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Chapter 1. Folktales in Medieval Latin Poetry
Chapter 2. Between Sacred Legend and Folktale: A Whale of a Story about a Tenth-Century
Chapter 3. A Cautionary Tale: Little Red Riding Hood in the 1020s
Chapter 4. True Lies and the Growth of Wonder: An Eleventh-Century "Little Claus and Great
Chapter 5. The Wonder of The Turnip Tale (ca. 1200)
Chapter 6. The Reorientation of The Donkey Tale (ca. 1200)
Conclusion: Sadly Never After
1. Man Swallowed by Fish (ATU 1889G)
 A. The "Great Fish" in the Book of Jonah (Rheims-Douay)
 B. Letaldus of Micy, About a Certain Fisherman Whom a Whale Swallowed
 C. Rudolph Erich Raspe, Baron Munchausen: Narrative of His Marvellous Travels
 (1785), Chapter 8
 D. Hisperica famina B, Lines 157---217, and Letaldus's Poem:
 Source and Influence, or Parallels?
2. Truths and Lies
 A. "The Wish-Goat" ("Wunschbock"; ATU 1960A)
 B. "Lantfrid and Cobbo" (Carmina Cantabrigiensia 6)
 C. "Modus Liebinc," or "The Snow-Child" (Carmina Cantabrigiensia 14; ATU
 D. "Modus florum," or "The Lying Contest" (Carmina Cantabrigiensia 15; ATU
 E. "The False Prophet and Archbishop Heriger of Mainz: Otherworldly Voyages to
 Hell and Heaven, This-Worldly Punishment" (Carmina Cantabrigiensia 24)
 F. "The Priest in the Pit" (Carmina Cantabrigiensia 35)
 G. "Little John" (Carmina Cantabrigiensia 42)
3. One-Ox: The Rich and the Poor Peasant (ATU 1535)
 A. One-Ox (Unibos)
 B. The Story of the Peasant Campriano (Storia di Campriano contadino)
 C. Straparola, "Father Scarpafico" (Le piacevoli notti, Night 1, Fable 3)
 D. Brothers Grimm, "About the Tailor Who Became Rich Quickly" (BP 2:1---3)
 E. Brothers Grimm, "The Little Farmer" ("Das B¿rle" [KHM 61])
 F. "Kibitz"
 G. Hans Christian Andersen, "Little Claus and Great Claus"
 H. List of Folk-Literature Motifs in One-Ox
4. The Turnip Tale: Two Presents for the King (ATU 1689A)
 A. The Turnip Tale [1] (Rapularius "frivola")
 B. The Turnip Tale [2] (Rapularius "prodiga")
 C. Brothers Grimm, "The Turnip" ("Die R¿be" [KHM 146])
5. The Donkey Tale: The Donkey (ATU 430)
 A. The Donkey Tale (Asinarius)
 B. "The Story of Vikram ditya's Birth"
 C. Brothers Grimm, "The Donkey" ("Das Eselein" [KHM 144])
 D. Straparola, "King Pig" (Le piacevoli notti, Night 2, Fable 1)
 E. Brothers Grimm, "Hans My Hedgehog" ("Hans Mein Igel" [KHM 108])

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