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1 Roman religion ¿ religions of Rome (Jörg Rüpke, Erfurt)
2 Approaches to Roman religion (C. Robert Phillips, III, Lehigh, Pen.)
I Changes
3 Religion in Archaic Latium (Christopher Smith, St. Andrews)
4 Italian religion before, above and under the Romans (Oliver de Cazanove, Paris)
5 Urban religion in the middle and late Republic (Eric Orlin, Seattle)
6 The long reign: Religion in the Augustan semi-century (Karl Galinsky, Austin)
7 A common religion for the Empire? The second century (William van Andringa, 
8 Ultima ratio: Religions and religious policy from Decius to Constantine (Hartmut Leppin, 
9 Religious koine and religious dissent in the fourth century (Michele Renee Salzman, 
II Media
10 The history of Roman religion in Roman historiography and epic (Denis Feeney, 
11 Coins (Jonathan Williams, London)
12 Reliefs, public and private (including sarcophagi) (Katja Moede, Berlin)
13 Epigraphy: Tombstones, dedications, and calendars (Rudolf Haensch, München) 
14 Religion in the house: Mosaics, wallpaintings, luxury and everyday objects (Annemarie 
Kaufmann-Heinimann, Basel)
III Symbols and practices
15 Cult places and religious architecture, and images (Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser, Giessen)
16 Complex rituals: Games and processions in Republican Rome (Frank Bernstein, Mainz)
17 Prayer and hymns (Frances Hickson Hahn, Santa Barbara)
18 Music and dance (Friederike Fless/Katja Moede, Berlin)
19 Sacrifices for gods and ancestors (incl. funeral ritual) (John Scheid, Paris)
IV Actors and actions
20 Religion and daily needs (votive religion, "magical" practices) (Nicole Belayche, Paris)
21 Republican nobiles: Controlling the res publica (augury and prodigy) (Veit Rosenberger, 
22 Emperors: Caring for the empire and their own successors (Peter Herz, Regensburg)
23 Urban elites in the Empire: Enhancing regional positions and social superiority 
(Athanassios Ritzakis, Athens)
24 Living on religion: Professionals and personnel (Marietta Horster, Berlin)
V Different religious identities
25 Being a foreigner in Rome: Roman Jews (Jack Lightstone, Montréal)
26 Creating one¿s own religion: Intellectual and professional choices (neo-Pythagorism etc.) 
(Attilio Mastrocinque, Venezia)
27 Institutionalized religious options: Mithraicism (Richard Gordon, Ilmmünster)
28 The Romanness of Roman Christianity (Stefan Heid, Rome) 
VI Roman religion outside and seen from outside
29 Exporting religion: Colonies and municipal laws (Clifford Ando, Los Angelos)
30 The view from the East (Ted Kaizer, Durham)
31 The view from the West (Cecilia Ames, Cordoba)

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