Table of contents for Erotic grotesque nonsense: the mass culture of Japanese modern times / by Miriam Silverberg.

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List of Illustrations	000
Acknowledgments	000
By Way of a Preface	000
Introduction	000
Part I. Japanese Modern Times
Japanese Modern within Modernity	000
Placing the Consumer-Subject within Mass Culture	000
Erotic Grotesque Nonsense as Montage	000
Japanese Modern Culture as Politics	000
The Documentary Impulse	000
Part II. Japanese Modern Sites
1. The Modern Girl as Militant (Movement on the Streets)	000
Identifying the Modern Girl	000
What Did She Do?	000
What Made the Modern Girl Do What She Did?	000
2. The Cafø Waitress Sang the Blues	000
Eroticizing the Modern Japanese Cafø Waitress	000
Documenting the Cafø Waitress	000
A New Study of the Everyday Life of the Cafø Waitress	000
A Close Look at Ginza	000
"Tale of Wandering"	000
How the Japanese Cafø Waitress Sang the Blues	000
3. Friends of the Movies (From Ero to Empire)	000
Ero	000
Ero at the Movies	000
Toward Empire	000
4. The Household Becomes Modern Life	000
The Family-State of Shufu no Tomo	000
Wives and Husbands (the Shufu in Fjfu)	000
The Fjfu in Discord/Household in Discord	000
Women at Work	000
Modern Times for the Housewife	000
Part III. Asakusa / Honky-Tonk Tempo
1. Asakusa Eroticism	000
Gonda Yasunoke's Asakusa	000
Soeda Azenbo's Asakusa	000
Kawabata Yasunari's Asakusa	000
Iwasaki Akira's Pork Cutlet Problem (Hollywood as Fantasy)	000
Ozaki Midori (Love for a Cane and a Hat)	000
2. Down-and-Out Grotesquerie	000
Beggar Culture	000
Vagrant Culture	000
Juvenile Delinquents	000
The Hawkers	000
Foreigners as Freaks	000
3. Modern Nonsense	000
The Irony of Parody	000
The "Casino Folies" Affirms the False	000
Letting Go of The Modern / Charlie Left Behind	000
Freeze Frames (An Epilogue in Montage)	000
Tempo (1931)	000
Gestures (1932)	000
Code-Switch (1936)	000
The Parody of Comedy (1940)	000
Asakusa Memories (The 1970s and 1980s)	000
The Return of the Modern Girl (The 1990s)	000
Giving the Modern Girl Her Due	000
The End	000
List of Abbreviations	000
Notes	000
Bibliography	000
Index	000

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Popular culture -- Japan -- History -- 20th century.
Japan -- Civilization -- 1912-1926.
Japan -- Civilization -- 1926-1945.