Table of contents for The Harvard Medical School guide to healthy eating during pregnancy / W. Allan Walker with Courtney Humphries.

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Chapter 1: Good Nutrition Begins Before Birth
 What¿s in this book
 What do we really know?
 Pregnancy is a great time to change for the better
 Healthy mothers, healthy babies
Chapter 2: How to Prepare for Pregnancy
 Reach a healthy weight before pregnancy
 Take a folic acid supplement every day
 Begin to improve your diet
 Reach a healthy activity level
 Address unhealthy habits
 Get any medical conditions under control
 Improving your fertility with nutrition
 Planning for pregnancy: The bottom line
Chapter 3: Chapter 3: How Pregnancy Works
 What it takes to make a baby
 The first trimester: laying the foundation
 The second trimester: Growing and growing
 The third trimester: Preparing for life outside
 Understanding fetal nutrition
 Your health in pregnancy
Chapter 4: Why Fetal Health Lasts a Lifetime
 Metabolism and health
 The origins of fetal programming
 Disease can be a result of incorrect planning
 How programming works
 Putting the hypothesis to the test
 What does fetal programming mean for you?
 Fetal programming: The bottom line
Chapter 5: Eating Well for Your Baby-to-Be
 Special needs in pregnancy
Make food choices that maximize nutrients
The beauty of balance
How to bring your diet into balance
Managing food cravings
Nausea and vomiting
Eating well during pregnancy: The bottom line
Chapter 6: What to Avoid While Pregnant
Recreational drugs
Artificial sweeteners 
Fish, omega-3 fatty acids, and mercury¿a double-edged sword?
Infections: listeriosis and toxoplasmosis
Keeping your environment healthy during pregnancy
Chapter 7: Dietary supplements ¿ What¿s good and what¿s bad
Prenatal vitamins
Fish oil/DHA supplements
Herbal supplements
Other nutritional supplements
Supplements in pregnancy: The bottom line
Chapter 8: Why Weight Matters
A mother¿s weight gain influences her baby¿s health
Your target weight gain
The timing of weight gain
Should you limit excessive weight gain?
Being overweight in pregnancy
How can you improve poor weight gain?
Weight gain in pregnancy: The bottom line
Chapter 9: How to Stay Active, Safely
What is exercise?
Why exercise in pregnancy is different
The benefits of exercise during pregnancy
Cardiovascular exercise
Stretches for pregnancy
Muscle Rx
Exercises and activities to avoid
How to exercise safely
Physical activity during pregnancy: The bottom line
Chapter 10: Recipes and meal planning
Making healthy foods convenient
Power snacks
The Ins and Outs of Eating Out
Chapter 11: Eating Well After Pregnancy
Choosing to breastfeed or bottle-feed
How lactation works
Tips for breastfeeding
The working mom
Nutrition during lactation
Can a mother¿s diet cause allergies or intestinal problems in her baby?
Losing weight after pregnancy
Exercising after pregnancy
Recovering after caesarian section
Good nutrition for the long term
Nutrition After Pregnancy: The Bottom Line

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Pregnancy -- Nutritional aspects -- Popular works.
Pregnant women -- Health and hygiene -- Popular works.