Table of contents for Plotinus on the appearance of time and the world of sense / Deepa Majumdar.

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Acknowledgements	00
1.	Introduction	 1
Part 1		The Hermeneutic Scene	
2. Truth, Method, and Originality	13
3. Heritage and Legacy	27 	
Part 2		The Architectonic Scene
4. Edifice of Soul	43
		Hypostasis Soul and World Soul	44	
		Genus-Species Structure ¿ Consubstantiality and Holism	47
	Levels of Individuation of Souls	50
	Differences among Souls 	54
	Levels of Discursion in Soul	56
5. Levels of Self	61
		Tacit Presence of Self 	63		
	Existential Trajectory of Self 	65
	Interior Range of Self	69
6. The Logic of Poiesis 	77				¿Emanation¿ and the Laws of Poiesis	00				The Procession from the One	00
	¿Emanation¿ and Laws of Poiesis 	77
	Procession from the One 	82
	Logos 	87
	Contemplation	90
7. Demiurge, Nature, and Matter	97
Demiurge, Nature, and the Sequence in which Nature and Matter Appear 	97	
		The Matter of the Sense World and its Appearance	 106		
Part 3		The Cosmological Scene
8. The Making of the World of Sense in the Enneads	117	
	Intellect Makes through Parts of Soul	118	 
	Intellect Makes through Soul and Nature	125		 
	Intellect Makes through ¿Every Soul,¿ Purified ¿Man,¿ Soul, 	
	World Soul, or Directly	132
	How the Ensouled Body Arises from Matter ¿ a Sketch	137
9. Conjoint Appearance of Time and the World of Sense (III.7(45).11)	141
		Time ¿ Fore-Life, Rest and Genesis 	142
		The Role of Soul 	151
10. 	The Nature and Role of the Self (¿We¿) in III.7(45).11	165
		What the ¿We¿ Means in the Enneads	165
		The Nature of ¿We¿ in III.7(45).11	169
 How ¿We¿ Make Time in III.7(45).11	173
11. 	Tolma, Polupragmatic Nature ¿ Historical Roots and the Noetic Level	183	 		
		Historical Antecedents	184
		Tolma and Otherness of Intellect	188
12. Tolma, Polupragmatic Nature, Unquiet Power, and the Descent of Soul	
	 in III.7(45).11	199
		Polupragmatic Nature and Unquiet Power of Hypostasis Soul 	201
		Polupragmatic Nature of World Soul	209
		Polupragmatic Nature and Tolma of Individual Souls 	214
13. Pantomime	225 
Bibliography	227
Index			231

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