Table of contents for Management of high-risk pregnancy / edited by John T. Queenan, Catherine Y. Spong, Charles J. Lockwood.

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Table of Contents
Part One: Factors of High Risk Pregnancy
1. Overview of High-Risk Pregnancy 
2. Risks of Alcohol Consumption 
3. Alcohol and substance abuse 
4. Environmental Agents and Reproductive Risk 
5. Medications in Pregnancy and Lactation 
Part Two: Genetics
6. Genetic Screening for Mendelian Disorders 
7. Screening for Neural Tube Defects 
8. First and Second Trimester for Fetal Aneuploidy 
Part Three: Monitoring: Biochemical and Biophysical
9. Fetal Endocrinology 
10. Fetal Lung Maturity 
11. Antepartum Fetal Monitoring
12. Interpreting Fetal Heart Tracings 
Part Four: Maternal Disease
13. Sickle Cell Disease 
14. Thrombocytopenia
15. Inherited and Acquired Thrombophilas 
16. Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of Thromboembolic Disorders in Pregnancy 
17. Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy 
18. Renal Disease in Pregnancy
19. Sickle Cell Anemia 
20. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus 
21. Diabetes Mellitus 
22. Maternal Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism
23. Asthma 
24. Epilepsy 
25. Chronic Hypertension 
26. Systemic Lupus Erthematous 
27. Perinatal Infections 
28. Group B Streptococcal Infections
29. Hepatitis in Preganancy
30. HIV Infection
Part Five: Obstetrical Complications 
31. Miscarriage 
32. The Incompetent Cervix
33. Gestational Hypertension-Preeclampsia-Eclampsia
34. Emergency Care in Pregnancy
35. Intruterine Growth Restriction
36. Rh and Other Blood Group Alloimmunizations 
37. Multiple Pregnancy 
38. Polyhydramnios and Olighydramnios 
39. Prevention of Preterm Birth 
40. Pathogenesis and Prediction of Preterm Delivery
41. Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes
42. Management of Prematurity
43. Placenta Previa and Related Placental Disorders
Part Six: Complications of Labor and Delivery
44. Prelonged Preganancy 
45. Caesarian Delivery 
46. Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Delivery
47. Breech Delivery 
48. Obstetric Analgesia and Anesthesia 
Part Seven: Procedures
49. Genetic Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling
50. Direct Fetal Blood Sampling: Cordocentesis
51. Amnioinfusion: Indications and Controversies
52. Fetal Surgery
53. Neonatal Considerations
54. Neonatal Encephalopathy and Cerebral Palsy

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