Table of contents for The Blackwell guide to medical ethics / edited by Rosamond Rhodes, Leslie P. Francis, Anita Silvers.

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List of Contributors
 Part I: Individual Decisions About Clinical Issues 
 Patient Decisions
1. Autonomy, the Good Life and Controversial Choices: Julian Savulescu (University of Oxford)
2. Individual Responsibility and Reproduction: Rachel A. Ankeny (University of Sydney)
3. Patient and Family Decisions about Life-Extension and Death: Felicia Nimue Ackerman (Brown 
 Decisions of Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals
4. The Professional Responsibilities of Medicine: Rosamond Rhodes (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)
5. Truth telling: Roger Higgs (Emeritus, King¿s College, London)
6. Medical Confidentiality: Kenneth Kipnis (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
7. Patient Competence and Surrogate Decision Making: Dan Brock (Harvard Medical School)
8. Ending Life: Frances Myrna Kamm (Harvard University)
9. Discrimination in Medical Practice: Justice and the Obligations of Health Care Providers to 
Disadvantaged Patients: Leslie P. Francis (University of Utah)
10. Institutional Practices, Ethics, and the Physician: Mary V. Rorty (Stanford University), Ann E. Mills 
(University of Virginia), and Patricia H. Werhane (DePaul University) 
Part II: Legislative and Judicial Decisions About Social Policy
11. Reproductive Choice: Rebecca Bennett (University of Manchester), and John Harris (University of 
12. Public Policy and Ending Lives: Evert van Leeuwen (Vrije Universiteit Medisch Centrum), and Gerrit 
Kimsma (Vrije Universiteit Medisch Centrum)
13. Drug Legalization: Douglas N. Husak (Rutgers University)
14. Selling Organs, Gametes, and Surrogacy Services: Janet Radcliffe-Richards (University College, 
15. The Patient as Victim and Vector: The Challenge of Infectious Disease for Bioethics: Margaret P. 
Battin (University of Utah), Leslie Pickering Francis (University of Utah), Jay A. Jacobson (University of 
Utah), Charles B. Smith (Emeritus, University of Utah)
16. Controlling Science and Technology: Glenn McGee (Albany Medical College) and Dýrleif Bjarnadóttir	
17. Allocation of Scarce Resources: Paul Menzel (Pacific Lutheran University)
18. Just Caring: The Challenges of Priority-Setting in Public Health: Leonard M. Fleck (Michigan State 
19. Justice and the Financing of Health Care: Stephen R. Latham (Quinnipiac University)
20. Judgment and Justice: Evaluating Health Care for Chronically Ill and Disabled Patients: Anita Silvers 
(San Francisco State University)
21. Justice in Research on Human Subjects: David R. Buchanan (National Cancer Institute, Bethesda), and 
Franklin G. Miller (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda)
22. Community Standards, Medical Mistakes, Practice Reform & Malpractice: Troyen Anthony Brennan 
(Emeritus, Harvard Medical School) 
23. Pre-Existing Conditions: Genetic Testing, Causation and the Justice of Medical Insurance: Robert T. 
Pennock (Michigan State University)

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Medical ethics.
Ethics, Medical.
Bioethical Issues -- legislation & jurisprudence.
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