 384 h
{SERTTL}Sonnets, 1802¿1807{/SERTTL} 385
{TTL}Prefatory Sonnet (¿Nuns fret not at their Convent¿s narrow room¿){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 385
{TTL}The world is too much with us{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 386
{TTL}Composed upon Westminster Bridge, Sept. 3, 1802{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 386
{TTL}It is a beauteous Evening{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 387
{TTL}I griev¿d for Buonaparte{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 387
{TTL}London, 1802{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 387
{SERTTL}The Prelude, or Growth of a Poet¿s Mind (1805){/SERTTL} 388
{TTL}Book First. Introduction, Childhood, and School time{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 389
{TTL}Book Second. School time continued{/TTL} 403
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Two Consciousnesses]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 403
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Blessed Infant Babe]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 404
{TTL}Book Fourth. Summer Vacation{/TTL} 405
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[A Simile for Autobiography]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 405
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Encounter with a ¿Dismissed¿ Soldier]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 406
{TTL}Book Fifth. Books{/TTL} 409
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Meditation on Books. The Dream of the Arab]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 409
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[A Drowning in Esthwaite¿s Lake]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 412
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[¿The Mystery of Words¿]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 413
{TTL}Book Sixth. Cambridge, and the Alps{/TTL} 414
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Pleasure of Geometric Science]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 414
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Arrival in France]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 415
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Travelling in the Alps. Simplon Pass]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 417
{TTL}Book Seventh. Residence in London{/TTL} 420
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[A Blind Beggar. Bartholomew Fair]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 420
{TTL}Book Ninth. Residence in France{/TTL} 424
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Revolution, Royalists, and Patriots]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 427
{TTL}Book Tenth. Residence in France and French Revolution{/TTL} 429
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Reign of Terror. Confusion. Return to England]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 429
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Further Events in France]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 432
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Death of Robespierre and Renewed Optimism]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 434
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Britain Declares War on France. The Rise of Napoleonand Imperialist France]{/GRP}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 436
h {SUPTTL}Companion Reading{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}William Wordsworth: {E1}from{/E1} The Prelude (1850){/TTL}{/GRP}{READ} 438 h
{TTL}Book Eleventh. Imagination, How Impaired and Restored{/TTL} 439
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Imagination Restored by Nature]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 439
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[¿Spots of Time.¿ Two Memories from Childhood and Later Reflections]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 440
{TTL}Book Thirteenth. Conclusion{/TTL} 443
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Climbing Mount Snowdon. Moonlit Vista. Meditation on ¿Mind,¿ ¿Self,¿¿Imagination,¿ ¿Fear,¿ and ¿Love¿]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 443
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Concluding Retrospect and Prophecy]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 448
{TTL}I travell¿d among unknown Men{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 450
{TTL}Resolution and Independence{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 450
{TTL}I wandered lonely as a cloud{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 453
{TTL}My heart leaps up{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 454
{TTL}Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 454
{TTL}The Solitary Reaper{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 460
{TTL}Elegiac Stanzas (¿Peele Castle¿){/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 461
h {SUPTTL}Companion Reading{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Mary Shelley: On Reading Wordsworth¿s Lines on Peele Castle{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 462 h
{TTL}Surprized by joy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 463
{TTL}Scorn not the Sonnet{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 464
{TTL}Extempore Effusion upon the Death of James Hogg{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 464
{TTL}Dorothy Wordsworth{/TTL}{READ}	465
{TTL}Grasmere¿A Fragment{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 467
{TTL}Address to a Child{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 469
{TTL}Irregular Verses{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 470
{TTL}Floating Island{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 472
{TTL}Lines Intended for My Niece¿s Album{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 473
{TTL}Thoughts on My Sick-bed{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 474
{TTL}When Shall I Tread Your Garden Path?{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 476
{TTL}Lines Written (Rather Say Begun) on the Morning of Sunday April 6th{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 476
{TTL}The Grasmere Journals{/TTL} 478
{OTHTTL}[Home Alone]{/OTHTTL} 478
{OTHTTL}[A Leech Gatherer]{/OTHTTL} 479
{OTHTTL}[A Woman Beggar]{/OTHTTL} 479
{OTHTTL}[An Old Soldier]{/OTHTTL} 479
{OTHTTL}[The Grasmere Mailman]{/OTHTTL} 480
{OTHTTL}[A Vision of the Moon]{/OTHTTL} 481
{OTHTTL}[A Field of Daffodils]{/OTHTTL} 481
{OTHTTL}[A Beggar Woman from Cockermouth]{/OTHTTL} 482
{OTHTTL}[The Circumstances of ¿Composed upon Westminster Bridge¿]{/OTHTTL} 482
{OTHTTL}[The Circumstances of ¿It is a beauteous Evening¿]{/OTHTTL} 483
{OTHTTL}[The Household in Winter, with William¿s New Wife. Gingerbread]{/OTHTTL}{/READ}{READ} 483
{SERTTL}Letters{/SERTTL} 484
{TTL}To Jane Pollard [A Scheme of Happiness]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 484
{TTL}To Lady Beaumont [A Gloomy Christmas]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 485
{TTL}To Lady Beaumont [Her Poetry, William¿s Poetry]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 486
{TTL}To Mrs Thomas Clarkson [Household Labors]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 487
{TTL}To Mrs Thomas Clarkson [A Prospect of Publishing]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 488
{TTL}To William Johnson [Mountain-Climbing with a Woman]{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 489
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Samuel Taylor Coleridge: from Letter to Joseph Cottle{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 491
{TTL}Thomas De Quincey: from Recollections of the Lake Poets{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{/CHAP}{SEC} 492 h
	The Sublime, the Beautiful, and the Picturesque{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	496
{TTL}Edmund Burke{/TTL}{READ} 499
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublimeand Beautiful{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 499
{TTL}William Gilpin{/TTL}{READ} 505
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Three Essays on Picturesque Beauty, on Picturesque Travel,and on Sketching Landscape{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 506
{TTL}Jane Austen{/TTL}{READ} 511
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Pride and Prejudice{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 511
{TTL}Mary Wollstonecraft{/TTL}{READ} 511
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Vindication of the Rights of Men{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 512
{TTL}Immanuel Kant{/TTL}{READ} 513
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Critique of Judgement{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 514
{TTL}John Ruskin{/TTL}{READ} 516
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Modern Painters{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 517
{TTL}Samuel Taylor Coleridge{/TTL}{READ}	520
{TTL}Sonnet to the River Otter{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 522
h {SUPTTL}Companion Reading{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}William Lisle Bowles: To the River Itchin, Near Winton{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 522 h
{TTL}The Eolian Harp{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 522
{TTL}This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 524
{TTL}The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere (1798){/TTL} 526
{TTL}The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1817){/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 528
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}William Cowper: The Castaway{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 543
{TTL}Samuel Taylor Coleridge: {E1}from{/E1} Table Talk{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 544 h
{TTL}Kubla Khan{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 545
{TTL}Christabel{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 547
{TTL}Frost at Midnight{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 562
{TTL}Dejection: An Ode{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 563
{TTL}On Donne¿s Poetry{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 567
{TTL}Work Without Hope{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 567
{TTL}Constancy to an Ideal Object{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 567
{TTL}Epitaph{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 568
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Statesman¿s Manual [Symbol and Allegory]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 568
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Friend [Reflections of Fire]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 569
{TTL}Biographia Literaria{/TTL} 570
{SUBTTL}Chapter 4{/SUBTTL} 570
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Wordsworth¿s Earlier Poetry]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 570
{SUBTTL}Chapter 11{/SUBTTL} 571
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Profession of Literature]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 571
{SUBTTL}Chapter 13{/SUBTTL} 573
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Imagination and Fancy]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 573
{SUBTTL}Chapter 14{/SUBTTL} 576
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Occasion of the Lyrical Ballads¿Preface to the Second Edition¿The Ensuing Controversy]{/GRP} 576
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Philosophic Definitions of a Poem and Poetry]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 577
{SUBTTL}Chapter 17{/SUBTTL} 578
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Examination of the Tenets Peculiar to Mr. Wordsworth. Rustic Lifeand Poetic Language]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 578
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Jacobinism{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 582
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Once a Jacobin Always a Jacobin{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 583
{TTL}Lectures on Shakespeare{/TTL} 586
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Mechanic vs. Organic Form]{/GRP} 586
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Character of Hamlet]{/GRP} 587
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Stage Illusion and the Willing Suspension of Disbelief]{/GRP} 588
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Shakespeare¿s Images]{/GRP} 588
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Othello]{/GRP}{/READ}{GRP TY=IC} 589
*{TTL}¿Coleridge¿s ¿Lectures¿¿ and Their Time *
Shakespeare in the Nineteenth Century{/TTL}{READ} 590
{AU}Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb{/AU} {TTL}Preface to Tales from Shakespear{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 591
{AU}Charles Lamb{/AU} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} On the Tragedies of Shakspeare{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 592
{AU}William Hazlitt{/AU} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Lectures on the English Poets{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 595 ¿{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Characters of Shakespeare¿s Plays{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 596
{AU}Thomas De Quincey{/AU} {TTL}On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 597
{TTL}George Gordon, Lord Byron{/TTL}{READ}	600
{TTL}She walks in beauty{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 602
{TTL}So, we¿ll go no more a-roving{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 603
{TTL}Manfred{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=IC} 604
*{TTL}¿Manfred¿ and Its Time *
The Byronic Hero{/TTL}{READ} 638
{AU}Byron¿s Earlier Heroes{/AU}{/READ}{READ} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Giaour{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 639 ¿ {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Corsair{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 640 ¿{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Lara{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 640 ¿ {TTL}Prometheus{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 641 ¿ {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Childe Harold¿sPilgrimage, Canto the Third [Napoleon Buonoparte]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 642
{AU}Samuel Taylor Coleridge{/AU} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Statesman¿s Manual [¿SatanicPride and Rebellious Self-Idolatry¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 644
{AU}Caroline Lamb{/AU} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Glenarvon{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 645
{AU}Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley{/AU} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Frankenstein; or The ModernPrometheus{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 647
{AU}Felicia Hemans{/AU} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Widow of Crescentius{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 649
{AU}Percy Bysshe Shelley{/AU} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Preface to Prometheus Unbound{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 650
{AU}Robert Southey{/AU} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Preface to A Vision of Judgement{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 652
{AU}George Gordon, Lord Byron{/AU} {TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Vision of Judgment{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{/CHAP}{CHAP}{READ} 653
{TTL}Childe Harold¿s Pilgrimage{/TTL} 654
{SUBTTL}Canto the Third{/SUBTTL} 654
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Waterloo Fields]{/GRP} 654
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Thunderstorm in the Alps]{/GRP} 657
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Byron¿s Strained Idealism. Apostrophe to His Daughter]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 658
{TTL}Canto the Fourth{/TTL} 660
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Rome. Political Hopes]{/GRP} 660
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Coliseum. The Dying Gladiator]{/GRP} 662
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Apostrophe to the Ocean. Conclusion]{/GRP}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 663
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}John Wilson: {E1}from{/E1} A Review of Childe Harold¿s Pilgrimage{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 666
{TTL}John Scott: [Lord Byron¿s Creations]{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{/CHAP}{CHAP}{READ} 667 h
{GRP TY=SECTTL}Don Juan{/GRP} 667
{TTL}Dedication{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 668
{TTL}Canto 1{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 672
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Canto 2 [Shipwreck. Juan and Haidée]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 717
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Canto 3 [Juan and Haidée. The Poet for Hire]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 733
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Canto 7 [Critique of Military ¿Glory¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 741
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Canto 11 [Juan in England]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 742
{TTL}Stanzas (¿When a man hath no freedom to fight for at home¿){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 745
{TTL}On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 746
{GRP TY=SECTTL}Letters{/GRP} 747
{TTL}To Thomas Moore [On Childe Harold] (28 January 1817){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 747
{TTL}To John Murray [On Don Juan] (6 April 1819){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 747
{TTL}To John Murray [On Don Juan] (12 August 1819){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 748
{TTL}To Douglas Kinnaird [On Don Juan] (26 October 1819){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 750
{TTL}To John Murray [On Don Juan] (16 February 1821){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 751
{TTL}Percy Bysshe Shelley{/TTL}{READ}	752
{TTL}To Wordsworth{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 754
{TTL}Mont Blanc{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 754
{TTL}Hymn to Intellectual Beauty{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 758
{TTL}Ozymandias{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 760
{TTL}Sonnet: Lift not the painted veil{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 760
{TTL}Sonnet: England in 1819{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 761
{TTL}The Mask of Anarchy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 761
{TTL}Ode to the West Wind{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 771
{TTL}To a Sky-Lark{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 773
{TTL}To¿(¿Music, when soft voices die¿){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 776
{TTL}Adonais{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 776
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}George Gordon, Lord Byron: {E1}from{/E1} Don Juan{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 791
{TTL}George Gordon, Lord Byron: Letter to Percy Bysshe Shelley(26 April 1821){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 791
{TTL}George Gordon, Lord Byron: Letter to John Murray(30 July 1821){/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 792 h
{TTL}The Cloud{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 792
{TTL}Hellas{/TTL} 794
{A}Chorus (¿Worlds on worlds are rolling ever¿){/A} 795
{A}Chorus (¿The world¿s great age begins anew¿){/A}{/READ}{READ} 796
{TTL}With a Guitar, to Jane{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 798
{TTL}To Jane (¿The keen stars¿){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 800
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Defence of Poetry{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 800
{TTL}Felicia Hemans{/TTL}{READ}	810
{SERTTL}Tales, and Historic Scenes, In Verse{/SERTTL} 812
{TTL}The Wife of Asdrubal{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 812
{TTL}The Last Banquet of Antony and Cleopatra{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 814
{TTL}Evening Prayer, at a Girls¿ School{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 818
{TTL}Casabianca{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 819
{SERTTL}Records of Woman{/SERTTL} 820
{TTL}The Bride of the Greek Isle{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 820
{TTL}Properzia Rossi{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 825
{TTL}Indian Woman¿s Death-Song{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 829
{TTL}Joan of Arc, in Rheims{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 830
{TTL}The Homes of England{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 833
{TTL}The Graves of a Household{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 834
{TTL}Corinne at the Capitol{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 835
{TTL}Woman and Fame{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 836
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Francis Jeffrey: {E1}from{/E1} A Review of Felicia Hemans¿s Poetry{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 837
{TTL}William Wordsworth: {E1}from{/E1} Prefatory Note to Extempore Effusion on theDeath of James Hogg{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 840 h
{TTL}John Clare{/TTL}{READ}	841
{TTL}Written in November (1){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 842
{TTL}Written in November (2){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 842
{TTL}Songs Eternity{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 842
{TTL}[The Lament of Swordy Well]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 844
{TTL}[The Mouse¿s Nest]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 848
{TTL}Clock a Clay{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 849
{TTL}¿I Am¿{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 849
{TTL}The Mores{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 850
{TTL}John Keats{/TTL}{READ}	852
{TTL}On First Looking into Chapman¿s Homer{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 854
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Alexander Pope: {E1}from{/E1} Homer¿s Iliad{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 855
{TTL}George Chapman: {E1}from{/E1} Homer¿s Iliad{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 855
{TTL}Alexander Pope: {E1}from{/E1} Homer¿s Odyssey{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 855
{TTL}George Chapman: {E1}from{/E1} Homer¿s Odyssey{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 856 h
{TTL}To one who has been long in city pent{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 856
{TTL}On the Grasshopper and Cricket{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 856
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Sleep and Poetry{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 857
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}John Gibson Lockhart: {E1}from{/E1} On the Cockney School of Poetry{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 859
{TTL}John Gibson Lockhart: {E1}from{/E1} The Cockney School of Poetry{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 862 h
{TTL}On Seeing the Elgin Marbles{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 864
{TTL}On sitting down to read King Lear once again{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 864
{TTL}Sonnet: When I have fears{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 865
{TTL}The Eve of St. Agnes{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 865
{TTL}La Belle Dame sans Mercy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 875
{TTL}Incipit altera Sonneta (¿If by dull rhymes¿){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 876
{TTL}The Odes of 1819{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 877
{TTL}Ode to Psyche{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 877
{TTL}Ode to a Nightingale{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 879
{TTL}Ode on a Grecian Urn{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 882
{TTL}Ode on Indolence{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 883
{TTL}Ode on Melancholy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 885
{TTL}To Autumn{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 886
{TTL}The Fall of Hyperion: A Dream{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 887
{TTL}This living hand{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 899
{TTL}Bright Star{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 900
{GRP TY=SECTTL}Letters{/GRP} 900
{TTL}To Benjamin Bailey [¿The truth of Imagination¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 900
{TTL}To George and Thomas Keats [¿intensity¿ and ¿Negative Capability¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 901
{TTL}To John Hamilton Reynolds [Wordsworth and ¿the whimsof an Egotist¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 902
{TTL}To John Taylor [¿a few axioms¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 903
{TTL}To Benjamin Bailey [¿ardent pursuit¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 904
{TTL}To John Hamilton Reynolds [Wordsworth, Milton, and¿dark Passages¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 904
{TTL}To Benjamin Bailey [¿I have not a right feeling towards Women¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 907
{TTL}To Richard Woodhouse [The ¿camelion Poet¿ vs.the ¿egotistical sublime¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 907
{TTL}To George and Georgiana Keats [¿indolence,¿ ¿poetry¿ vs. ¿philosophy,¿ the ¿vale of Soul-making¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 909
{TTL}To Fanny Brawne [¿you take possession of me¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 912
{TTL}To Percy Bysshe Shelley [¿an artist must serve Mammon¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 913
{TTL}To Charles Brown [Keats¿s Last Letter]{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 914
	Popular Prose and the Problems of Authorship{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	916
{TTL}Sir Walter Scott{/TTL}{READ} 918
{TTL}Introduction to Tales of My Landlord{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 919
{TTL}Charles Lamb{/TTL}{READ} 923
{TTL}Oxford in the Vacation{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 924
{TTL}Dream Children{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 928
{TTL}Old China{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 930
{TTL}William Hazlitt{/TTL}{READ} 934
{TTL}On Gusto{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 935
{TTL}My First Acquaintance with Poets{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 937
{TTL}Thomas De Quincey{/TTL}{READ} 950
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Confessions of an English Opium-Eater{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 951
{TTL}[What Do We Mean by Literature?]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 979
{TTL}Jane Austen{/TTL}{READ} 981
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Pride and Prejudice{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 982
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Emma{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 983
{TTL}Letter to James S. Clarke{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 989
{TTL}William Cobbett{/TTL}{READ} 989
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Rural Rides{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 990
{TTL}Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley{/TTL}{READ} 992
{TTL}The Swiss Peasant{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{PART} 994
{TTL}	The Victorian Age{/TTL}{/PART}{CHAP}	1008
{TTL}Thomas Carlyle{/TTL}{READ}	1033
{TTL}Past and Present{/TTL} 1035
{SUBTTL}Midas{/SUBTTL}{GRP TY=OTHTTL} [The Condition of England]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1035
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Gospel of Mammonism{/SUBTTL}{GRP TY=OTHTTL} [The Irish Widow]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1038
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Labour{/SUBTTL}{GRP TY=OTHTTL} [Know Thy Work]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1039
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Democracy{/SUBTTL}{GRP TY=OTHTTL} [Liberty to Die by Starvation]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1040
{SUBTTL}Captains of Industry{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 1042
	The Industrial Landscape{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	1047
{TTL}The Steam Loom Weaver{/TTL}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1049
{TTL}Fanny Kemble{/TTL}{READ} 1050
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Record of a Girlhood{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1050
{TTL}Thomas Babington Macaulay{/TTL}{READ} 1051
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Review of Southey¿s Colloquies{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1051
{TTL}Parliamentary Papers (¿Blue Books¿){/TTL}{READ} 1053
{SUBTTL}Testimony of Hannah Goode, a Child Textile Worker{/SUBTTL} 1054
{SUBTTL}Testimony of Ann and Elizabeth Eggley, Child Mineworkers{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1054
{TTL}Charles Dickens{/TTL}{READ} 1055
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Dombey and Son{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1056
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Hard Times{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1057
{TTL}Benjamin Disraeli{/TTL}{READ} 1059
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Sybil{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1059
{TTL}Friedrich Engels{/TTL}{READ} 1060
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1060
{TTL}Henry Mayhew{/TTL}{READ} 1068
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} London Labour and the London Poor{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 1068
{TTL}John Stuart Mill{/TTL}{READ}	1073
{TTL}On Liberty{/TTL} 1075
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 2. Of the Liberty of Thought and Discussion{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1075
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 3. Of Individuality, as One of the Elements of Well-Being{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1078
{TTL}The Subjection of Women{/TTL} 1086
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 1{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1086
{TTL}Statement Repudiating the Rights of Husbands{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1095
{TTL}Autobiography{/TTL} 1095
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 1. Childhood, and Early Education{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1095
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 5. A Crisis in My Mental History. One Stage Onward{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1098
{TTL}Elizabeth Barrett Browning{/TTL}{READ}	1105
{TTL}To George Sand: A Desire{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1107
{TTL}To George Sand: A Recognition{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1107
{TTL}A Year¿s Spinning{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1107
{TTL}Sonnets from the Portuguese{/TTL} 1108
{A}1 (¿I thought once how Theocritus had sung¿){/A} 1108
{A}13 (¿And wilt thou have me fashion into speech¿){/A} 1109
{A}14 (¿If thou must love me, let it be for nought¿){/A} 1109
{A}21 (¿Say over again, and yet once over again¿){/A} 1109
{A}22 (¿When our two souls stand up erect and strong¿){/A} 1110
{A}24 (¿Let the world¿s sharpness, like a clasping knife¿){/A} 1110
{A}28 (¿My letters! all dead paper, mute and white!¿){/A} 1110
{A}32 (¿The first time that the sun rose on thine oath¿){/A} 1111
{A}38 (¿First time he kissed me, he but only kissed¿){/A} 1111
{A}43 (¿How do I love thee? Let me count the ways¿){/A}{/READ}{READ} 1111
{TTL}Aurora Leigh{/TTL} 1112
{SUBTTL}Book 1{/SUBTTL} 1112
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Self-Portrait]{/GRP} 1112
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Her Mother¿s Portrait]{/GRP} 1114
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Aurora¿s Education]{/GRP} 1115
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Discovery of Poetry]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1118
{SUBTTL}Book 2{/SUBTTL} 1120
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Woman and Artist]{/GRP} 1120
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[No Female Christ]{/GRP} 1123
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Aurora¿s Rejection of Romney]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1124
{SUBTTL}Book 3{/SUBTTL} 1128
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Woman Writer in London]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1128
{SUBTTL}Book 5{/SUBTTL} 1131
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Epic Art and Modern Life]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1131
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Curse for a Nation{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1133
{TTL}A Musical Instrument{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1135
{TTL}The Best Thing in the World{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1136
{TTL}Alfred, Lord Tennyson{/TTL}{READ}	1136
{TTL}The Kraken{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1139
{TTL}Mariana{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1139
{TTL}The Lady of Shalott{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1141
{TTL}The Lotos-Eaters{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1146
{TTL}Ulysses{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1150
{TTL}Tithonus{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1152
{TTL}Break, Break, Break{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1153
{TTL}The Epic [Morte d¿Arthur]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1154
{TTL}The Eagle: A Fragment{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1156
{TTL}Locksley Hall{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1156
{SERTTL}The Princess{/SERTTL} 1161
{TTL}Sweet and Low{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1161
{TTL}The Splendour Falls{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1162
{TTL}Tears, Idle Tears{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1162
{TTL}Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1163
{TTL}Come Down, O Maid{/TTL} 1163
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[The Woman¿s Cause Is Man¿s]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1164
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} In Memoriam A. H. H.{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1165
{TTL}The Charge of the Light Brigade{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1195
{TTL}Idylls of the King{/TTL}{/READ} 1196
{SUBTTL}The Coming of Arthur{/SUBTTL}{READ} 1196
{A}Pelleas and Ettarre{/A} 1205
{A}The Passing of Arthur{/A}{/READ}{READ} 1218
{TTL}The Higher Pantheism{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1228
{TTL}Flower in the Crannied Wall{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1229
{TTL}Crossing the Bar{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1229
{TTL}Edward Fitzgerald{/TTL}{READ}	1230
{TTL}The Rub iy t of Omar Khayy m of Naish púr{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1231
{TTL}Charles Darwin{/TTL}{READ}	1243
{TTL}The Voyage of the Beagle{/TTL} 1245
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 10. Tierra Del Fuego{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1245
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 17. Galapagos Archipelago{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1251
{TTL}On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1254
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 3. Struggle for Existence{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1254
{TTL}The Descent of Man{/TTL} 1259
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 21. General Summary and Conclusion{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1259
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Autobiography{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 1265
	Religion and Science{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	1273
{TTL}Thomas Babington Macaulay{/TTL}{READ} 1274
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Lord Bacon{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1274
{TTL}Charles Dickens{/TTL}{READ} 1275
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Sunday Under Three Heads{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1275
{TTL}David Friedrich Strauss{/TTL}{READ} 1278
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Life of Jesus Critically Examined{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1278
{TTL}Charlotte Brontë{/TTL}{READ} 1281
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Jane Eyre{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1281
{TTL}Arthur Hugh Clough{/TTL}{READ} 1283
{TTL}Epi-strauss-ium{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1283
{TTL}The Latest Decalogue{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1284
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Dipsychus{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1284
{TTL}John William Colenso{/TTL}{READ} 1285
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1286
{TTL}John Henry Cardinal Newman{/TTL}{READ} 1287
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Apologia Pro Vita Sua{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1288
{TTL}Thomas Henry Huxley{/TTL}{READ} 1294
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Evolution and Ethics{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1295
{TTL}Sir Edmund Gosse{/TTL}{READ} 1300
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Father and Son{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 1300
{TTL}Robert Browning{/TTL}{READ}	1305
{TTL}Porphyria¿s Lover{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1308
{TTL}Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1309
{TTL}My Last Duchess{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1311
{TTL}How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1312
{TTL}Home-Thoughts, from Abroad{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1314
{TTL}Home-Thoughts, from the Sea{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1314
{TTL}The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed¿s Church{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1315
{TTL}Meeting at Night{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1318
{TTL}Parting at Morning{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1318
{TTL}A Toccata of Galuppi¿s{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1318
{TTL}Memorabilia{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1320
{TTL}Love Among the Ruins{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1321
{TTL}¿Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came¿{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1323
{TTL}Fra Lippo Lippi{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1328
{TTL}The Last Ride Together{/TTL}{READ} 1336
{TTL}Andrea del Sarto{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1339
{TTL}Two in the Campagna{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1345
{TTL}A Woman¿s Last Word{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1346
{TTL}Caliban Upon Setebos{/TTL}{/READ} 1348
{TTL}Epilogue to Asolando{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1354
{TTL}Charles Dickens{/TTL}{READ}	1355
{TTL}A Christmas Carol{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1357
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Walk in a Workhouse{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 1405
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Dickens at Work: Recollections by His Children and Friends{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1409
{TTL}Kate Field: Dickens Giving a Reading of A Christmas Carol{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{/CHAP}{SEC} 1411 h
	{TTL}Popular Short Fiction{/TTL}{CHAP}	1413
{TTL}Elizabeth Gaskell{/TTL}{READ}	1413
{TTL}Our Society at Cranford{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1414
{TTL}Thomas Hardy{/TTL}{READ}	1429
{TTL}The Withered Arm{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1429
{TTL}Sir Arthur Conan Doyle{/TTL}{READ}	1447
{TTL}A Scandal in Bohemia{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1448
{TTL}Edith Nesbit{/TTL}{READ}	1463
{TTL}Fortunatus Rex & Co.{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 1463
{TTL}John Ruskin{/TTL}{READ}	1473
{TTL}Modern Painters{/TTL} 1474
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Definition of Greatness in Art{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1474
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Of Water, As Painted by Turner{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1475
{TTL}The Stones of Venice{/TTL} 1476
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Nature of Gothic{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1476
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Modern Manufacture and Design{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1485
{TTL}Praeterita{/TTL} 1488
{SUBTTL}Preface{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1488
{SUBTTL}from The Springs of Wandel{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1489
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Herne-Hill Almond Blossoms{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1491
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Schaffhausen and Milan{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1493
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Grande Chartreuse{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1494
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Joanna¿s Care{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1496
{TTL}Florence Nightingale{/TTL}{READ}	1497
{TTL}Cassandra{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 1498
	Victorian Ladies and Gentlemen{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	1515
{TTL}Frances Power Cobbe{/TTL}{READ} 1517
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Life of Frances Power Cobbe As Told by Herself{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1517
{TTL}Sarah Stickney Ellis{/TTL}{READ} 1521
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Women of England: Their Social Duties and Domestic Habits{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1521
{TTL}Charlotte Brontë{/TTL}{READ} 1524
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Letter to Emily Brontë{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1524
{TTL}Anne Brontë{/TTL}{READ} 1526
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Agnes Grey{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1526
{TTL}John Henry Cardinal Newman{/TTL}{READ} 1527
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Idea of a University{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1527
{TTL}Caroline Norton{/TTL}{READ} 1528
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Letter to the Queen{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1529
{TTL}George Eliot{/TTL}{READ} 1531
{TTL}Margaret Fuller and Mary Wollstonecraft{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1531
{TTL}Thomas Hughes{/TTL}{READ} 1536
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Tom Brown¿s School Days{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1536
{TTL}Isabella Beeton{/TTL}{READ} 1538
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Book of Household Management{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1538
{TTL}Queen Victoria{/TTL}{READ} 1540
{TTL}Letters and Journal Entries on the Position of Women{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1540
{TTL}Charles Kingsley{/TTL}{READ} 1545
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Letters and Memories{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1545
{TTL}Sir Henry Newbolt{/TTL}{READ} 1546
{TTL}Vitaï Lampada{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 1546
{TTL}Matthew Arnold{/TTL}{READ}	1547
{TTL}Isolation. To Marguerite{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1550
{TTL}To Marguerite¿Continued{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1551
{TTL}Dover Beach{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1551
{TTL}Lines Written in Kensington Gardens{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1552
{TTL}The Buried Life{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1553
{TTL}Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1555
{TTL}The Scholar-Gipsy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1560
{TTL}East London{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1566
{TTL}West London{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1567
{TTL}Thyrsis{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1567
{TTL}from The Function of Criticism at the Present Time{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1573
{TTL}Culture and Anarchy{/TTL} 1583
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Sweetness and Light{/SUBTTL} 1583
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Doing as One Likes{/SUBTTL} 1585
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Hebraism and Hellenism{/SUBTTL} 1589
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Porro Unum Est Necessarium{/SUBTTL} 1590
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Conclusion{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1592
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Study of Poetry{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1593
{TTL}Dante Gabriel Rossetti{/TTL}{READ}	1599
{TTL}The Blessed Damozel{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1601
{TTL}The Woodspurge{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1604
{TTL}The House of Life{/TTL} 1604
{SUBTTL}The Sonnet{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1604
{SUBTTL}4. Lovesight{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1605
{SUBTTL}6. The Kiss{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1605
{SUBTTL}Nuptial Sleep{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1605
{TTL}The Burden of Nineveh{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1606
{TTL}Christina Rossetti{/TTL}{READ}	1611
{TTL}Song (¿She sat and sang alway¿){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1612
{TTL}Song (¿When I am dead, my dearest¿){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1612
{TTL}Remember{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1613
{TTL}After Death{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1613
{TTL}A Pause{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1613
{TTL}Echo{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1614
{TTL}Dead Before Death{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1614
{TTL}Cobwebs{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1615
{TTL}A Triad{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1615
{TTL}In an Artist¿s Studio{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1615
{TTL}A Birthday{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1616
{TTL}An Apple-Gathering{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1616
{TTL}Winter: My Secret{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1617
{TTL}Up-Hill{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1618
{TTL}Goblin Market{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1618
{TTL}¿No, Thank You, John¿{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1630
{TTL}Promises Like Pie-Crust{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1631
{TTL}In Progress{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1631
{TTL}What Would I Give?{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1632
{TTL}A Life¿s Parallels{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1632
{TTL}Later Life{/TTL} 1632
{SUBTTL}17 (¿Something this foggy day, a something which¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1632
{TTL}Sleeping at Last{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1633
{TTL}William Morris{/TTL}{READ}	1633
{TTL}The Defence of Guenevere{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1634
{TTL}The Haystack in the Floods{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1641
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Beauty of Life{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1645
{TTL}Algernon Charles Swinburne{/TTL}{READ}	1651
{TTL}The Leper{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1652
{TTL}The Triumph of Time{/TTL} 1656
{SUBTTL}I Will Go Back to the Great Sweet Mother{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1656
{TTL}Itylus{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1657
{TTL}Hymn to Proserpine{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1658
{TTL}A Forsaken Garden{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1661
{TTL}The Higher Pantheism in a Nutshell{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1663
{TTL}Walter Pater{/TTL}{READ}	1663
{TTL}The Renaissance{/TTL} 1665
{SUBTTL}Preface{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1665
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Leonardo da Vinci{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1668
{SUBTTL}Conclusion{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1669
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Child in the House{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1671
{TTL}Gerard Manley Hopkins{/TTL}{READ}	1677
{TTL}God¿s Grandeur{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1679
{TTL}The Starlight Night{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1679
{TTL}Spring{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1680
{TTL}The Windhover{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1680
{TTL}Pied Beauty{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1681
{TTL}Hurrahing in Harvest{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1681
{TTL}Binsey Poplars{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1681
{TTL}Duns Scotus¿s Oxford{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1682
{TTL}Felix Randal{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1682
{TTL}Spring and Fall: to a young child{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1683
{TTL}As Kingfishers Catch Fire{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1683
{TTL}[Carrion Comfort]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1684
{TTL}No Worst, There Is None{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1684
{TTL}I Wake and Feel the Fell of Dark, Not Day{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1684
{TTL}That Nature Is a Heraclitean Fire and of the Comfortof the Resurrection{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1685
{TTL}Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1686
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Journal [On ¿Inscape¿ and ¿Instress¿]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1686
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Letter to R. W. Dixon [On Sprung Rhythm]{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{PART} 1688
{TOC}{CHAP}{TTL}Lewis Carroll{/TTL}{READ}	1689
{TTL}Alice¿s Adventures in Wonderland{/TTL} 1691
{SUBTTL}Chapter 1. Down the Rabbit-Hole{/SUBTTL} 1691
{SUBTTL}{E1}from{/E1} Chapter 2. The Pool of Tears{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1694
{SUBTTL}You are old, Father William{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1696
{SUBTTL}The Lobster-Quadrille{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1697
{TTL}Through the Looking Glass{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1697
{SUBTTL}Child of the pure unclouded brow{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1697
{SUBTTL}Jabberwocky{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1698
{SUBTTL}[Humpty Dumpty on Jabberwocky]{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1699
{SUBTTL}The Walrus and the Carpenter{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 1700
{SUBTTL}The White Knight¿s Song{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 1702
	Imagining Childhood{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	1705
{TTL}Charles Darwin{/TTL}{READ} 1709
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Biographical Sketch of an Infant{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1709
{TTL}Moral Verses{/TTL}{READ} 1712
{TTL}Table Rules for Little Folks{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1712
{TTL}Eliza Cook: The Mouse and the Cake{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1713
{TTL}Heinrich Hoffmann: The Story of Augustus who would Not haveany Soup{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1714
{TTL}Thomas Miller: The Watercress Seller{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1714
{TTL}William Miller: Willie Winkie{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1715
{TTL}Edward Lear{/TTL}{READ} 1715
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Selected Limericks]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 1716
{TTL}The Owl and the Pussy-Cat{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1718
{TTL}The Jumblies{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1719
{TTL}How pleasant to know Mr. Lear!{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1721
{TTL}Christina Rossetti{/TTL}{READ} 1722
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1722
{TTL}Robert Louis Stevenson{/TTL}{READ} 1726
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Child¿s Garden of Verses{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1726
{TTL}Hilaire Belloc{/TTL}{READ} 1730
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Bad Child¿s Book of Beasts{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1730
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Cautionary Tales for Children{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1732
{TTL}Beatrix Potter{/TTL}{READ} 1733
{TTL}The Tale of Peter Rabbit{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1734
{AU}Daisy Ashford{/AU}{READ} 1735
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Young Visiters; or, Mr Salteena¿s Plan{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1736
{TTL}Henry James{/TTL}{READ} 1743
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} What Maisie Knew{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 1744
{TTL}Rudyard Kipling{/TTL}{READ}	1747
{TTL}Without Benefit of Clergy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1749
{SERTTL}Just So Stories{/SERTTL} 1763
{TTL}How the Whale Got His Throat{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1763
{TTL}How the Camel Got His Hump{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1765
{TTL}Gunga Din{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1767
{TTL}The Widow at Windsor{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1769
{TTL}Recessional{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 1770
{TTL}If¿{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 1771
	Travel and Empire{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	1772
{TTL}Frances Trollope{/TTL}{READ} 1773
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Domestic Manners of the Americans{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1773
{TTL}Thomas Babington Macaulay{/TTL}{READ} 1779
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Minute on Indian Education{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1780
{TTL}Alexander William Kinglake{/TTL}{READ} 1784
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Eothen{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1784
{TTL}Sir Richard Francis Burton{/TTL}{READ} 1791
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1791
{TTL}Isabella Bird{/TTL}{READ} 1796
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Lady¿s Life in the Rocky Mountains{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1796
{TTL}Sir Henry Morton Stanley{/TTL}{READ} 1803
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Through the Dark Continent{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1803
{TTL}Mary Kingsley{/TTL}{READ} 1810
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Travels in West Africa{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1810
{TTL}Rudyard Kipling{/TTL}{READ} 1818
{TTL}The White Man¿s Burden{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1818
{TTL}Robert Louis Stevenson{/TTL}{READ}	1819
{TTL}The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1821
{TTL}Oscar Wilde{/TTL}{READ}	1860
{TTL}Impression du Matin{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1862
{TTL}The Harlot¿s House{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1863
{TTL}Symphony in Yellow{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1864
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Decay of Lying{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1864
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Soul of Man Under Socialism{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1879
{TTL}Preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1883
{TTL}The Importance of Being Earnest{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1884
{TTL}Aphorisms{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1924
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} De Profundis{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 1926
h {SUPTTL}Companion Reading{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}H. Montgomery Hyde: {E1}from{/E1} The Trials of Oscar Wilde{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{/CHAP}{SEC} 1933 h
	Aestheticism, Decadence, and the Fin De Siècle{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	1939
{TTL}W. S. Gilbert{/TTL}{READ} 1942
{TTL}If You¿re Anxious for to Shine in the High Aesthetic Line{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1943
{TTL}James Abbott Mcneill Whistler{/TTL}{READ} 1944
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Mr. Whistler¿s ¿Ten O¿Clock¿{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1945
{TTL}¿Michael Field¿ (Katharine Bradleyand Edith Cooper){/TTL}{READ} 1949
{TTL}La Gioconda{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1950
{TTL}A Pen-Drawing of Leda{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1950
{TTL}¿A Girl¿{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1951
{TTL}Ada Leverson{/TTL}{READ} 1951
{TTL}Suggestion{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1952
{TTL}Arthur Symons{/TTL}{READ} 1956
{TTL}Pastel{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1957
{TTL}White Heliotrope{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1957
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Decadent Movement in Literature{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1958
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Preface to Silhouettes{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1959
{TTL}Richard Le Gallienne{/TTL}{READ} 1960
{TTL}A Ballad of London{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1961
{TTL}Lionel Johnson{/TTL}{READ} 1962
{TTL}The Destroyer of a Soul{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1962
{TTL}The Dark Angel{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1963
{TTL}A Decadent¿s Lyric{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1964
{TTL}Lord Alfred Douglas{/TTL}{READ} 1965
{TTL}In Praise of Shame{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1965
{TTL}Two Loves{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1966
{TTL}Impression de Nuit{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1967
{TTL}Olive Custance (Lady Alfred Douglas){/TTL}{READ} 1968
{TTL}The Masquerade{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1969
{TTL}Statues{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 1969
{TTL}The White Witch{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 1970
{TTL}Max Beerbohm{/TTL}{READ} 1970
{TTL}Enoch Soames{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{/TOC} 1971
{TTL}	The Twentieth Century{/TTL}{/PART}{CHAP}	1990
{TTL}Joseph Conrad{/TTL}{READ}	2015
{TTL}Preface to The Nigger of the ¿Narcissus¿{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2018
{TTL}Heart of Darkness{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 2020
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Joseph Conrad: {E1}from{/E1} Congo Diary{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2074
{TTL}Sir Henry Morton Stanley: {E1}from{/E1} Address to the Manchester Chamberof Commerce{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2076
{TTL}Gang of Four: We Live As We Dream, Alone{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2081 h
{TTL}Bernard Shaw{/TTL}{READ}	2082
{TTL}Preface: A Professor of Phonetics{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2085
{TTL}Pygmalion{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2087
{GRP TY=SECTTL}Letters{/GRP} 2151
{TTL}To Francis Collison (20 August 1903){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2151
{TTL}To The Times (31 October 1906){/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2152
{TTL}Thomas Hardy{/TTL}{READ}	2154
{TTL}Hap{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2156
{TTL}Neutral Tones{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2156
{TTL}Wessex Heights{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2156
{TTL}The Darkling Thrush{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2157
{TTL}On the Departure Platform{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2158
{TTL}The Convergence of the Twain{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2159
{TTL}At Castle Boterel{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2160
{TTL}Channel Firing{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2160
{TTL}In Time of ¿The Breaking of Nations¿{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2161
{TTL}I Looked Up from My Writing{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2162
{TTL}¿And There Was a Great Calm¿{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2162
{TTL}Logs on the Hearth{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2164
{TTL}The Photograph{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2164
{TTL}The Fallow Deer at the Lonely House{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2165
{TTL}Afterwards{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2165
{TTL}Epitaph{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 2166
	The Great War: Confronting the Modern{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	2167
{TTL}Blast{/TTL}{READ} 2167
{TTL}Vorticist Manifesto{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2169
{TTL}Rupert Brooke{/TTL}{READ} 2183
{TTL}The Great Lover{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2184
{TTL}The Soldier{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2185
{TTL}Siegfried Sassoon{/TTL}{READ} 2186
{TTL}Glory of Women{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2186
{TTL}¿They¿{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2187
{TTL}The Rear-Guard{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2187
{TTL}Everyone Sang{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2188
{TTL}Wilfred Owen{/TTL}{READ} 2188
{TTL}Anthem for Doomed Youth{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2188
{TTL}Strange Meeting{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2189
{TTL}Disabled{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2190
{TTL}Dulce Et Decorum Est{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2191
{TTL}Isaac Rosenberg{/TTL}{READ} 2192
{TTL}Break of Day in the Trenches{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2192
{TTL}Dead Man¿s Dump{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2193
{TTL}David Jones{/TTL}{READ} 2195
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} In Parenthesis{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2196
{TTL}Robert Graves{/TTL}{READ} 2216
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Goodbye to All That{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 2217
{TTL}Speeches on Irish Independence{/TTL}{READ}	2232
{TTL}Charles Stewart Parnell{/TTL} 2233
{SUBTTL}At Limerick{/SUBTTL} 2233
{SUBTTL}Before the House of Commons{/SUBTTL} 2234
{SUBTTL}At Portsmouth, After the Defeat of Mr. Gladstone¿s Home Rule Bill{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 2235
{SUBTTL}In Committee Room No. 15{/SUBTTL} 2236
{TTL}Proclamation of the Irish Republic{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2237
{TTL}Padraic Pearse{/TTL} 2238
{SUBTTL}Kilmainham Prison{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 2238
{TTL}Michael Collins{/TTL} 2239
{SUBTTL}The Substance of Freedom{/SUBTTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2239
{TTL}William Butler Yeats{/TTL}{READ}	2242
{TTL}The Lake Isle of Innisfree{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2246
{TTL}Who Goes with Fergus?{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2246
{TTL}No Second Troy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2246
{TTL}The Fascination of What¿s Difficult{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2247
{TTL}September 1913{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2247
{TTL}The Wild Swans at Coole{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2248
{TTL}An Irish Airman Foresees His Death{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2249
{TTL}Easter 1916{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2249
{TTL}The Second Coming{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2251
{TTL}A Prayer for My Daughter{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2252
{TTL}Sailing to Byzantium{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2253
{TTL}Meditations in Time of Civil War{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2254
{TTL}Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2259
{TTL}Leda and the Swan{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2262
{TTL}Among School Children{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2262
{TTL}Byzantium{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2264
{TTL}Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2265
{TTL}Lapis Lazuli{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2265
{TTL}The Circus Animals¿ Desertion{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2267
{TTL}Under Ben Bulben{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2268
{TTL}James Joyce{/TTL}{READ}	2270
{GRP TY=SECTTL}Dubliners{/GRP} 2274
{TTL}Araby{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2274
{TTL}Eveline{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2277
{TTL}Clay{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2280
{TTL}The Dead{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2284
{TTL}Ulysses{/TTL} 2311
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Chapter 13. Nausicaa]{/GRP}{/READ}{READ} 2312
{TTL}Finnegans Wake, and a First-Draft Version of Finnegans Wake{/TTL} 2338
{GRP TY=OTHTTL}[Shem the Penman]{/GRP}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2339
{TTL}T. S. Eliot{/TTL}{READ}	2344
{TTL}The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 2347
h {SUPTTL}Companion Readings{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Arthur Waugh: [Cleverness and the New Poetry]{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2350
{TTL}Ezra Pound: Drunken Helots and Mr. Eliot{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{READ} 2352 h
{TTL}Gerontion{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2354
{TTL}The Waste Land{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2356
{TTL}Journey of the Magi{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2369
{SERTTL}Four Quartets{/SERTTL} 2370
{TTL}Burnt Norton{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2370
{TTL}Tradition and the Individual Talent{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2374
{TTL}Virginia Woolf{/TTL}{READ}	2380
{TTL}The Lady in the Looking-Glass: A Reflection{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2382
{TTL}Mrs Dalloway{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2386
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} A Room of One¿s Own{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2485
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Three Guineas{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2520
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} The Diaries{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2535
{TTL}{E1}{/E1}Letter to Gerald Brenan (25 December 1922){/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 2548
	Regendering Modernism{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	2550
{TTL}Virginia Woolf{/TTL}{READ} 2551
{TTL}{E1}from{/E1} Orlando{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2552
{TTL}Vita Sackville-West{/TTL}{READ} 2557
{TTL}Seducers in Ecuador{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2558
{TTL}E. M. Forster{/TTL}{READ} 2582
{TTL}The Life to Come{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2583
{TTL}Rebecca West{/TTL}{READ} 2594
{TTL}Indissoluble Matrimony{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2594
{TTL}Katherine Mansfield{/TTL}{READ} 2611
{TTL}The Daughters of the Late Colonel{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2611
{TTL}Jean Rhys{/TTL}{READ} 2624
{TTL}Mannequin{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2626
{TTL}Angela Carter{/TTL}{READ} 2629
{TTL}Penetrating to the Heart of the Forest{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 2630
{TTL}D. H. Lawrence{/TTL}{READ}2638
{TTL}Piano{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2640
{TTL}Song of a Man Who Has Come Through{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2640
{TTL}Tortoise Shout{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2641
{TTL}Snake{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2643
{TTL}Bavarian Gentians{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2645
{TTL}Cypresses{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2646
{TTL}Odour of Chrysanthemums{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2647
{TTL}The Horse Dealer¿s Daughter{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2660
{TTL}Surgery for the Novel¿or a Bomb{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2671
{TTL}P. G. Wodehouse{/TTL}{READ}2674
{TTL}Strychnine in the Soup{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2675
{TTL}Graham Greene{/TTL}{READ}2687
{TTL}A Chance for Mr Lever{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 2688
	World War II and the End of Empire{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	2698
{TTL}Sir Winston Churchill{/TTL}{READ} 2699
{TTL}Two Speeches Before the House of Commons{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2700
{TTL}Stephen Spender{/TTL}{READ} 2707
{TTL}Icarus{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2708
{TTL}What I Expected{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2708
{TTL}The Express{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2709
{TTL}The Pylons{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2709
{TTL}Elizabeth Bowen{/TTL}{READ} 2710
{TTL}Mysterious Kôr{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2710
{AU}Evelyn Waugh{/AU}{READ} 2720
{TTL}The Man Who Liked Dickens{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2720
{TTL}Cruise{/TTL}{/READ}{GRP TY=CP} 2730
h {SUPTTL}Companion Reading{/SUPTTL}
{TTL}Monty Python: Travel Agent{/TTL}{/READ}{/GRP}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2734 h
{TTL}George Orwell{/TTL}{READ} 2737
{TTL}Politics and the English Language{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2738
{TTL}Shooting an Elephant{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2747
{TTL}Salman Rushdie{/TTL}{READ} 2751
{TTL}Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella of Spain ConsummateTheir Relationship{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 2752
{TTL}Dylan Thomas{/TTL}{READ}2757
{TTL}The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2758
{TTL}Fern Hill{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2759
{TTL}Poem in October{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2760
{TTL}Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2762
{TTL}Return Journey{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2762
{TTL}Samuel Beckett{/TTL}{READ}2770
{TTL}Krapp¿s Last Tape{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2771
{TTL}Texts for Nothing{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2777
{SUBTTL}4 (¿Where would I go, if I could go, who would I be, if I could be¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 2777
{SUBTTL}8 (¿Only the words break the silence, all other sounds have ceased¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 2778
{TTL}The Expelled{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 2780
	{TTL}Postwar Poets: English Voices{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	2788
{TTL}W. H. Auden{/TTL}{READ}2788
{TTL}Musée des Beaux Arts{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2789
{TTL}In Memory of W. B. Yeats{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2790
{TTL}Spain 1937{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2792
{TTL}Lullaby{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2794
{TTL}September 1, 1939{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2795
{TTL}In Praise of Limestone{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2797
{TTL}Stevie Smith{/TTL}{READ}2799
{TTL}Not Waving but Drowning{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2800
{TTL}Pretty{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2800
{TTL}How Cruel Is the Story of Eve{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2802
{TTL}The New Age{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2804
{TTL}Philip Larkin{/TTL}{READ}2804
{TTL}Church Going{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2805
{TTL}High Windows{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2807
{TTL}Talking in Bed{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2807
{TTL}Sylvia Plath{/TTL}{READ}2808
{TTL}The Colossus{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2809
{TTL}Daddy{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2810
{TTL}Lady Lazarus{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2812
{TTL}Child{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2814
{TTL}Ted Hughes{/TTL}{READ}2814
{TTL}Wind{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2815
{TTL}Relic{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2815
{TTL}Theology{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2816
{TTL}Dust As We Are{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2816
{TTL}Leaf Mould{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2817
{TTL}Telegraph Wires{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2818
{TTL}Thom Gunn{/TTL}{READ}2819
{TTL}Lines from a Book{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2819
{TTL}Elvis Presley{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2820
{TTL}A Map of the City{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2820
{TTL}Black Jackets{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2821
{TTL}From the Wave{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2822
{TTL}The Hug{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2822
{TTL}Patch Work{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2823
{TTL}The Missing{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{CHAP} 2824
{TTL}V. S. Naipaul{/TTL}{READ}2824
{SERTTL}In a Free State{/SERTTL} 2826
{TTL}Prologue, from a Journal: The Tramp at Piraeus{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2826
{TTL}Epilogue, from a Journal: The Circus at Luxor{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2833
{TTL}Caryl Churchill{/TTL}{READ}2838
{TTL}Cloud Nine{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{SEC} 2839
	Whose Language?{/TTL}{GRP TY=PER}{CHAP}	2889
{TTL}Seamus Heaney{/TTL}{READ} 2890
{TTL}The Toome Road{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2891
{TTL}A Postcard from North Antrim{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2891
{TTL}The Singer¿s House{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2893
{TTL}The Skunk{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2893
{TTL}Punishment{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2894
{TTL}Station Island{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2895
 {SUBTTL}12 (¿Like a convalescent, I took the hand¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 2895
{TTL}In Memoriam Francis Ledwidge{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2897
{TTL}Postscript{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2898
{TTL}Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill{/TTL}{READ} 2899
{TTL}Feeding a Child{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2899
{TTL}Parthenogenesis{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2900
{TTL}Labasheedy (The Silken Bed){/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2902
{TTL}As for the Quince{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2903
{TTL}Why I Choose to Write in Irish, The Corpse That Sits Up and Talks Back{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2904
{TTL}Ngugi Wa Thiong¿o{/TTL}{READ} 2912
{TTL}Decolonizing the Mind{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2913
 {TTL}Native African Languages{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2913
{TTL}Nadine Gordimer{/TTL}{READ} 2917
{TTL}What Were You Dreaming?{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2917
{TTL}James Kelman{/TTL}{READ} 2923
{TTL}Home for a Couple of Days{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2924
{TTL}Eavan Boland{/TTL}{READ} 2933
{TTL}Anorexic{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2934
{TTL}The Journey{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2935
{TTL}The Pomegranate{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2938
{TTL}A Woman Painted on a Leaf{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2939
{TTL}Mise Eire{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2940
{AU}Paul Muldoon{/AU}{READ} 2941
{TTL}Cuba{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2941
{TTL}Aisling{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2942
{TTL}Meeting the British{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2942
{TTL}Sleeve Notes{/TTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{CHAP} 2943
{TTL}Derek Walcott{/TTL}{READ} 2949
{TTL}A Far Cry from Africa{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2950
{TTL}Wales{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2951
{TTL}The Fortunate Traveller{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2951
{TTL}Midsummer{/TTL}{/READ}{READ} 2956
 {SUBTTL}50 (¿I once gave my daughters, separately, two conch shells¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 2956
 {SUBTTL}52 (¿I heard them marching the leaf-wet roads of my head¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{READ} 2957
 {SUBTTL}54 (¿The midsummer sea, the hot pitch road, this grass, these shacks that made me¿){/SUBTTL}{/READ}{/CHAP}{/GRP}{/SEC}{/BKBM}{BKRM} 2957
{TTL}Political and Religious Orders{/TTL}	2959
{TTL}Money, Weights, and Measures{/TTL}	2965
{TTL}Literary and Cultural Terms{/TTL}	2967
{TTL}Bibliographies{/TTL}	2991
{TTL}Credits{/TTL}	3036
{TTL}Index{/TTL}{/BKRM}{/TOC} 	3041

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Great Britain -- Literary collections.