Table of contents for The truth about Muhammad : founder of the world's most intolerant religion / Robert Spencer.

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Chronology of Muhammad¿s life
Chapter 1:	Why a Biography of Muhammad is Relevant Today
 	Is Islam a religion of peace? Why it matters
 	Dueling Muhammads
 	Why Muhammad matters
 	Polite fictions are useless
 	The purpose of this book
 	Why I did not want to write this book
 	Death to ¿blasphemers¿
 	Defending freedom of speech
 	General notes
Chapter 2:	In search of the historic Muhammad
 	What can we really know about Muhammad?
		The Qur¿an
		The Hadith
		The sira
 	Historical fact and Muslim belief
Chapter 3:	Muhammad becomes a prophet
 	Arabia before Muhammad
 	Muhammad¿s early life
			The first visitation
 	The suicidal despair returns
Chapter 4:	Muhammad¿s revelations and their sources
 	Borrowings from Judaism
 	¿Tales of the ancients¿
			Borrowings from Christianity
			Other borrowings
			Revelations of convenience?
			The consequences
		Modern embarrassment
Chapter 5:	¿A warner in the face of a terrific punishment¿
 	Difficulties with the Quraysh
 	The evolution of the command to wage war
 	The Satanic verses
 	The Night Journey
Chapter 6:	Muhammad becomes a warlord
 	The Hijra
 The covenant between the Muslims and the Jews
 The conversion of Abdullah and tensions with the rabbis
 The Hypocrites
 The Nakhla raid
 The break with the Jews and the change of qibla (direction for prayer) 
Chapter 7:	¿War is deceit¿
The Battle of Badr
 Allah fights for the Muslims
 The problem of booty
The Qaynuqa Jews
 Anger toward Jews and Christians
Assassination and deceit
The Quraysh strike back
 Assuaging doubts after Uhud
 The deportation of the Banu Nadir
Chapter 8:	Casting terror into their hearts
		The Battle of the Trench
		Dealing with the Banu Qurayzah
 	Finding excuses for a massacre
		The women of the Banu Mustaliq
		Abdullah bin Ubayy and praying for one¿s enemies
 	The Treaty of Hudaybiyya
 	The raid at Khaybar
		The poisoning of Muhammad
		The spoils of Khaybar
Chapter 9:	Victorious through terror
		The conquest of Mecca
		Apostates to be killed
		Muhammad at the Ka¿bah
		The Battle of Hunayn and mastery of Arabia
		Invitations to Islam
 The Tabuk raid
 Collecting the jizya 
 The last pilgrimage: the rights of women and the expulsion of the pagans
 The murder of the poets
 Muhammad¿s final illness
 After Muhammad
Chapter 10:	Muhammad¿s legacy
		Pedophile prophet?
		Draconian punishments?
		Warrior prophet?
		Islamic tolerance?
		A kinder, gentler Muhammad
		The veneration of Muhammad
		Imitating Muhammad today
		Frightening reality
 What is to be done

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Muáohammad, Prophet, d. 632.
Islam -- History.
Islam -- Controversial literature.