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List of Illustrations									
The Contributors										xxiv
1.	Marilyn B. Skinner, Introduction							
Part I. The Text and the Collection
2.	J. L. Butrica, History and Transmission of the Text					16
3.	Marilyn B. Skinner, Authorial Arrangement of the Collection				55
Part II. Contexts of Production
4.	T. P. Wiseman, The Valerii Catulli of Verona						89
5.	David Konstan, The Contemporary Political Context					108
6.	Andrew Feldherr, The Intellectual Climate						145
7.	Elizabeth Manwell, Gender and Masculinity						179
Part III. Influences
8.	Ellen Greene, Catullus and Sappho							212
9.	Peter E. Knox, Catullus and Callimachus						249
Part IV. Stylistics
10.	W. R. Johnson, Neoteric Poetics							
11.	George A. Sheets, Elements of Style in Catullus						311
12.	Brian A. Krostenko, Catullus and Elite Republican Social Discourse			350
Part V. Poems and Groups of Poems
13.	William W. Batstone, Catullus and the Programmatic Poem				388
14.	Julia T. Dyson, The Lesbia Poems							421
15.	Vassiliki Panoussi, Sexuality and Ritual: Catullus¿ Wedding Poems			459
16.	Jeri Blair DeBrohun, Catullan Intertextuality						490
17.	Elena Theodorakopoulos, Poem 68							527
18.	W. Jeffrey Tatum, Social Commentary and Political Invective				558
Part VI. Reception
19.	Randall L. B. McNeill, Catullus and Horace						596
20.	Christopher Nappa, Catullus and Vergil							630
21.	Paul Allen Miller, Catullus and Roman Love Elegy					667
22.	Sven Lorenz, Catullus and Martial							700
23.	Julia Haig Gaisser, Catullus in the Renaissance						737
24.	Brian Arkins, The Modern Reception of Catullus					778
Part VII. Pedagogy
25.	Ronnie Ancona and Judith P. Hallett, Catullus in the Secondary School Curriculum	810
26.	Daniel H. Garrison, Catullus in the College Classroom					850
Part VIII. Translation
27.	Elizabeth Vandiver, Translating Catullus						879
Composite Bibliography									914

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Catullus, Gaius Valerius -- Criticism and interpretation.