Table of contents for Ethnic identity and aristocratic competition in Republican Rome / Gary D. Farney.

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Table of Contents
Table of Illustrations
Chapter One: duae patriae
1. Partners in Empire
2. Two Homelands
3. Roman Political Competition and Family Identity
4. Ancient Ethnic Identity and ModernViews of Ancient Eth-
5. Determining Ethnic Identity
Chapter Two: homo Romanus natus in Latio
1. A Roman Born in Latium
2. Latium vetus vs. Latium adiectum
3. Latin Advertisement on Coins
4. Latin Ethnic Identity and Legendary Genealogies
5. Latin Cult Advertisement
6. Latin Pride and Arrogance
Chapter Three: Romanus atque Sabinus
1. A Roman and a Sabine
2. Sabinity and Coins
3. Sabine Names: the established aristocracy and the cog-
nomen Sabinus
4. Sabine prisca virtus
5. Sabines and Spartans
6. The Origins of the Sabine Stereotype: the Role of Cato the
7. Roman Sabines: some case studies in the advertisement of
Sabine identity
Chapter Four: Tusci ac barbari
1. Etruscans and Barbarians
2. _____ and the Etruscan
3. Genealogies for the Etruscan People
4. The Politics of Ethnic Advertisement and Etruscan Family
5. Etruscan Ethnic Advertisement and Etruscan Names
6. disciplina Etrusca
7. Etruscan Romans and the disciplina Etrusca
8. Attacks on Etruscan Romans
9. Etruscan Epilogue: political success under the Julio-
Claudians and beyond
Chapter Five: municipalia illa prodigia
1. Small-Town Monsters
2. From municipium to Capital
3. The Stereotypes of Italic Groups
4. Italic Genealogies
5. Sacred Springs and the Ethnic Sabellus
6. Individual Advertisement of Italic Ethnic Identity
7. "Rebel" Italy in the Empire
Chapter Six: transferendo huc quod usquam egregium fuerit
1. Bringing Here What is Excellent from Everywhere Else
2. Are You an Italian or a Provincial?
3. The "Living Anachronism" and "Multiculturalism" of Rome457
Catalog of Coins Advertising the Ethnic Identity of Republican and
Augustan Moneyers
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Ethnicity -- Rome -- History.
Group identity -- Rome -- History.
Aristocracy (Social class) -- Italy -- Rome -- History.
Italic peoples -- History.
Rome -- History -- Republic, 265-30 B.C.