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	William J. Tranquilli, John C. Thurmon, and Kurt A. Grimm
	William V. Lumb and E. Wynn Jones
	William J. Tranquilli, John C. Thurmon, and Kurt A. Grimm
Section I. General Topics
1. History and Overview of Veterinary Anesthesia
	John C. Thurmon and Charles E. Short
2. Considerations for general anesthesia
	William W. Muir
3. Pain and Its Management
	Peter W. Hellyer, Sheilah A. Robertson, and Anna D. Fails
Section II. Physiology
4. Cardiovascular System
	William W. Muir
5. Respiratory System
	Wayne McDonell and Carolyn Kerr
6. Nervous System
	Kurt A. Grimm and Anne Wagner
7. AcidBase Physiology
	William W. Muir and H. S. A. de Morais
Section III. Pharmacology
8. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Blood Component Therapy
	David C. Seeler
9. Anticholinergics and Sedatives
	Kip A. Lemke
10. Opioids, Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatories and Analgesic Adjuvants
	Leigh A. Lamont and Karol Mathews
11. Injectable and Alternative Anesthetic Techniques
	Keith Branson
12. Dissociative Anesthetics
	Hui Chu Lin
13. Inhalation Anesthetics
	Eugene P. Steffey and Khursheed R. Mama
14. Local Anesthetics
	Roman T. Skarda
15. Muscle Relaxants and Neuromuscular Blockade
	Elizabeth A. Martinez and Rob Keegan
16. Drug Interactions
	Mark G. Papich
Section IV. Equipment and Monitoring
17. Anesthetic Machines and Breathing Systems
	Sandee Hartsfield
18. Airway Management and Ventilation
	Sandee Hartsfield
19. Monitoring Anesthetized Patients
	Steve C. Haskins
Section V. Selected Anesthetic and Analgesic Techniques
20. Local and Regional Anesthetic and Analgesic Techniques: Dogs
	Roman T. Skarda
21. Local and Regional Anesthetic and Analgesic Techniques: Cats
	Roman T. Skarda
22. Local and Regional Anesthetic and Analgesic Techniques: Horses
	Roman Skarda
23. Local and Regional Anesthetic Techniques: Ruminants and Swine
	Roman Skarda
24. Acupuncture
	Roman Skarda and Maria Glowaski
25. Rehabilitation and Palliative Analgesia
	Dianne Dunning and Duncan Lascelles
Section VI. Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Immobilization of Selected Species and Classes of Animals
26. Dogs and Cats
	Richard M. Bednarski
27. Horses
	John A. E. Hubbell
28. Anesthetic Techniques in Ruminants
	Thomas W. Riebold
29. Swine
	John C. Thurmon and Geoffrey Smith
30. Laboratory Animals
	P. Flecknell, C. Richardson, and A. Popovic
31. Exotic and Zoo Animal Species
	David B. Brunson and Rachael E. Carpenter
32. Chemical Immobilization of Free-Ranging Terrestrial Mammals
	Nigel A. Caulkett and Jon M. Arnemo
33. Aquatic Mammals
	David B. Brunson
34. Birds
	John W. Ludders and Nora Matthews
35. Reptiles, Amphibians, and Fish
	Darryl Heard and Mark D. Stetter
Section VII. Anesthesia and Analgesia of Patients with Specific Disease
36. Cardiovascular Disease
	Ralph C. Harvey and Stephen J. Ettinger
37. Pulmonary Disease
	Robert R. Paddleford and Stephen A. Greene
38. Neurological Disease
	Ralph C. Harvey, Stephen A. Greene, and William B. Thomas
39. Renal Disease
	Stephen A. Greene
40. Hepatic Disease
	Stephen A. Greene and Steven L. Marks
41. Gastrointestinal Disease
	Stephen A. Greene and Steven L. Marks
42. Endocrine Disease
	Ralph C. Harvey and Michael Schaer
43. Airway Disease
	Stephen A. Greene and Ralph C. Harvey
Section VIII. Anesthesia and Analgesia for Selected Patients and Procedures
44. Anesthesia for Special Patients: Ocular Patients
	Margorie E. Gross and Elizabeth A. Giuliano
45. Anesthetic Management of Caesarean Section Patients
	Mark R. Raffe
46. Trauma and Critical Patients
	Gwendolyn L. Carroll, David D. Martin
47. Neonatal and Geriatric Patients
	Glenn R. Pettifer and Tamara Grubb
48. Dental Patients
	Rachael E. Carpenter and Sandra Manfra Marretta
49. Cancer Patients
	James S. Gaynor and Duncan Lascelles
50. Orthopedic Patients
	Elizabeth M. Hardie and Victoria M. Lukasik
51. Equine Colic Patients
	Cynthia M. Trim and James Moore
52. Selected Diagnostic Procedures
	Janyce L. Cornick-Seah, Jennifer Grimm, and Steven L. Marks
53. Anesthetic Emergencies and Procedures
	Thomas A. Evans and Deborah V. Wilson

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