Table of contents for Fundamentals of structural stability / George J. Simitses, Dewey H. Hodges.

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Preface xi
1Introduction and Fundamentals 3
1.2Stability or Instability of Structures,4
1.3Continuous Deformable Elastic Bodies,16
1.4Brief Historical Sketch,17
2Mechanical Stability Models 19
2.1Model A; A OneDegreeofFreedom Model,19
2.2Model B; A OneDegreeofFreedom Model,27
2.3Model C; A TwoDegreeofFreedom Model,27
2.4Model D; A Snapthrough Model,31
2.5Models of Imperfect Geometries,35
2.6Discussion of the Methods,39
3Elastic Buckling of Columns 47
3.1Special Functions,48
3.2Beam Theory,49
3.3Buckling of Columns,53
3.4The Kinetic Approach,69
3.5Elastically Supported Columns,72
3.6Critical Spring Stiffness,75
3.7Elastica Theory for Beams,79
3.8Flexural-Torsional Buckling of Thin-Walled Beam-Columns,85
4Buckling of Frames 103
4.1BeamColumn Theory,103
4.2Application of BeamColumn Theory to the Buckling of Rotationally Restrained Columns,109
4.3Rectangular Rigid Frames,112
4.4The Simply Supported Portal Frame,116
4.5Alternate Approach,121
4.6Nonlinear Analysis126
5The Energy Criterion and EnergyBased Methods 145
5.1Remarks on the Energy Criterion,145
5.2Timoshenkos Method,147
5.3The RayleighRitz Method,156
5.4The Column by the Trefftz Criterion,161
5.5The Galerkin Method,163
5.6Some Comments on Koiters Theory,168
6Columns on Elastic Foundations 173
6.1Basic Considerations,173
6.2The PinnedPinned Column,174
6.3RayleighRitz Solution,176
6.4The General Case,177
7Buckling of Ring and Archies 185
7.1The Thin Circular Ring,185
7.2High Circular Arches Under Pressure,193
7.3Alternate Approach for Rings and Arches,195
7.4Shallow Arches,200
7.5The Sinusoidal Pinned Arch,206
7.6The Low Arch by the Trefftz Criterion,215
7.7Energy Formulation Based on Geometrically Exact Theory,221
7.8Alternative Formulation Based on Elastica Theory,231
8Buckling of Shafts 235
8.1Perturbation Equations Governing Buckling,235
8.2Energy Approach,237
8.3Application of Forces and MomentsBoundary Conditions,238
8.4Example Problems,243
9LateralTorsional Buckling of Deep Beams 251
9.1PinnedPinned Beam,251
9.2Cantilevered Beam Under Bending Moment,256
9.3Cantilevered Beam Under Transverse Force,259
10Instabilities Associated with Rotating Beams 279
10.1Axial Instability of Radial Rods,279
10.2Buckling of Rotating Radial Beams,289
11Nonconservative Systems 297
11.1Preliminary Remarks,297
11.2Mechanical Follower Force Model,299
11.3Becks Column,302
11.4Leipholzs Column,309
11.5Cantilevered Shaft Subject to Tangential Torque,311
11.6Deep Cantilever with Transverse Follower Force at the Tip,314
11.7Fully Intrinsic Formulation for Beams,320
12Dynamic Stability 329
12.1Introduction and Fundamental Concepts,329
12.2The Total Potential Energy Approach: Concepts and Procedure,332
12.3Extension of the Dynamic Stability Concept,337
12.4Behavior of Suddenly Loaded Systems,343
12.5Simple Mechanical Models,344
AppendixWork and Energy Related Principles and Theorems 365
A.1Strain Energy,365
A.2The Principle of Virtual Displacement or Virtual Work,367
A.3Derivatives of the Principle of Virtual Work,371
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Subject Index 000

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